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No matter who you are or where you’re from, there’s one thing that all humans do at the end of a long day – sleep. Sleeping helps us feel fresh for the next day and gives us some much-needed rest and relaxation. Without proper sleep, you’d feel stress and fatigue, which would make you feel far less productive and positive. Because of this, there’s no such thing as overspending on a good bed, or in this case, a good bed frame. And luckily for you, we’ve picked out the finest canopy bed frames for your bedroom.

Canopy beds are a great alternative to regular bed frames for a few reasons, all of which we’ll be getting into detail in this article. These bed frames vary in size, color, and design, and you should be able to find one that you’d love to have at home.

Buying Guide for the Best Canopy Bed Frames

A good mattress deserves a good canopy bed frame. This guide should give you a general idea of what you should look out for when buying these frames.

What Is a Canopy Bed Frame?

A canopy bed frame is a bed frame designed to hold a mattress. The design allows the user to place curtains, fabric, and the like around the bed, giving one privacy and comfort during any time of the day.

Why Is It Important To Have a Canopy Bed Frame?

It gives privacy

One of the most popular reasons people get canopy bed frames is because it provides privacy to any who sleep in them. When a canopy bed frame is covered in curtains, you’ll feel like you’re in your own little world, and you can sleep with some peace of mind and without distractions. Privacy is very important for some people, and if they don’t feel comfortable, they won’t be able to rest. Canopy bed frames provide the privacy they need to feel relaxed.

It blocks sunlight and lets you sleep during the day

Sunlight is great and all, but if you want to sleep in for the day, the sun can make it very difficult to get some shut-eye. Even with your eyes closed, some light can still get through your eyelids, and for some people, that’s enough to prevent them from sleeping. There are, of course, ways around this, such as sleeping pills or the use of eye masks. However, if you prefer neither of those options, a canopy bed can be a great alternative.

Canopy bed frames with curtains are a great way to keep light out. This doesn’t remove all light from inside the frame, of course, but it should remove enough light that you won’t see it as much even with your eyes closed. This will allow you to sleep without having to rely on wearing a mask or taking pills.

It keeps you warm

During those cold nights or even during winter, it can be difficult to sleep despite being covered head to toe in fabric. You’ll need all the help you can get to stay warm, and a canopy bed frame can offer another layer of warmth. The fabric that surrounds your bed will insulate you from the cold, and you’ll be just a little more toasty and cozy inside.

Note that this depends on the type of curtains you use as well. If you’re using thin fabrics like curtains, you won’t be able to insulate heat as much as you would with thick curtains. However, if your curtains are thick enough, you should be able to feel their effects.

It muffles noise

Finally, let’s talk about noise. Some people are very sensitive to noise when sleeping, and even the faintest of sounds can disturb one’s slumber. For all you light sleepers out there, a canopy bed frame can prove to be a worthwhile solution. The fabric that surrounds your bed will muffle noise to a degree (depending on the type of fabric that you use), giving you a more peaceful environment to sleep in.

Things To Consider When Buying a Canopy Bed Frame


As with most furniture, one of the first things you need to consider when getting a canopy bed frame is the size of the frame itself. Luckily, mattresses (and canopy bed frames by extension) are very highly standardized. There shouldn’t be much of an issue when picking the right size, but we’ll go through it briefly nonetheless in case you aren’t familiar.

Beds and mattresses come in different sizes, ranging from twin and full to Queen and King. These sizes are pretty much the same no matter where you buy your mattress, so all you really need to do is pick a canopy bed frame of the same size. There may be some specifications or requirements for certain canopy bed frame products that you should look out for, but in summary, as long as the size of the bed frame and the mattress are the same, you should be good to go.


The design of the bed frame is important if you value the look of your abode. Canopy bed frames these days are made with surprisingly good quality for an affordable price, so the main thing you should concern yourself with is the type of design that you’d prefer to have at home.

Some designs are more traditional with ornate shapes and curves. Others are more modern, with minimal and unadorned frames for a simple yet stylish feel. These designs won’t affect your actual sleeping experience, but if you have a mind for design, they’re something you should really put some thought into before buying.

Canopy Bed Frames Price Range

Canopy bed frames are designed to hold heavy mattresses, and of course, you. This means that they’re heavy, made out of durable material, and of course, not cheap. Many bed frames will cost you $200-$300 or more depending on the brand, and some may even cost far more depending on the materials used or the design of the frame. Worry not, though – there are canopy bed frames that cost only around $100, though they only hold the curtains and not the mattress itself.

Best Canopy Bed Frames Worth Considering

ZINUS Patricia Black Metal Canopy

– Best Overall


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This first bed frame is a great choice for all types of mattresses. It’s got a simple design that makes it fit in with just about any room, though minimally designed rooms may be a better pair. The frame uses steel slat support, making it incredibly sturdy for even the heaviest of mattresses. There’s no box spring needed, which is always a nice bonus.

What makes this bed especially handy, however, is how easy it is to set up. The entire frame can be set up on your own, and you don’t need to be an expert to get the job done. All you need to do is set aside a little extra time and put in some elbow grease, and you’ve got yourself a nice-looking bed frame. The frame comes in three colors – black, gold, and white – so pick the one that you prefer the most.


  • Easy to set up
  • Comes in three colors


  • May be a bit heavy for some

JURMERRY Full Size Metal Canopy Bed

– Runner Up


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While bed frames have come a long way, they have existed for centuries, and even the older designs are still worth having at home. This bed frame uses more traditional designs with ornate European curves and lines to make it look especially elegant. The frame itself is relatively thin but sturdy enough for you and your mattress. It can handle holding up a few curtains and the like should you choose to install some.

The frame comes in three sizes – twin, full, and queen. The frames are designed to perfectly fit mattresses of the corresponding size, so as long as your mattress has a standard size, you should be able to get a frame that’s compatible. The frame also comes in black, white, and textured black, so if the classic black and white aren’t enough, you can shake things up a bit with some texture.


  • Ornate European style
  • Two colors and textures to choose from


  • Frame may be too thin for some

Novogratz Marion Canopy Bed Frame

– Honorable Mention


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Canopy bed frames are great because they can provide the user an uninterrupted sleeping experience, but that’s not the only benefit it has. These bed frames are sometimes made to have space below the mattress. The space can be used for storage. Whether it be old books, unused accessories, or just boxes of bits and bobs, you’ll be able to free up quite a bit of room in your home thanks to the canopy bed giving you that added storage option.

This canopy bed frame has an 11-inch allowance for all sorts of items. 11 inches is high enough for boxes and the like, so you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting things underneath. You can also use some fabric to cover up the sides so you don’t see the boxes whenever you walk in your bedroom – out of sight, out of mind.


  • 11-inch allowance for storage
  • Classy design


  • Bed is situated a little higher than other mattresses

Mengersi Canopy Bed Frame

– Contender


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Finally, let’s take a look at a canopy bed frame that’s more geared towards those with tight budgets. The frame is different from the rest on this list, as it doesn’t actually hold up the mattress. Instead, it surrounds your existing bed frame, giving you a frame to hang your curtains and the like instead. It’s made out of steel poles and is quite sturdy, so as long as you don’t nudge it around all the time, it’ll last you for quite a while.

Of course, its affordable price means that you won’t get the same features as your typical canopy bed frame. For one, the frame is a lot thinner than other bed frames. Secondly, the frame doesn’t actually hold the mattress up, so you need to have a separate bed frame.


  • Affordable
  • Made out of steel


  • Requires a separate bed frame

People Also Asked

Q: Are canopy beds still in style?

A: Canopy beds are still very much a popular choice for homeowners thanks to the privacy and comfort that it provides.

Q: Are canopy beds romantic?

A: As canopy beds offer plenty of privacy and intimacy with the limited space inside, it is widely considered to be a romantic bed frame.

Q: What type of curtains should I hang on my canopy bed?

A: Depending on your preferences, you may want thin, translucent, thick, or heavy curtains to cover your bed in. It all boils down to personal preference.

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