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So you’ve designed and decorated your dream home or office. But it feels like something vital is missing. You should consider changing the lighting. Desk lamps can make all the difference in creating a bright atmosphere that sets the tone for any occasion. They were created shortly after the invention of the light bulb about 140 years ago, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Today, these lamps not only help us see but also create a calming environment that’s great for mental health. Desk lamps are excellent accessories that’ll literally light up any space, but they’re not all created equal. Because of this difference in quality, we have compiled this buying guide with a list of some of the top-rated desk lamps in 2023. Feel free to explore.

Best Desk Lamp Worth Considering


– Best Overall


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The LEPOWER Desk Lamp is an affordable, durable, and stylish lighting option for homes and offices. It is made of metal and coated with a silver lining that adds an elegant touch to its overall design. In addition, this LED lamp’s on-off switch is located on the base, making it easy for users to easily access it anytime they want.


  • Features a gooseneck design that lets users adjust the light source
  • Highly energy-efficient and sports heat dissipation technology


  • Doesn’t come with bulbs

AFROG Desk Lamp

– Runner Up


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The AFROG LED Desk Lamp is one of the most versatile home and office lighting options on the market. It is portable, which makes it suitable for small desk setups. It features an impressive 5V2A wall adapter.

What makes this desk lamp truly special is its integration of advanced technology like sensitive touch control, an auto-off timer, and fast wireless charging. This lamp also features five lighting modes and levels of brightness each.


  • Technology integration enhances its overall efficiency and versatility
  • Eye-care tech for good eye health


  • Doesn’t come with built-in batteries
  • The wireless charging feature may not work at all times

mchatte Desk Lamp

– Honorable Mention


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The mchatte Desk Lamp is a prime example of a premium desk lamp. Aside from the conventional LED lighting and corded electric design, this excellent lighting option features tech that makes it ideal for many modern homes and offices. For example, it features a 5V2A USB charging port and a QI wireless charging base that executes fast charging. This desk lamp also features five lighting modes and brightness levels to suit a wide range of environments and moods.


  • The mchatte Desk Lamp features eye-care technology for good eye health
  • The black design makes it suitable for a wide range of interior decor


  • Controls may be a little complex to operate
  • The wireless charging feature doesn’t always work

Dott Arts Desk Lamp

– Also Consider


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Designed to last for more than 50,000 hours, the Dott Arts Desk Lamp is surely one of the most durable options available. It emits cool, white LED light that’s ideal for reading and graphics designing too. This desk lamp features touch controls, an electric cord for connecting to a power source, and a USB port for charging.


  • Dott Arts Desk Lamp features a 230° flexible arm for proper adjustability
  • Features eye-care technology that eliminates visual fatigue and glare by emitting the right amount of light
  • Quite portable, which makes it ideal for traveling, camping trips, and small desk setups


  • Some models may come with faulty light bulbs
  • The plastic framework may not be the most durable



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If you’re looking for an all-around desk lamp with a durable framework and easily replaceable bulbs, then you need a TORCHSTAR Desk Lamp. This unit is designed to stand on its own or be attached to other surfaces, courtesy of its built-in c-clamp. It is quite portable, too, which means it can fit any setup without taking up a chunk of space.

This desk lamp is forged from sturdy metal and coated with a black finish, making it one of the most stylish and durable options available.


  • The power plug is UL-listed, which means it is safe
  • Features a spring-balanced adjustable arm


  • May tip over if you lean it over too far

Buying Guide For Desk Lamps

Have you ever felt like your desk or office is just not bright enough? Do you have trouble reading due to bad lighting or loss of focus? Then a desk lamp might be just what you need. If you want to create a sleek and modern office or add a touch of nostalgia to your living room, a good desk lamp will do you a world of good.

Desk lamps come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and wattages to suit any need or decor, so you can never run out of options. The right desk lamp will provide the perfect amount of light for reading, writing, and crafting and make your workspace feel more welcoming and comfortable. A good desk lamp will also produce light that won’t cause eye strain and glare.

We have highlighted some of the best desk lamps on the market in the previous section, but we understand that that might not be enough to select the perfect desk lamp. That’s why we have listed below some of the elements to consider when buying a desk lamp. This information will help you make better buying decisions so that your room can be lighted and designed to your taste.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Desk Lamp

It’s not enough to just buy a desk lamp – you should choose something that suits your decor needs and optimizes your vision. We will list some of the things that’ll help you make such good choices below:

  • Size

The ideal desk lamp size to go for will be determined by the size of your workspace or desk. For example, if you have a small desk, it only makes sense to get a desk lamp of the corresponding size. Choosing a large desk lamp for a small workspace will only make the area look crowded and unprofessional, and nobody wants that. On the other hand, the light from a small lamp on a bigger desk will not cover the entire span of the workspace, and you don’t want that either.

So, to avoid these awkward situations, go for a desk lamp size that complements the span of your workspace or desk.

  • Adjustability

This feature is a deal-breaker and a major determinant of quality when it comes to desk lamps. No one uses rigid desk lamps that can only illuminate one direction anymore. Most modern lamps come with flexible arms that can be twisted or moved in different directions – left or right, farther or closer to the desk, and so on.

Lamps feature several adjustability techniques, some of which include gooseneck arms. However, there are no good or bad options; all you have to do is select what suits your needs the best.

  • Material

Desk lamps are made from a wide range of materials, and the ideal material depends completely on your preference. Some of the most common materials for desk lamps include metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, or a combination of these materials. So, explore all the available options and choose what fits your setup best.

  • Power source

A couple of years ago, most of the desk lamps available had to be plugged into an electrical outlet to function. However, technological advancements in recent times have led to the rise of battery-powered desk lamps and other designs that utilize rechargeable USB ports. Once again, there are no good or bad options here, so it’s up to you to choose what’s best for you.

For example, if there are no electrical outlets to plug in your desk lamp directly, it only makes sense to go for the battery-powered models. All you’ll have to do is buy suitable batteries, and you’re good to go.

  • Bulb types

First, you have to understand that not every desk lamp comes with bulbs, so this feature only applies to those that do.

The significant difference between desk lamp bulbs is color/ambiance, which in turn determines its superiority and application. In this light, the best and most common bulb types in desk lamps include LED, incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and full-spectrum.

LED desk lamps are generally the best of the lot, mainly because they concentrate light in one direction, rather than all over. They also produce less heat and have a longer lifespan than the other options (up to 50,000 hours). Finally, these lamps may cost more, but they are very energy-efficient, so you’ll be spending less on energy bills.

The other options can be good; however, you should note that fluorescent bulbs work with mercury vapor, making them quite dangerous to human health.

  • On-off switch options

Switching a desk lamp on and off shouldn’t be rocket science, and that’s why the best desk lamps typically feature simple on-off switch options. Some of the best switch options to look out for in desk lamps include base switches, touch switches, and pull chain switches, so any of the three should suffice.

  • Light intensity

This refers to the amount of light/illumination produced by the desk lamp, and it is another significant factor to consider. Two things affect the light intensity of a desk lamp, and they are what you should check for – lumen and foot candle.

Lumen, in simple terms, is the amount of light emitted by a desk lamp, while a foot candle is the amount of light illuminated on a flat surface. Generally, a range of 30 – 40 foot candles and 1000 – 1400 lumens should be great for home or office use.

Selecting the ideal light intensity in desk lamps is excellent, but choosing a model that can adjust light intensity is even better. The best desk lamps come with switches that enable users to adjust illumination to their liking, and those are the models you should target when shopping.

  • Charging station

The best desk lamps come with many features that make them versatile, one of which is a charging station. This feature allows you to charge your mobile phone or other USB devices when you’re working.

Pro Tip: Select a charging station with 2A of power to charge your device faster.

Desk Lamp FAQ

Q: Where should a lamp be on a desk?

A: There are many tips for the proper positioning of a desk lamp. Some of these include: 1. Place the desk lamp on your left side if you’re right-handed. 2. If you have a computer, position the lamp where its light won’t reflect on the screen. 3. If your desk lamp is corded, place it close to an electrical source.

Q: What are the three parts of a lamp?

A: Desk lamps are made of several components, which can be categorized into three parts: the base, the bulb, and the filament.

Q: How tall should desk lamps be?

A: There are no standard or ideal heights for desk lamps. However, it is advised that the lamp is taller than your head and out of your line of sight. Note that if your desk lamp is too high, it’ll create vision-blocking shadows, and if it is too low, may not cover the entire span of your desk.

Q: How much do desk lamps cost?

A: Desk lamp prices vary based on design, material, adjustment, extra features, and other elements that determine quality and versatility. However, most desk lamps cost between $13 to $60.

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