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Though blankets keep you warm during cold nights, they can be extremely uncomfortable and make it difficult for you to breathe properly. In such situations, the greatest flannel sheets would be a great option because they eradicate the need for a thick blanket and keep you warm throughout the night. They are also soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly as well.

Besides, these sheets are made with cotton or wool and have heat-insulating layers that can retain body warmth and maintain proper airflow. They are designed to give you uninterrupted sleep so that you feel energized the next morning. However, there are tons of options available in the market that can make it difficult to select the best one. That’s why we have sifted and reviewed the top-quality flannel sheets to help you make a perfect choice.

Compare the Best Flannel Sheet

Mellanni Flannel Sheet

– Top Pick


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If you are looking for a flannel sheet that can be used year-round, then this set is perfect for you. Thanks to its 160 GSM flannel weight and high-quality cotton fabric, this sheet is extremely soft and comfortable to sleep on. In addition to that, it has a double-napped finish on both sides for better heat retention. These flannel sheets also have proper deep pockets with reliable elastic stitching for snug fitting on any king-sized mattress. However, they are a nuisance when it comes to cleaning and maintenance though they are quite comfortable.

Besides, these bed sheets become softer with every wash and are resistant to wrinkling, staining, and color fading. In this set, you will get a pair of sheets, and two pillowcases, along with a lifetime warranty.


  • These sheets have perfect double-napped finishing on both sides that helps in proper heat retention
  • These sheets have a flannel weight of 160 GSM, due to which they are lighter and more comfortable
  • They are manufactured with high-quality, breathable cotton
  • They are easy to clean and become softer with every wash


  • The lint layer might come off after the first wash

Ruvanti Flannel Sheet

– Runner Up


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A good flannel sheet set can make your Queen-sized bed extremely comfortable. This package contains high-quality sheets made with 100% premium cotton so that your skin can breathe properly. Besides, the sheets have a flannel weight of 170 GSM, due to which they are extremely soft and comfortable.

This set also contains two pillowcases made with the same material as the sheets. As the sheets have double-sided napped finishing, you can use them throughout the year. Moreover, the package comes with proper safety and environmental certification that ensures the products are free from any kind of toxins or chemicals that are harmful to the skin.


  • This sheet has elastic stitching all over it for snug fitting on any Queen-sized mattress with a width of 16 inches
  • It is resistant to wrinkling, fading, shrinking, and pilling
  • The set contains moisture-absorbing sheets and pillowcases
  • This sheet is machine washable and can last for a long time without losing its softness


  • This set is difficult to find as it sells out quickly

Bare Home Flannel Sheet

– Honorable Mention


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If you are looking for an affordable flannel sheet set that is comfortable and made of high-quality material, then this product is perfect for you. The sheets are made with densely woven cotton that makes them suitable for use during summers and winters. Apart from that, they are woven tightly with string threads and can easily survive machine washing without losing their softness. Thanks to the double-brushed finishing of these sheets, you can sleep comfortably on your bed without any loose strands of fabric disrupting your resting time.


  • These sheets are crafted with non-toxic dyes and chemicals, which makes them safe to use
  • The fabric is woven with strong threads so that these sheets do not get damaged during machine wash
  • They are stain-proof and fade-resistant


  • Their width is extremely small, which makes them quite thin

Morgan Home Flannel Sheet

– Also Consider


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Printed flannel sheets are not only comfortable to use but also enhance the beauty of your bedroom. This set contains a pair of sheets, flat and fitted, along with two soft pillowcases having beautiful plaid patterns on them. Both sheets have deep pockets with strong elastic stitching so that they can fit snugly on any 16-inch thick mattress. Besides, the complete set is designed with 100% pure cotton with high GSM, which makes its products super comfortable and soft. However, you need to be careful while washing the sheets as they can easily get damaged if treated with chlorine-based bleach or detergent.


  • These sheets are designed to fit any mattress with a thickness of 16-inch
  • They are designed with pure cotton fabric that maintains proper airflow and doesn’t cause any skin irritation
  • This set comes with both flat and fitted sheets so that you can use them as per your needs
  • These sheets have reliable elastic stitching for better fitting


  • The sheets will start to fade if you wash them with chlorine bleach or detergent

Great Bay Flannel Sheet


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This flannel sheet set is by far the best you can get on the market but quite difficult to find due to its popularity. It contains two different types of flannel sheets and two pillowcases, all made with high-quality Turkish cotton. These sheets are extremely soft, warm, and breathable, making them perfect to use all year round. Besides, they are super easy to maintain as the fabric can survive machine washing without losing its softness. Thanks to the deep pockets, both sheets can easily fit any 17-inch thick mattress without stretching too much.


  • The sheets are machine washable and won’t shrink or fade away due to that
  • Both sheets have a flannel weight of 170 GSM, which makes them soft and comfortable
  • They are made with 100% Turkish cotton due to which they are warm and have good breathability


  • This flannel sheet set is difficult to find due to its high demand

Buying Guide for the Best Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets are the best alternative to blankets because they are lighter and provide enough warmth to sustain chilly nights. But, not all flannel sheets are perfect to use as most of them have chemical contents in them. That’s why it is extremely important to look for the various features of these products before making a purchase. Below, we have mentioned all the important factors that would help you choose the best flannel sheet for your bedroom.

What Are the Various Factors That You Should Look For in Flannel Sheets?


While we consider thread counts to determine the quality of normal bedsheets, for flannel sheets, we refer to GSM or Grams per square meter. It is better to go for flannel sheets with higher GSM as they are more comfortable and soft. The average GSM range is around 165 to 170, and these sheets are extremely warm and durable. Another thing you should keep in mind is that a higher GSM number does not mean that the sheet is heavy. Instead, a 170 GSM flannel sheet is extremely light in weight and is perfect to use all year round.


The type of weaving or stitching of a flannel sheet determines its durability. Flannel sheets are usually loosely woven with strong threads so that they can survive a harsh machine wash. It helps in generating proper airflow while keeping the sheet intact. If the stitching is not sturdy, then it will get destroyed within a few washes, pouring your money down the drain. However, strong stitching helps in retaining the sheet’s structure and prevents wrinkling after the wash.


When it comes to flannel sheets, you should always look for the ones with double-napped finishing. Napping is the process where a fine metal brush is used to raise fibers on the fabric to improve its texture. This technique helps in trapping air inside the fabric pores, which further works as a perfect insulation layer. Nowadays, double-sided napping is highly preferred because it keeps you warm during winter and eradicates the need for blankets.


Soft flannel sheets help you sleep comfortably as they do not give you rashes or cause skin irritation, which is usually the case with thin sheets. The softness of a sheet depends on the fabric used for making it. Wool flannel sheets are the softest and will not cause any skin irritations or allergies.


A flannel sheet should be made with breathable fabric so that your skin can get enough air while you are resting. Sheets with loose-woven fabrics allow better airflow, making it possible to sleep without sweating. Besides, breathable sheets are perfect to use during any season.

Moisture absorption

Flannel sheets are made to help you sleep comfortably during winter nights without any blankets, which might lead to sweating as well. Hence, it is important to ensure the fabric is treated with a proper moisture-absorbing technology so that it can retain proper warmth and maintain airflow. Besides, moisture absorption prevents sheets from staining and makes it easier to clean sheets.

What Type of Fabric is Used to Design Flannel Sheets?


Most flannel sheet manufacturers use cotton for designing the product as it is soft and light in weight. Besides, this fabric is extremely breathable, and there are fewer chances of getting any side effects from sleeping on a cotton sheet. These sheets have numerous pores that increase airflow and are perfect to use for all types of seasons. However, the durability and price of cotton flannel sheets completely depend on the weaving type and texture of the fabric. If you want to get a nice double-sided, napped, loosely woven cotton flannel sheet, then you have to invest more.


Wool flannel sheets are great for cold areas as they provide a proper insulation layer and have high body heat retention. However, wool sheets are not meant for year-round usage as they have higher heat retention during summer, due to which you cannot sleep comfortably. While looking for wool sheets, make sure to inspect the quality and warmth of the material. A good wool flannel sheet should be lightweight, warm, and strong so that the fabric doesn’t get damaged while cleaning.


Blended flannel sheets are usually made with cotton and Polyester and have the best of both fabrics. They provide extreme warmth, can last for a long time and are affordable as well. Besides, these sheets are softer than most synthetic ones and will not fade or shrink after washing. A blended flannel sheet is the perfect option for a bachelor as it doesn’t need much maintenance or investment and can easily last for years without fading or pilling.


Synthetic or micro flannel sheets are made with Polyester microfiber and are quite famous for various reasons. They are durable, wrinkle-free, and stain-resistant, making them highly preferable as compared to others. However, most synthetic sheets are made from plastic and might contain toxic dyes or chemical contents that can cause skin allergies and infections. Synthetic flannel sheets are also thin and tend to create static electricity that can further disrupt you while sleeping.

What Is the Price Range for Flannel Bed Sheets?

The price range for a flannel set is usually between 35 USD to 60 USD. It depends on the products of the set, material quality, texture, and other factors. Usually, flannel sets with two sheets and pillowcases are costlier than a single sheet with pillowcases. If you are buying a set that has double-sided napped sheets, then it might cost you more than other sets because those sheets can easily retain heat and form a perfect insulation layer.

How to Wash Flannel Sheets and Pillow Cases?

Before washing a flannel sheet, make sure to check for its fabric, as different materials have different washing instructions. For example, you cannot machine wash a wool sheet as it would completely ruin the fabric. However, in the case of cotton sheets, you can either use a machine or wash them with your hands, but make sure to use a mild detergent. It is extremely important to properly wash a flannel sheet so that it can maintain its heat retention capability and remove all the absorbed moisture from its air holes.

Flannel Sheet FAQ

Q: What are the benefits of using flannel sheets?

A: By using flannel sheets, you would be able to sleep comfortably without any blankets as they have an insulation layer to keep you warm. Besides, these sheets also help in preventing knee and back pain.

Q: Is it safe to use synthetic sheets?

A: Though synthetic flannels are popular, they have several side effects. These sheets can cause skin irritation and rashes due to the use of chemical content in their manufacturing process.

Q: How to know which flannel sheet will fit my mattress?

A: While buying a flannel sheet set, look for the pockets in the product. If the sheet has deep pockets with proper elastic stitching all around, then it can easily fit any mattress with a width of 15 to 17 inches.

Q: Are flannel sheets good year-round?

A: While flannel sheets are super warm and cozy, their material is also breathable which makes it perfect for warmer months.

Q: Can I put flannel sheets in the dryer?

A: Most flannel sheets can be tumble-dried on warm heat, but you should always read the drying instructions on the packaging before you wash and dry them.

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