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Functional and luxurious, these are two words that properly describe the wonderful cheval mirrors. This type of mirror will instantly add charm to your space where you are going to place it! Mostly, people prefer to keep them in their bedroom to see them properly after dressing up! These mirrors are very special and provide a vintage vibe! You will see different shapes and different materials used for making the mirror. When planning to buy one for yourself, you have to keep a few important considerations in mind. To know all, we suggest you keep on reading! For the best cheval mirrors in 2023, consider buying any of the following products:

The Best Cheval Mirror You Can Buy

Legacy Decor Cheval Mirror

– Best Overall


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Get this swivel mirror in white color or choose any other four colors from the list. Pick the color which matches the paint color of your room. It also has a freestanding design which makes it best for a full-body reflection which makes dressing easy. The shape of the mirror is oval. You will have to assemble this before you are going to place it in your room.


  • It has a white finish; however, you also get other finishes like espresso, black, and much more
  • The mirror has a solid hardwood frame construction for long-term use
  • You can easily tilt the mirror to any desired angle without any problem


  • The legs of the mirror are not strong; they might break under little force or pressure

RAAMZO Cheval Mirror

– Runner Up


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This cheval mirror is made of wood. It has a freestanding mounting type. Note the dimensions, which are 18.5 x18 x58 inches, so that you can get an idea of whether you have enough space in your room or not! The shape of the mirror is rectangular. You will get it fully assembled.


  • It comes in an Espresso finish which provides a great and stylish look
  • Different materials used in making these mirrors include Wood veneer, MDF, glass, and hardwood
  • It has an adjustable tilt frame that is solid enough to support the mirror body


  • It is not very sturdy, might break at the base if you frequently move it

Roundhill Furniture Cheval Mirror

– Honorable Mention


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This oval-shaped floor mirror is made from wood which makes it durable enough to last longer. It has a freestanding design which makes it easy to move it from one place to another. You can get this in eight different colors like cherry, gold, oak, midnight-black, and more to match it well with the color of your room.


  • A beautifully styled mirror for traditional decors
  • You can tilt to get a full-body reflection
  • The elongated oval glass mirror has a strong wood frame and curved bracketed feet for support
  • Comes with essential hardware for the assembly along with instruction


  • The paint color might fade away over time

ORE Cheval Mirror

– Also Consider


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Place this mirror on the floor to get a full-body reflection to see how a dress looks on you! The mirror in the frame has an oval shape surrounded by a wooden frame to provide great support. You can get this in two different sizes, one is standard, and the second has 59.5 inches in height. Moreover, this mirror has two available finishes; one is cherry, and the other is white.


  • A person can easily adjust the length of the mirror according to their height to see themselves properly
  • Tilt the mirror to any angle according to your need
  • You can easily assemble it at your home as there is no complex step involved


  • The packaging of the product is not satisfactory

Crown Mark Cheval Mirror

– Also Consider


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This floor mirror has a freestanding design and is made from wood. It is available in a rectangular shape. Moreover, you get the freedom to pick your favorite color like brown, oval black, and four other colors to match it with the overall style of your room. You will have to assemble it before you start using it.


  • This rectangular full-length mirror has an Espresso finish
  • You can tilt the mirror at different angles as per your need
  • The assembly of this mirror is very easy; there are no complex steps involved


  • The wood quality is not very good; the frame might break easily

Buying Guide for the Best Cheval Mirrors

The cheval mirrors were invented in France during the 1700s. They were used as a dressing mirror; it got the name due to four feet at the base, which resembles the horse. In France, cheval means “Horse.“ The cheval mirrors are the full-length mirror that you usually see in the bedrooms. Majorly, they have three purposes. One is the practical use, as it allows you to see yourself and your outfit when you are getting ready to leave your house for any activity. Secondly, it acts as a decorative item for enhancing the overall style of your room. Thirdly, it will make your room look brighter and larger. If you are planning to buy cheval mirrors for your everyday use, then there are some certain things which you should know to get the quality product for your needs.

The following buying guide is going to explain all you should know before making the purchase:

What To Know About Cheval Mirrors?

A cheval glass or mirror is a tall-dressing mirror that suspends the two pillars and is joined by a swivel. One of the key features of this product is that you can tilt to different angles. The mirror has a full length which stands with the help of four legs at the base. You can get this mirror even if you are living in a small apartment.

Chevals are unique in their look in various ways. Mostly, you will see mirrors mounted on a wall or vanity; these are known as freestanding. Some are set on the floor like standing mirrors, so they are called cheval floor mirrors. Note that both are the same things!

The set-up of the cheval floor mirror is different from various other varieties. A cheval mirror is made with the help of a full-length mirror which is attached to a base for proper support. The mirror’s frame attaches with the base via two vertical bars, which are present on each side with the help of screws that can swivel. Moreover, the base gets supported via four individual feet.

What Different Types of Cheval Mirrors Are Available?

There are a total of three different types which you can get as per your need:


This type has been in use for a long time. The tiltable standing mirror was firstly designed in Paris during the 19th century. The design was inspired by the small tilting design or toilet mirror in the 17th century. Note that these mirrors are large; you can get them in different colors and styles. If you want something with a classic vibe, then this is the right option for you! When placed in the right position, it enhances the room’s overall style, and it can be perfectly used to improve the room’s lighting condition.

Cheval jewelry armoire

It is another great type of cheval mirror. This type has three features and doubles up as a mirror and cabinet. You will get a two-door cupboard which you can use for storing things like accessories and jewelry. In some other types, you can also store clothes. More importantly, this type is available in different colors and styles.

Modern cheval floor mirror

It is the latest design on the list. It is also available in various styles and colors. These are perfect for creating texture within your house. You can easily find different sizes as per your need which includes full-length options as well.

What Kind of Materials Are Used in Making Cheval Mirrors?

Now, let’s view some of the important materials which are used to make cheval mirrors. Majorly, there are only two options which include wood and metal:


The natural beauty of solid wood has its impression. There are different types of wood in terms of stains and finishes, which provide an amazing look. For instance, an oak cheval mirror will be a great choice that can be used to match it well with oak furniture. It will also look good as a standalone piece by itself if you want! Moreover, options like cherry and walnut are also very popular and common. Note that it is hard to find mirrors made with pine wood as they are normally antique.

Moving on, other than the natural finishes, white and black are both good options. As both of the colors are neutral, this means that you can easily match them with your existing home decor. Furthermore, the white color will provide you a more classic look, and it is always a favorite for a person who loves the chic style.

You might see some models painted pink for the use of children. Such products have different patterns or designs to make them attractive for the kids. More importantly, some even come with child-safe glass, which is a really good thing to consider when buying cheval mirrors for your child.


Don’t like wood? You can consider picking metal which is also a great choice. There are different alluring metal cheval mirrors which you can buy from the market as per your choice. The bases, frame style, and legs provide a unique touch for a better look. Most of the designs are antique-inspired, and you can enjoy the luxurious look at an affordable price tag.

You will get different finishes which include gold, silver, bronze, and copper. In addition to this, you can also go with distressed or aged finishes for a better antique look.

What Features To Look at When Buying Cheval Mirrors?

Below are some of the important features you have to keep in mind when buying the cheval mirrors?

Aesthetic appeal

The great look is one of the key reasons people prefer them to buy these mirrors. With these, you can easily add more style to your look. The majority of the people choose this as a focal point as they look very attractive. These are available in different finishes, so you can easily pick any according to the color of your furniture or paint color within your room to make it look better inside your room.


If you want an antique cheval mirror, you have to pay thousands of dollars, but there are some reasonable choices as well. Get an affordable option for less than a hundred dollars. The price will vary according to the type of material, any additional storage available, and craftsmanship!


These mirrors are used more as a decorative accessory. They are widely used as dressing mirrors which was the original purpose indeed. It is a full-length mirror; it enables you to see your dressing from head to toe completely. Furthermore, their unique ability to swivel also makes them a popular choice. Irrespective of your height, you can tilt the mirrors to see yourself properly.

Cheval Mirror FAQ

Q: Can I hang a cheval mirror?

A: This mirror type is available in the form of a standing piece that will rest on the floor. It is properly secured to the stand with the help of two decorative screws on each side of the mirror. However, you can remove the screw to hang it as a large wall decoration

Q: How do cheval mirrors work?

A: It is a freestanding mirror that is suspended within a vertical mirror frame. The mirror can swing, and you can adjust it upward or downward as per your need to properly see yourself from head to toe. Due to this functionality, they are also known as dressing mirrors.

Q: What is the price of cheval mirrors?

A: The price of the cheval mirrors is between $72 to $100. The variation can be due to the materials used, including wood or metal, and the finishes. The wood option is affordable in comparison to the metal option.

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