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Decorating the kitchen/dining space with the same old dining tables has become an outdated idea. With so many table types now available, you have the liberty to create different interior looks with more charm. One such table type is the counter table. They usually rise to a height of 36 inches maximum to be at the same level as that of your kitchen counter. If you have a spacious kitchen, you can place this table at the center as an alternative to a kitchen island counter. It will also form an excellent addition to a window-side or an outdoor dining space. So, if you want to get your hands on a reliable item, we have rounded up the best counter height tables in 2023 that will enhance the beauty and grace of the interiors with ease.

The Best Counter Height Tables You Can Buy

Signature Design by Ashley Counter Height Table

– Best Overall


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With this counter table, you can quickly establish the modern city look in your dining room owing to the rich, dark-colored finish of the countertop. It will help you add a bold statement to your interior and enhance the aesthetics of your home by tenfold. Furthermore, its stability has been leveled up with engineered wood and metallic legs. Since it has a pine veneer placed on the top surface, you won’t have to worry about the solid wood’s longevity and sturdiness.

Besides, the table has an industrial look since you will find a dual-tone color combination. Thus, it will help you add more beauty to the space, whether you place it in your small dining space, a medium-sized outdoor patio, or a corner bistro.


  • Can accommodate six people at once
  • Enhanced countertop durability with veneer
  • Will increase the beauty of a modern-styled interior


  • Not ideal for contemporary or traditional interiors

Grand Patio Counter Height Tables

– Runner Up


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The Grand Patio Counter Height Outdoor Bar Table is the perfect option for both indoor and outdoor occasions and is sure to be a great companion for outdoor barbecues or as your home’s dining room table. Its ceramic tile tabletop is sturdy, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean- you’ll never have to worry about stains or potential damage.

Constructed from reinforced steel, this counter-height table is built to last and is able to accommodate up to 200 lbs. Its elegantly curved legs provide extra stability, and the anti-slip footpads prevent scratches on the floor. Plus, you can easily assemble it on your own! All the essential tools and instructions are included in the package, so installing this beautiful counter-height table is a breeze.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Resists scratches and is easy to clean
  • Features durable steel construction


  • Only available in one color/style

Hillsdale Counter Height Table

– Honorable Mention


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This console/counter height table will help add a modern farmhouse-style look to the interiors of your home. If you look carefully, it comes with dual tones. The tabletop has a distressed gray-white finish, and the base and leg framework are painted with a white sea color. Owing to this unique color combination, you can place the table in your dining space, a glass-walled lounge area, the outdoor backyard patio, and the kitchen area. It has a height of 36 inches, which will allow you to use it as a counter dining table, a console table for your living room, or a study table in the lounge. Since this piece of furniture is made from rubberwood, it is highly durable and can withstand heavy loads placed on the top up to 75 lbs. So, you will benefit by choosing this counter table for your home in several ways.


  • Can be used as an alternative to a kitchen island
  • Made from solid wood for more durability and robustness
  • Dual-color tones add more value to the aesthetics


  • Not suitable for interiors having bright and vibrant decor

Giantex Counter Height Table

– Contender


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This table will help you beautify the interiors with any decor style, starting from a vintage setting to a modern look. The manufacturers have stained the wooden table with a brown finish to enhance its beauty. You will easily get swayed by the magnificence of the countertop and the legs. This piece of furniture is one of the most sought-after products. Its rectangular tabletop with a hollow divider line enhances its artistic look. This will allow you to use the table as dining furniture, study table, lounge/living console furniture, etc.

Unlike other counter tables, this product is reinforced with thick legs having an I-shaped leg rest for adding more stability to its frame. Hence, it won’t wobble after placing multiple dishware or other decor items on top. In addition, the legs have inner sole padding to prevent the table from making marks or scratches on the floor.


  • Can tolerate weight up to 120lbs due to the high-quality MDF and PB material
  • Retro-styled and natural finish table to suit any home decor style
  • A scratch-resistant table that is easier to clean and maintain


  • Cannot be paired with small bar stools due to their height

Target Marketing Systems Counter Height Table

– Also Consider


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Since this table has a cubic design with the length, breadth, and height having the exact measurement of 36 inches, you can place it in different places, both indoors and outdoors. For example, you can use it as a small dining table, a center table for the living room, or a temporary workstation in your bedroom or study room. The best part of this item is that it requires very little assembly time.

Besides, its tabletop is spacious and will allow you to place various decor items like a vase, water bowl, and small potted plant at the center to enhance its beauty. It has a chic look with a casual design and chic finish that can fit almost all interior styles. It has also been manufactured from hardwood, making the table highly durable and sturdy. On top of that, you can easily include this counter-height table in any interior decor, starting from contemporary to rustic.


  • Spacious tabletop design
  • Suits almost all types of interior decor
  • Can be assembled quickly


  • Won’t have the same appeal in bold and loud interior design

Sauder Counter Height Table

– Also Great Option


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This counter height table is quite beautiful owing to the rustic country style. You can feel the rough contours of the wood as you glide your fingers along the surface of this furniture. Moreover, the oak finish has given a natural tone to the entire table’s look, enhancing its appeal and charm. Since the tabletop has a narrower width, you can use it indoors as a dining table, a console table, a living room center table, and even outdoors between the recliner seats. In addition, it is reinforced with a one-inch-thick countertop, which can handle a lot of weight without making the furniture wobble.


  • Highly durable and sturdy due to the thick legs and the I-joint frame
  • Provides a considerable leg space
  • Can accommodate four people at a time, so it is perfect for a family dinner


  • Is quite heavy and difficult to move

Buying Guide for the Best Counter Height Tables

As the demand for a counter height table is increasing, you can find several products in the market with unique designs. From a simple square-shaped table to a slender counter table with shaker legs, there are many options. And that’s why making the best buying decision can prove to be difficult. Therefore, to help you out, we have gathered a few factors based on which you can make a proper selection as per your requirements.

How Is a Counter Height Table Different From a Regular Dining Table?

  • A counter height table has a maximum height of 36 inches to ensure you can pair it with the kitchen counters you have. On the other hand, a regular table has varied heights, ranging between 25 inches to 40 inches.
  • You can use the counter tables in several places apart from the dining space. However, a dining table is designed in a way that will suit only your dining room’s decor.
  • A counter height table can accommodate two to six people maximum at a time. On the contrary, you can find an 8-seater dining table in the market along with extendable tables where the tabletop can be enlarged to accommodate more people.
  • Wood, veneers, and metal are the three primary materials manufactured by the counter tables. However, you can find glass tabletops, metallic legs, marble tabletops, and other materials on the dining table.

What Are the Key Factors You Have To Consider To Get The Best Counter Height Table?

Size and shape

Firstly, you should consider the size and shape of the counter table. These tables usually have a rectangular or square shape with a maximum height of 36 inches. You should get the square-shaped counter table if you want to arrange a small dinner table or use it as a side end table. On the contrary, you should choose a rectangular table for using it as a dining table that can accommodate about four people. Also, you have to make sure the piece of furniture’s size is ideal to fit in your kitchen, living, or lounge area perfectly without making the overall decor look messy.


Wood is one of the most common materials that counter tables are made. However, if you surf through different products, you will see that different wood types have been used. For example, you will find tables made from solid woods like oak, rosewood, mahogany, teak, and so on. Likewise, laminated wooden boards, MDF, and ply boards are also used for manufacturing these items. You can find a particular protective layer made from hardwood veneers like pine or oak on the countertop in some products. Also, in a few counter tables, the legs are made from metal to increase the stability of the furniture.

Finishing look

You should always consider the finishing look of the counter height table. First of all, you have to choose an item with a finishing look that perfectly complements your interior decor. For example, suppose your kitchen has a contemporary style. In that case, the counter table’s retro or rustic look will be the best choice. Similarly, if you want to enhance the modern decor of your house, you can choose industrial or modernistic tables having a slender and sleek design.

In addition, you have to make sure the color of the table complements the surrounding decor and matches the existing color tone. For example, if your lounge has a neutral chrome shade, you can choose a table with whitish or dark brown hues.


When it comes to essential furniture like the counter table, you must ensure the chosen product is highly stable. Firstly, you have to check whether the table is wobbling or not after you assemble and place it in the allocated space. You should also check how much weight the countertop can endure to the maximum level.

What Is the Best Use of Counter Height Table in Your Home?

A counter height table can be used in several ways, like:

  • Dining table for small to medium arrangement
  • An alternative to the kitchen island provided the table has a humongous shape
  • A study table in your bedroom or the home office
  • A console table in the living or lounge room
  • Side tables on the patio or the backyard porch
  • The center table in the living room

How To Clean and Maintain the Counter Height Table:

For cleaning the counter tables, you can use a wet cloth or a cleaning solution. Ensure the cleaner is suitable for the material with which the furniture is manufactured. If you want to increase the longevity of the tabletop, you can cover it with a tablecloth, which will add more liveliness to the furniture item.

People Also Asked

Q: How can I protect my floor from scratches while moving the counter table from one place to another?

A: When you pull the table from one place to the other to drag it across the room, the legs can form scratches on the floor, especially if you have a wooden or tile floor. To reduce this damage, you can place a rug underneath the table so that the legs won’t leave marks on the floor surface.

Q: Does a counter-height table work as a temporary kitchen island?

A: Yes, a counter-height table can easily be used as a temporary kitchen island because they both have almost the same height. However, it would help to get a giant table to fill up at least 60% of the vacant area in your kitchen and still make it look spacious.

Q: How should I clean the counter height table?

A: For cleaning the counter height table, you can use a wet rag to wipe off the dust or any spilled food item on the countertop. You can also use the cleaning solution and spray it at the top to remove the stain marks or debris from the furniture.

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