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Utility carts are popular in restaurants, supermarkets, and shipment warehouses – and for good reason. Their ability to organize, store, and move things around is the primary reason behind their popularity. Utility carts aren’t restricted to professional work environments, though; people also buy them for personal needs.

You can use them to organize things like books, magazines, skin care products, toys, and more. Besides offering considerable storage space, personal utility carts can also be used to transport all kinds of stuff. They’re great for picnics, concerts, and more. Thanks to their folding feature, they are highly portable and can be carried in a car. Whether it’s used for serving food to your guests or hosting a large party outdoors, a folding utility cart can come in handy in many situations. To help you find the right one for your needs, we reviewed the highest-rated folding utility carts. Let’s check them out!

Buying Guide: Folding Utility Carts

Folding utility carts can make your life much easier if you choose a suitable model. Whether you’re buying one for work or fun events with family and friends, there are several things that you must know before making a purchase. This detailed buying guide can help you carefully evaluate your options.

Things To Consider in a Folding Utility Cart

You must consider the following things before buying a foldable utility cart:


Top utility cart materials include metal and plastic. While metal ones are durable and last long, plastic carts can be more economical. At the same time, plastic carts are resistant to dents and stains, a common occurrence for metal ones.

Both types have their advantages, so you can choose based on what best suits your needs. Whether you buy a plastic or a metal folding utility cart, both can look equally aesthetic and stylish.


You must consider the sturdiness of any product you invest your money in. That’s why getting your hands on a durable cart that lasts for an extended period is crucial. You can scrutinize the material’s thickness, fastening type, design of the frame, and size to evaluate its durability. The most durable fabric materials are polyester and polyvinyl chloride.


When it comes to the handles of a utility cart, they come in two main varieties: molded-in and upright. An upright handle provides ultimate comfort if you plan to use the cart for constant daily use. It can also prevent accidental injuries while pushing heavy loads. Molded-in handles, however, are usually horizontal and ideal if you need to use two hands while pushing a cart. Which one you choose ultimately depends on your personal preference and available options.


You can find folding utility carts with two to four shelves. Generally, the more compartments, the higher the weight capacity of a cart. You must consider the size and weight of items you need to store and transport before making a final choice.

Types of Folding Utility Carts

Folding utility carts come in various types based on their material. Every kind has a set of advantages, so you can choose one according to your needs. Let’s look at the three primary types of utility carts and their benefits.

Plastic carts

Plastic utility carts have the edge over metal ones when it comes to being lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Their manufacturing material, usually polypropylene, is also relatively cheaper and highly flexible. This cart is easy to move around, thanks to its low-grade friction level.

Metal carts

These carts are usually preferred for their sturdiness, durability, and extensive weight-holding capacity. A metal cart also shouldn’t be at risk of collapsing or breaking, thanks to its superior quality material.

Wire carts

Wire carts are the epitome of convenience. The trays are usually nested, preventing dust from accumulating. At the same time, a nested structure makes them easily foldable, promoting easy storage and portability. You can also use them to hang clothes on their sidebars. They are also simple to move around while providing a massive room for storage.

Benefits of Folding Utility Carts

Folding utility carts offer convenience in every possible way. Read on for some of the benefits of a foldable cart.


If you choose a suitable model, a utility cart can be an excellent tool for storing and carrying several items. High-quality metal or hard plastic makes them highly durable even when frequently moving heavy items.


The folding feature is very ideal if you want to use your personal cart outside of the house. You can conveniently put it in your car and take it grocery shopping or to the park.

Easy to move

A supermarket’s carts are usually heavy, making them difficult to move around. On the other hand, a folding utility cart is easy to maneuver, providing ultimate comfort while using it.

Spacious design

Utility carts are spacious enough to easily carry a fair amount of items. This makes them great for transporting items to parties, picnics, sports games, and more.

Comparing the Finest Folding Utility Carts

MacSports Folding Utility Cart

– Best Overall


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The MacSports Folding Utility Cart is a versatile wagon you can use anywhere. Whether you’re attending a beach party or organizing a sports activity, this cart can be your easy solution to storing and carrying relevant items. A rear table and bottle holder also accompany it, adding to its storage space and convenience. From its durable body to well-engineered wheels, this model is sturdy enough to hold heavy loads of up to 150 pounds.

Thanks to its thick multi-purpose wheels, pushing this cart is equally easy on concrete or soft surfaces. It smoothly collapses into a compact unit that you can store in any corner of your home or vehicle. This folding utility cart tops our list for its exceptional design, which looks just as fantastic as it is functional.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Large wheels for convenient maneuvering
  • Several color options


  • A bit heavy

Amazon Basics Folding Utility Cart

– Highest Weight Capacity


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If you’re looking for a portable wagon that can serve multiple purposes, consider purchasing the Amazon Basics Folding Utility Cart. It’s easy to fold and unfold, so your multi-purpose cart can be ready to use in just a few minutes. It comes with a cover bag for safe and compact storage. Besides serving refreshments in this cart or using it to haul in groceries, you can also use it to take your pet for an outing on a breezy evening.

The steel rods are highly expandable, while the plastic handle makes pulling and pushing the wagon around more convenient. With a weight capacity of 265 pounds, this sturdy yet lightweight folding utility cart can help meet your transportation needs.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting design
  • Ample storing space
  • Velcro strap keeps items secure


  • Average quality handle

Hikenture Folding Utility Cart

– Best Mobility


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Perfect for daily use and outdoor adventures, the Hikenture Folding Utility Cart is constructed exclusively for multiple occasions. Thanks to its compact design, you can conveniently store it in a closet or in your car. It has versatile heavy-duty wheels that move fine on several surfaces, including cement, sand, and grass. The tires can also rotate 360 degrees to support flexible maneuvering in tight spaces.

You can easily remove the cart’s fabric for efficient cleaning. The rigid material can hold up to 176 pounds without issue. Its stainless steel frame is also sturdy enough to last long, even if you utilize it for daily work.


  • Quick folding and unfolding
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Wheels move in all directions


  • Screws may need to be tightened

Navatiee Folding Utility Cart

– Most Durable


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The Navatiee Folding Utility Cart can prove a great purchase if you’re searching for a durable storage cart for daily use. Its high-quality iron frame doesn’t corrode or get rusted when exposed to sunlight or moisture. The wheels are abrasion-resistant, wearproof, and silently absorb shocks. The fabric of this wagon is waterproof, making it a safe choice for outdoor adventures and messy pets or kids.

From beach parties to serving guests indoors, this cart is highly versatile and can hold up to 220 pounds of food, supplies, and more. The good news is it’s still lightweight enough to be easily loaded and unloaded from your car. The internal volume is 40% larger than other typical folding utility carts, providing plenty of extra storage.


  • Easy to fold and store
  • Great value for the money
  • Superior quality fabric


  • The support bar is of average quality

VIVOSUN Folding Utility Cart

– Most Ergonomic


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If you’re searching for a cart that’s easy and comfortable to wheel around, the VIVOSUN Folding Utility Cart is a great choice. Equipped to hold up to 176 pounds, this option has a sturdy build and lots of storage space. The material is highly durable, although the cart only weighs just over 20 pounds. This lightweight feature makes it easy to carry around.

Even the folding and unfolding process is also straightforward, thanks to its expanding rods. There’s an adjustable handle for easy maneuvering, too. You can rotate it according to your comfort while it’s locked at the joint. Besides adjusting its angle, you can also modify the handle’s height for maximum ease of use. The fabric of this folding utility cart is top-notch material that’s waterproof, durable, and machine washable.


  • Solid and sturdy design
  • High off the ground for convenience
  • Easy to disassemble and clean


  • Not suitable for use on sand

People Also Asked

Q: What’s the average life span of a folding utility cart?

A: A utility cart can last for five to seven years if you maintain it with proper care. The frame and fabric material also matter. For example, stainless steel is one of the most durable options for the structure. Polyester or polyvinyl chloride are commonly used fabric materials for their toughness.

Q: What is the use of folding utility carts?

A: People use folding utility carts based on their personal preferences. These are versatile and can be used for decorative purposes, grocery shopping, and carrying food and drink items during parties. You can also utilize these wagons to transfer laundry or set up a diaper cart in your newborn’s nursery. You name the task, and a folding utility cart can perform it efficiently.

Q: What type of wheels are ideal in a folding utility cart?

A: Wheels of folding utility carts can either go only backward and forward or rotate 360 degrees for maximum maneuverability. Another factor you should look for is the number of wheels. You can find carts with two to four tires; a model with more wheels is far easier to maneuver.

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