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Whether you live in a small apartment, studio, or an RV, the real struggle is always finding storage space. And if you love your shoes as much as Carrie Bradshaw does but you have a husband who loves his gym shoes equally, where do you store them? Under-bed shoes, storage organizers may as well be the best thing since sliced bread, but we will let you be the judge of that. Here, you will discover the best under-bed shoe storage organizers.

Not only will they keep your entire collection of Manolo Blahnik heels or Adidas trainers organized, but an under-bed shoe storage organizer will also keep your precious footwear safe and sound. With a clear top that zips shut, the pet hair that magically migrates under the bed will find it hard to get inside your shoe organizer.

While you keep your everyday shoes by the door, make use of the space under your bed to store sneakers, sandals, dress shoes, and boots in one place. We checked out the best under-bed shoe storage organizers and put together a great selection for you to choose from.

The Best Under Bed Shoe Storage Options

Onlyeasy Shoe Storage

– Best Overall


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This organizer is a set of 2 and can fit 24 pairs of shoes, including slippers, high heels, gym shoes, except for your rain boots and large adult sizes from 10 and up. With a large storage capacity and durable and breathable fabric, the Onlyeasy storage is the ideal long-term shoe storage solution to keep under each bed in your house. A transparent window for quick access and two sturdy handles make it easier to pull when in a rush.

To keep the moisture, moths, and dust bunnies away, the transparent window has two metal zippers strong enough to withstand daily handling. When not in use, you can easily fold it flat to save space. It’s all about storage space, after all! The rectangular-shaped shoe organizer has dimensions of 29.3“ x 23.6“ x 5.9“.


  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Transparent window


  • Not suitable for men’s sizes 10+

Homz Under Bed Shoe Storage

– Most Convenient


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The Homz Under Bed Shoe Storage offers an ideal solution for busy households looking for convenient storage options. Made from durable, see-through clear plastic, the bins provide a reliable and attractive option for keeping items safely organized. The large ergonomic latches make it easy to securely lock the lid in place and are comfortable to hold when carrying or storing the container.

For maximum space efficiency, the bins feature a stacking and modular design that allows them to nest into each other when not being used. This ensures that no valuable space is wasted and makes the containers perfect for use in cramped areas like closets and cabinets. The Homz Under Bed Shoe Storage are great for organizing items like toys, art supplies, games, towels, and any other necessities around the house. The clear plastic construction allows you to quickly see what’s inside without having to open it up. This eliminates the need to sort through every box and makes finding what you need a breeze.


  • Great for organizing toys, clothes
  • Great for bedrooms
  • See-through clear plastic


  • Not super durable

HOMZ Shoe Storage

– Best Plastic Option


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The HOMZ Under Bed Shoe Storage will help you organize your home in no time. These four-pack containers offer 15.5 quarts of storage each, perfect for organizing holiday decor, linens, clothes, craft supplies, toys, and other household items. The ergonomic latching handles allow for easy carrying and provide a secure lock that keeps the lids attached while keeping contents safe and dust-free.

The heavy-duty plastic construction provides a durable, see-through design that allows you to view the contents without having to open the container. These stackable totes make it easy to maximize vertical storage space so you can take advantage of every available inch in your home. In addition to offering plenty of room for whatever you need to store, these heavy-duty plastic containers are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for use in any environment.


  • Good value for the price
  • Arrived in good condition 7/8 times
  • Perfect size for mugs and full-sized papers/projects


  • Not stackable

HOLDN’ Shoe Storage

– Most Durable


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Designed for busy moms, men who love their training shoes, and the entire family, this Extra-Large shoe organizer by Holdn’ Storage may just be the perfect solution to keep your footwear protected and well hidden. With durability in mind, this organizer is made from sturdy material that withstands pressure no matter how many times you use it per day. The highly durable fabric is tear-resistant 600D material.

To keep your entryway free of seasonal shoe clutter, you can store all your shoes under your bed with this storage solution. It can fit up to 20 pairs, with the larger size measuring 36.5³ x 23.5³ x 5 inches. Use the transparent vinyl top for easy access and zip it shut with the dual zippers when you are done.


  • Fits many shoes
  • Spacious compartments


  • Thin inner dividers

storageLAB Shoe Storage

– Most Versatile


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With this 12 compartment shoe organizer, it’s time to put away your summer shoes that started to pile up in the hallway. Measuring 30“ x 24.5“ x 5.3“, the storageLAB will fit almost all types of shoes, under most beds 6“ off the floor. It is made with adjustable compartments to fit even bulkier footwear. Aside from shoes, it’s great storage for towels, clothes, and linens.

Keep insects and dust away by closing the clear top for easy access when you are late for work. The zippers are chunky and meant not to break easily, but according to some customers, they have. All sides are firm, and it has durable handles perfect for daily handling. What’s even better is the low friction material on the bottom that makes it slide easily on hardwood and carpeted floors.


  • Great storage capacity
  • Fits other items
  • Clear top


  • Not the best fit for sizes 13+
  • Zippers are not sturdy

Woffit Shoe Storage

– Minimalist Design


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This shoe organizer comes as a set of 2 holding 12 pairs each. Perfect for anyone with a shoe addiction or if you have a lot of your children’s footwear cluttering the house. It can accommodate up to a man’s size 12 and a variety of different styles of shoes. A thick non-woven breathable canvas fabric gives it durability while still allowing airflow, which will help protect your expensive shoes. Two robust handles make it a breeze to pull them out from under the bed quickly and easily.

It comes with sturdy zippers, so opening and closing it will always be smooth and easy. In addition, the vinyl top allows a clear view of all your shoes, so you are assured of picking the right one when you are in a hurry.


  • It fits up to men’s size 12
  • Durable construction


  • Small capacity

storageLAB Low Profile Shoe Storage

– Sturdiest Choice


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Finally, a shoe organizer will fit under a low-sitting bed and is strong enough to use every day. Being low profile but having adjustable compartments means you can store any type of shoe. Not only does it fit perfectly under almost any bed, but it can also be utilized in the closet. The plastic dividers give extra support to the overall structure making it more maneuverable and sturdy enough to handle heavy loads.

The see-through vinyl top means you can decide what to wear even before opening it. It comes with sturdy zippers and handles, making it easy for you to pull it from under the bed as many times as needed. However, some customers experienced tearing of the handles when the organizer was full.


  • Low profile fits under most beds
  • Great storage capacity


  • Weak handles

Amazon Basics Shoe Storage

– Most Affordable


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Here is another storage solution, not only for shoes but also for your winter clothes, extra throw pillows, linen, blankets, and whatnot. This rectangular-shaped organizer will fit under most beds with its dimensions of 42 x 18 x 6 inches. With a great storage capacity but small enough to fit under a low bed, this may be just the right choice for you if you can’t afford to splurge.

The entire construction is made out of lightweight canvas. You can easily see what’s inside through the clear vinyl top. Amazon Basics has handles for easy daily handling and zippers to close it and keep the dust away. However, customers have experienced some issues with their durability.


  • Great storage capacity
  • Low profile


  • Durability issue

Buying Guide for the Best Under Bed Shoe Storage

The average woman owns anywhere from 17 to 27 pairs of shoes. If you are one of them and trying to keep your shoes safe and sound when not in use, under-bed shoe storage organizers are the ideal solution. Not only will you be making use of space often forgotten, but you will have all of your shoes organized and at easy access. However, although they may look similar in terms of shape and features, there are many factors to consider before buying the right shoe storage organizer under your bed.

What To Consider When Buying Under Bed Shoe Storage

If you think that choosing storage to go beneath your bed is an easy purchase, think again! There are many factors to consider, and here are some to look at.


Some of these under-bed shoe organizers are designed especially for tiny spaces under the bed and even couches. First, measure the space you have available under your bed. This includes width and height. Second, write it down in your notes on your phone to have them available when you go shopping. Knowing the right measurements before making your decision will save you money and a lot of time.


Material plays an important role when shopping for under-the-bed shoe storage. You need sturdy fabric that will not collapse once you fill all the slots in the shoe organizer. Some of the shoe storage organizers are designed with tear-resistant 600D fabric.

Important Features To Look For in Under Bed Shoe Storage

Storing your shoes under your bed is convenient and out of sight. With the right storage, you can finally use the “dead“ space under your bed and find a safe home for your precious shoes. But here are some factors to consider before you make your final decision.

Number of compartments

A shoe organizer with 12 compartments would be an ideal solution for one person. But if you have a big family or a husband who loves dress shoes, then larger-size shoe organizers would do the trick. Some have 24 pockets, and one pair goes in one pocket with ease. However, some have 24 pockets, but only one shoe fits in one pocket. Also, you can make sure the dividers are adjustable so that you can fit different types of shoes in the shoe organizer.


Some less expensive organizers are simply not made to last. Speaking of which, you need a long-term storage solution for your shoes, and that is why you should look at ones made with sturdy material. Such material is a tear-resistant 600D fabric that will withstand the pressure of daily handling. You are going to be pulling that organizer, maybe not daily, but often enough, so you will need a durable material to avoid any tears. Having a sturdy shoe organizer also helps to keep your shoes in tip-top shape.

Type of cover

The importance of the top part of the shoe organizer is not to be underestimated. While most come with a clear plastic zippered cover for easy access, some are not as durable. Make sure you don’t overpack your organizer, as the heavier it is, the harder it is to maneuver. And frequent pulling and pushing may cause the plastic cover to tear. The cover plays an important role in keeping the moisture, pet hair, and dust away from getting inside your beautiful shoes.


The ideal under-the-bed shoe organizer should have two handles, so it’s easy to access it from different positions. Having to bend down under your bed to reach a heavy load is awkward enough, and if the handles are weak, it will make your task even harder. Luckily, most of the selection we have made for you includes handles made out of sturdy nylon fabric.

Bottom material

The bottom material is important because it takes most of the beating. Being pulled from beneath the bed and pushed back in constantly, it needs to be made out of sturdy material to withstand the pressure from constant rubbing on hardwood or carpeted floors.

Under Bed Shoe Storage Price Ranges

We made sure when creating this buying guide to add shoe storage organizers that are reasonably priced. Depending on the material, quantity, and size, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $40 for one or a set of under-bed shoe storage.

Final Thoughts About Under Bed Shoe Storage

Your precious shoes deserve a safe and comfortable spot when you are not using them.

There is no better organizational system than a shoe storage organizer with quick and easy access. They come in different sizes and can store anywhere from 10 to 24 pairs of shoes. The best thing about them is that they fit perfectly under any bed in your house. It’s easy to make a choice as long as you know the right measurements of the space you have available.

People Also Asked

Q: Is it bad to keep shoes under the bed?

A: Keeping your shoes under the bed is a great way to save space. However, you need to make sure they are properly organized, well enclosed, and fit under the bed to avoid any damages.

Q: Is it OK to store leather shoes in plastic containers?

A: Leather shoes are safe to be stored in plastic shoe organizers as long as they are stored in a dark and humidity-free storage area. Make sure you clean all your shoes before storing them.

Q: Should you store your shoes in their boxes?

A: Whether you are decluttering or putting winter shoes away, the best way to store your shoes is in their boxes (provided you have the space available) or in under bed shoe storage organizers if your storage space is limited.

Q: Why are my shoes getting damaged in my closet?

A: Shoes need fresh air or otherwise will dry rot. When there is not enough moisture and airflow, the glues will dry out, causing the shoe to fall apart, from the heels breaking to the inner linings flaking off.

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