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With a well-rounded flavor profile and balanced body, medium roast coffee is loved by many. In this review, we will be taking a closer look at the Black Rifle Coffee CAF Medium Roast Coffee Pods. These medium roast coffee pods are known for their bold flavor and high caffeine content, providing coffee enthusiasts with a powerful kickstart to their day. Roasted with high-quality beans, you can be sure you’re getting a fresh, satisfying cup of joe with every brew. With a count of 50 pods per package, this product offers convenience and long-lasting supply. Join us as we delve into the features and benefits of these versatile coffee pods.


Our Score: 4.6

Get your caffeine fix with Black Rifle Coffee CAF, the bold medium roast coffee pods that deliver twice the caffeine punch of an average coffee, all while supporting veterans and service members.

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Introducing the ultimate coffee experience that will awaken your senses and energize your day. Get ready to indulge in the bold and robust flavor of Black Rifle Coffee CAF Medium Roast Coffee Pods. This medium roast is not for the faint of heart, delivering a double dose of caffeine for the professional coffee drinker. With a rich and smoky taste, every sip is a thrilling adventure for your taste buds. Experience the unparalleled convenience of our single-serve coffee rounds. Compatible with all K Cup Variety Brewers, you can enjoy a fresh and bold cup of coffee with just the touch of a button. No more hassle of grinding beans or measuring servings, simply pop in a coffee pod and savor the moment. Crafted with the finest quality beans, Black Rifle offers a variety of roasts to suit every coffee lover’s preferences. Whether you prefer the intense flavor of their Beyond Black dark roast or the smoothness of their Silencer Smooth roast, they have something to satisfy all palates. Their commitment goes beyond delivering exceptional coffee; they are operated by veterans and support first responders and law enforcement officers.

From the Manufacturer

  • Bold medium roast
  • Twice the caffeine punch of an average coffee
  • Rich smoky flavor
  • Compatible with all K Cup Variety Brewers
  • Assorted roasts available
  • Freshly blended top-quality beans
  • Convenient single-serve coffee pods
  • Keruig 1.0 and 2.0 compatible
  • Proudly American and operated by Veterans
  • Supports veterans, first responders, and law enforcement officers

Customer Review

From first-timers to coffee enthusiasts, people are praising this convenient pack of medium roast coffee pods. One customer said: “Not only is this the best coffee I’ve ever had, the price is great! I heard about it from the Hodge twins. I love that some of the proceeds go to our vets who helped and continue keep our country safe from harm. Great job. It’s the only coffee I drink today ” – Cat G.


  • Delicious and bold flavor
  • Provides twice the caffeine of average coffee
  • Supports veterans and first responders


  • Pods are not clearly labeled
  • Some customers received damaged cups

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Coffee Pods: A Buying Guide

Coffee pods have revolutionized the way we brew our daily cup of coffee. They offer a convenient and mess-free brewing process, making them ideal for busy households or office environments. Coffee pods are specially designed for single-serve coffee machines, including most Keurig-style coffee makers. This means that you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in a matter of minutes, without the hassle of grinding beans or measuring out the perfect amount of coffee. This comprehensive buyer’s guide will walk you through the features of coffee pods that make them a top choice for coffee enthusiasts.

Roast Level

Depending on your flavor preference, there are three main types of roasts you can choose from. Light roasts have a sweet flavor profile, with notes of fruit or even a subtle floral aroma. Medium roast coffee pods bring out a perfectly balanced flavor profile. They offer a smooth and rich taste without being too overpowering, making it suitable for all coffee lovers. Dark roasts are rich in body and flavor; they pack a bold punch with flavors of chocolate.


To avoid compatibility issues, ensure the coffee pods you purchase are compatible with your coffee maker, making them easy to incorporate into your daily routine.


To guarantee that you enjoy the freshest cup of coffee possible, ensure the ground coffee you choose is packed in sealed packaging. This ensures that the flavor and aroma are preserved until you are ready to brew.

Ethically Sourced Coffee Beans

Companies like Black Rifle Coffee are committed to ethically sourcing their coffee beans. They work directly with farmers who share their values and prioritize fair trade practices, ensuring that every cup of coffee you enjoy is produced with integrity.

Sustainable Practices

Certain brands implement sustainable production practices throughout their operations, including responsibly sourcing their beans and minimizing waste, making them coffee brands you can feel good about supporting.

Why Trust Us?

We are dedicated to providing honest and thorough product reviews here at OHJ. Using extensive research, we determine which products are worth your time and money. In order to help our readers make informed decisions and feel confident about their purchases, we provide detailed information about various products. To make recommendations, we evaluate products from top brands and rate them based on a variety of criteria, such as durability, key features, and functionality. We also use customer feedback to determine how well a product performs for different users. Finally, our team offers advice and tips on how to buy the best product for your needs.


People Also Ask

Q. Can I use the coffee pods for iced coffee?

A. Yes, you can use the coffee pods to make iced coffee. Simply brew the coffee pod as you normally would and then pour the brewed coffee over ice.

Q. How do I clean the coffee maker after using the pods?

A. After brewing with the coffee pods, run a cycle of plain water through the coffee maker to rinse any residual coffee. Additionally, regularly clean the coffee maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q. What is the caffeine content of the CAF Medium Roast Coffee Pods?

A. Each coffee pod contains approximately 170mg of caffeine.

Q. How should I dispose of the used coffee grounds?

A. After using the coffee pod, you can peel off the lid, empty the used coffee grounds into a compost bin or garbage, and recycle the empty pod.

Q. Are the coffee pods compatible with other single-serve coffee makers like Nespresso?

A. No, these coffee pods are specifically designed for use with Keurig-style single-serve coffee makers and are not compatible with Nespresso or other similar systems.

Q. What is the shelf life of the coffee pods?

A. The coffee pods have a shelf life of approximately one year from the date of manufacturing. However, for the best flavor, it is recommended to use them within six months from the date of purchase.

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