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Mirrors are one of the few pieces of furniture that have both a functional and decorative purpose. They fit in virtually every area and may serve as the room’s main point or just as a decorative element. Mirrors come in various forms and sizes, including wall mirrors, full-length mirrors, illuminated mirrors, and magnifying mirrors. Because of the many ways a mirror can affect how a space appears and feels, it’s vital to consider where you’ll put one before buying one. The lounge is one of the most probable areas to locate a mirror in any home. We have the information and recommendations you need to discover the right mirror for your house, whether you’re furnishing a new home or looking for a replacement for your present mirror. Continue reading to learn more about our favorite mirrors and see which ones we recommend. Below is the list of the top floor mirrors available.

Buying Guide For the Best Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors may make a big difference in the way your room looks. For starters, they’re essential in selecting the appropriate attire and ensuring that you’re prepared for the day before leaving the house. But they also assist in opening up a space, making it look larger. Furthermore, they are available in a wide range of styles that are ideal for showcasing your personality. You may keep it basic and elegant, go big and contemporary, or go completely elaborate and flashy. Here is a guide to the best floor mirror for your home.

What Kind of Shapes Are Available in the Market for Floor Mirrors?

A mirror’s design may establish the tone or improve the atmosphere of a space. Square, rectangle, oval, and circle are the most popular bathroom mirror forms. Unique forms, such as hexagons and octagons, are also available.

Square shaped

To accentuate the square’s clean contours, place the mirror above the cupboard. If you decide to hang two square mirrors, keep in mind that they may need to be tiny in order to fit in your area.

Rectangular shaped

Large-surface mirrors are rectangular mirrors. Above a vanity, they generally take up the full wall area. Before you hang a wall-covering mirror, consider the décor of the room. Is it pointing towards the door? What will you be able to notice in the mirror’s large reflection?

Oval shaped

Small houses benefit from oval and circular mirrors. A tiny mirror is ideal for illuminating a small area. It doesn’t overpower the space; rather, it provides depth, making it appear larger than it is. In a room, round and oval mirrors may also be utilized to soften up angles and harsh lines. Because of this, they look fantastic in bedrooms with tile backsplashes or flooring.

Unique shaped

Unique-shaped mirrors are also available in a variety of styles and forms. These ideas inject personality and originality rather than bringing harmony and order to the home. If you want to create a one-of-a-kind home aesthetic, consider hanging a unique mirror like this.

What Is the Function of the Full-length Mirror in the Home?


The most typical application is checking one’s reflection in a mirror. In fact, the majority of floor mirrors exist only for that reason.

Magnifying mirrors

People use these mirrors to inspect their skin and makeup finishes. For example, a magnifying mirror can help with brow plucking and eyeliner application.


These mirrors may be too small to view one’s whole face, or they may be more of a frame than a mirror. Decorative mirrors aren’t meant to be useful; they’re meant to give style and dimension to a space.

Makeup mirrors

You may use a vanity mirror to apply makeup as well. For this reason, vanities contain lights that accentuate face characteristics.

What Are the Floor Mirror Types According to Rooms?


A mirror at your front door is ideal for last-minute aesthetic reviews before you walk out, as well as making a short or narrow corridor feel larger. A rectangle mirror will offer you a complete view while also emphasizing the ideal proportions in your home.


In the restroom, the function is more important than appearance. A mirror with storage is a fantastic way to keep your bathroom neat while concealing makeup. On the other hand, a mirror with lights will make prepping a joy, particularly in bathrooms with limited natural light.

The living room

Mirrors in living rooms are mostly ornamental to enhance the visual impact of your area. Wall mirrors are useful because they free up floor space for functional furniture. Choose a form similar to the lines of the furniture you will place it over. Large rectangular mirrors over fireplaces, for example, make a dramatic statement. In contrast, smaller mirrors can be utilized to create a gallery wall.


We spend most of our waking hours in the bedroom getting dressed or undressed. The obvious choices are a dressing mirror, a full-length mirror, or a slimmer mirror. And, because they make rooms appear larger and brighter, your decision may improve the appearance of both your space and yourself.

What Are Frames Available for Floor Mirrors in the Market?

The finishing touch that determines the decor style that most reflectors fit into is the frame. The frame design and material you select will influence other factors, including cost and weight. Wood, glass, and metal are the most popular frame materials. Each comes in various colors and textures (glossy, matte, etc.).

Wood frames

Mirrors with wood frames go nicely with a variety of design types. Solid wood, particularly when stained darkly, looks best in more classic settings. To get a Scandinavian appearance, choose light wood that is both light in color and light in weight.

Metal frames

Due to their eye-catching appearance, metal framed mirrors will offer industrial style appeal and are a wonderful alternative as a decorative item. Brass, copper, and black are all options.

Glass frames

Mirrors with glass frames are more modern, particularly if they are tinted in colors of fog or mocha.

What Is the Best Way To Clean My Floor Mirror?

A soiled mirror may detract from the appearance of your room and your social media selfies. To keep it looking new, follow these steps:

  • Glass cleaner is an excellent idea if your mirror has a glass frame, but it isn’t suited for other mirror kinds.
  • Fold the fabric into quarters and only use one side at a time. Move the moist quarter in zigzag motions from top to bottom until you’ve covered every inch.
  • Check for wayward stains and spots by standing back from the mirror at a 45-degree angle and wiping them away with the dry portion of your cloth.
  • Because water can harm the backs of mirrors, it is suggested that they be held dry. You may obtain sealants in hardware stores to protect mirrors from damage if they are to be utilized in a damp, moist environment.

Compare Our Favorite Floor Mirrors

LVSOMT Floor Mirror

– Best Overall


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For further safety, this LED-illuminated mirror has many layers. The LED beads strip is a low-energy option, long-lasting and more robust Aluminum Alloy frame with unique edge-sealing technology. A clever touch button controls the brightness and light temperature of this mirror.

The vanity mirror is made to be utilized for a variety of purposes. The full-body mirror is brighter and clearer. Even if an external force strikes shattered glass with an explosion-proof membrane, it will not flow out, making it more protective.


  • For your grooming, cleanliness, and dressing requirements, the lights deliver brilliant daylight lighting
  • Rust-proof, water-resistant, more robust, and sturdy aluminum alloy frame
  • Full size allows you to see your complete image


  • The lights are not bright

PexFix Floor Mirror

– Runner Up


Buy on Amazon

Polypropylene is used to make this full-length mirror. The top of the mirror is created with a seamless arching top frame and an ultra-thin mirror frame, giving it a highly distinctive and upmarket appearance. The frame does not encompass the full glass mirror. Beyond the frame, it is self-contained. It stands out in any location and gives your place a sophisticated appeal.

The huge floor mirror allows you to see your entire physique, giving you the confidence to go out. It is quite sturdy, and you can place the mirror anywhere. You will establish triangle support between the frame and the mirror when the U-shape bracket is opened and put on the ground.


  • Reflections are incredibly high-definition
  • There is an explosion-proof coating on it
  • The mirror may be placed almost anyplace


  • Too heavy to be placed on plastic

Elevens Arched Floor Mirror

– Honorable Mention


Buy on Amazon

This mirror has a robust, long-lasting polystyrene frame. The quality silver glass mirror offers optimum clarity, durability, and distortion-free reflection in each of these mirrors. To prevent filth from collecting at the back of the mirror, the backside is constructed of non-woven cloth.

This full-length dressing mirror will look great in any area of the house. You may hang it both vertically and horizontally to give the impression of more space. This full-length floor mirror is completely safe with an explosion-proof membrane and dispersion prevention.


  • Highly stable and won’t cause any mishaps
  • A scatter-prevention layer that is explosion-proof


  • The mirror might be small for some people

Elevens Full Length Floor Mirror

– Also Consider


Buy on Amazon

It’s long enough to give you an excellent look from head to toe. It gives you a genuine, non-exaggerated image to boost your self-assurance. The shatter-resistant glass is used in this mirror, making it safer and more comforting. You don’t need to be afraid about your children or pets being injured by the glass. An anti-rust aluminum alloy frame gives your space a cleaner, more attractive appearance.

This mirror features an adjustable standing bracket that allows it to stand free on the floor and be rested against the wall in virtually any place. You may also remove the bracket and mount it to the wall to save space. This will be a nice decoration for the house, studio, bathroom, and dressing room.


  • During transit, the aluminum alloy frame helps to prevent damage and scratches
  • Explosion-proof glass is used to protect people in the event that a mirror is cracked or damaged


  • The mirror is a bit more expensive than the others

NeuType Floor Mirror

– Also Consider


Buy on Amazon

The mirror is sufficiently large for you to see the whole ensemble in one glance. For longevity, the Neutype mirror features an aluminum alloy frame. The frame is composed of rust-resistant, robust, and strong metal. Shatterproof glass is used in the mirror, making it safer and more comforting. With the supplied hanging hardware, you may lean the mirror against the wall or hang it on the wall to save room.

The clean lines give it a contemporary air. The style of the mirror will be the focal point of your space. It’s both a full-length dressing mirror and a decorative piece.


  • Comes with shatterproof glass and a robust anti-rust aluminum alloy frame
  • More long-lasting and resilient thanks to the original edge-sealing technique


  • The insulation is not enough for shipping

Floor Mirror FAQ

Q: What features should I look for in a mirror?

A: When shopping for a high-quality mirror, consider the following three factors: glass grade, mirror diameter, and reflection silvering. In terms of glass quality, check if the mirror’s glass is free of flaws and does not distort reflections. A smooth surface is required on the glass.

Q: What is the best way to determine the size of a floor mirror?

A: The item’s dimension must be similar to the scale of other items in the room. A large floor mirror may be a fantastic statement piece in a large space. Pick a good floor mirror with a light frame if your furniture is basic and delicate.

Q: What is the ideal height for a floor mirror?

A: A floor mirror should be hung at a height that allows people to see their whole bodies. Hang the mirror so that the mirror’s base is about nine inches from the floor or just above the baseboard for a typical height that will suit most individuals.

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