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Welcome to our review of the Black Rifle Coffee Space Bear! This article will delve into the flavors and qualities of this light roast coffee, which comes in a convenient 12-ounce ground bag. Get ready to embark on a journey through the rich and bold taste of the Space Bear. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply looking for a delicious morning pick-me-up, this review will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about this exceptional coffee blend.


Our Score: 4.7

Check out Black Rifle Coffee’s Space Bear light roast ground coffee. Discover the unique flavors and aroma of this 12-ounce bag, perfect for coffee enthusiasts.

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The Black Rifle Coffee Space Bear Light Roast Ground Coffee is a premium coffee blend that caters to those who prefer a light roast with a balanced and smooth flavor profile. Crafted carefully, this coffee is made from high-altitude Colombian Arabica beans, promising a rich aroma and delightful taste notes. Embark on a caffeinated journey to the final frontier with our signature light roast, inspired by iconic figures like Neil Armstrong, Elon Musk, and Space Bear. This remarkable blend boasts nutty aromas and delightfultasting notes of citrus, floral, and black tea. Its bright and fruity flavors will catapult your mornings into orbit, ensuring a truly out-of-this-world coffee experience. Get ready to sip and soar!

From the Manufacturer

  • Signature light roast with nutty aromas
  • Citrus, floral, and black tea-tasting notes
  • Bright, fruity flavors
  • Available in whole bean and ground coffee
  • Roasted in-house for freshness
  • Available in light, medium, dark, and extra-dark roasts
  • It can be brewed by drip, French press, pour-over, and cold brew methods
  • Owned and operated by veterans
  • Supports causes for veterans, first responders, and law enforcement officers

User Review

“This is my preferred coffee for cold brew. The best! With hot coffee I prefer lighter roasts but cold brew, darker is tastier!” – R. Benninghoven


  • Full body taste without bitterness
  • Bold and perfect flavor
  • Supports veterans and first responders


  • Overpriced compared to other retailers

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Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive buyer’s guide forlight roast ground coffee! This guide will delveinto the features you need to consider. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or enjoy a delicious coffee cup, this guide will help you choose the right light roast coffee.

Roast Level

With light roast coffee,ensure the beans retain their original characteristics, which results in a bright and vibrant flavor profile. Light roast is perfect for those who enjoy a milder, less intense coffee experience.

Ground Coffee

Unless you want to ground your beans, make sure to choose ground coffee foryour convenience, this coffee is ready to be brewed using various methods such as drip, French press, or pour-over. It eliminates the need for grinding beans and creates a hassle-free brewing experience.

Flavor Profile

Look for a roast that offers a harmonious balance between acidity and sweetness. Delicate floral, fruity, and nutty undertones create a well-rounded and enjoyable taste that will surely please your palate.

Coffee Type

Coffee type is essential; choose one known for its superior quality and flavor. For example, Arabica beans are prized for their complex flavors, making them the preferred choice for specialty coffee blends.


Make sure the coffee origin has quality growingconditions. It lends unique characteristics to coffee beans. Expect a distinctively rich and flavorful coffee experience.


If you’re a coffee lover, you know aroma is important. Look for a blend thatexudes a captivating aroma that fills the air with the fragrance of freshly roasted coffee. Enticing scents add to the anticipation and delight of each sip.

Caffeine Content

Your personal preference will dictate the caffeine content you choose.Moderate caffeine is ideal because it provides a pleasant energy boost without overwhelming effects. It is suitable for those who prefer a balanced caffeine experience.


Ensure the coffee is packaged in a resealable bag to ensure maximum freshness. This feature allows you to seal the aroma and flavor after each use, extending the coffee’s shelf life.

Shelf Life

Ensure the coffee you choose maintainsits flavor and quality over an extended period. After weeks of opening the bag, this ensures you enjoy the same excellent taste.

Organic and Fair Trade

Ensure the coffee is made with organic beans and grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides. Additionally, if it is fair trade certified, it supports fair wages and sustainable farming practices, benefitting the farmers and their communities.


Choosing a coffee with a clean and pleasant aftertaste is important, leaving you with a smooth finish that enhances the coffee-drinking experience. Avoid anybitter or lingering flavors.


Whether you prefer to enjoy your coffee black or with cream/milk, you want a coffee that adapts beautifully to your taste preferences. Versatility allows you to savor a delightful cup of coffee customized to your liking.

Premium Quality

Quality is one of the most essential features to consider when buying coffee. Look for roasts that are crafted with the utmost care and expertise.The attention to detail, from sourcing to roasting, ensures an exceptional coffee experience every time.


Everyone loves a good cup of joe, but it can be overwhelming to find the right one.When you consider roast, flavor profile, and unique features, you can be sure you are purchasing the best light roast coffee.From its coffee origin to its smooth finishes, light roast coffee should be delightful and satisfying experience with every cup. Elevate your coffee routine today!

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People Also Ask

Q. What is Black Rifle Coffee Space Bear Light Roast Ground Coffee?

A. Black Rifle Coffee Space Bear Light Roast Ground Coffee is a light roast coffee blend that offers a smooth and flavorful experience.

Q. Where is this coffee sourced from?

A. The coffee beans used for Space Bear Light Roast are sourced from various regions around the world, ensuring a unique and high-quality flavor profile.

Q. How should I store the coffee?

A. It is recommended to store the coffee in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its freshness and flavor.

Q. Can I use this coffee with a regular coffee maker?

A. Yes, Space Bear Light Roast Ground Coffee is compatible with most standard coffee makers.

Q. How much coffee should I use per cup?

A. A general guideline is to use approximately 1-2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water, but you can adjust the amount to suit your personal preference.

Q. What brewing method is recommended for this coffee?

A. This coffee can be brewed using various methods like drip brewing, pour-over, French press, or even cold brew. Experiment and find the method that suits your taste.

Q. Is this coffee suitable for espresso?

A. While Space Bear Light Roast can be used for espresso, it is specifically designed as a lighter roast for a more delicate flavor profile. If you prefer a bold espresso taste, you may want to consider a darker roast.

Q. Is the packaging recyclable?

A. Yes, the packaging for Black Rifle Coffee Space Bear Light Roast Ground Coffee is recyclable. Please check your local recycling guidelines for proper disposal.

Q. Is this coffee organic?

A. Black Rifle Coffee Space Bear Light Roast Ground Coffee is not certified organic, but it is made with high-quality Arabica beans sourced from trusted suppliers.

Q. Is this coffee caffeinated?

A. Yes, Space Bear Light Roast Ground Coffee contains caffeine, which provides a mild energy boost to help kick-start your day.

Q. Can I buy this coffee in larger quantities?

A. Yes, Black Rifle Coffee offers Space Bear Light Roast Ground Coffee in various sizes, including larger bags for those who go through coffee more quickly or prefer to buy in bulk.

Q. How long does the coffee stay fresh?

A. For optimal freshness and flavor, it is recommended to consume the coffee within 2-4 weeks of opening the bag. However, if stored properly, the coffee can still be enjoyed for a longer period.

Q. Does this coffee have any allergens?

A. Black Rifle Coffee Space Bear Light Roast Ground Coffee does not contain any common allergens, but it is produced in a facility that also processes other products that may contain allergens.

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