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Using towels is a part of our daily routine but we need a way to keep them dry. Modern-day bathrooms are furnished with the best accessories to keep everything organized. Gone are the times when you hang your towels over the tub; now, you need to have a towel rack. There are many advantages to using a towel rack. We will take a close look at it later as well, but a significant advantage is that it prevents the accumulation of bacteria on the towel.

Towel racks come in various styles, shapes, and sizes-the different materials used for making towel racks add a little sophistication to your bathroom. To save you the trouble of sorting through dozens of towel racks, we have sorted some of the top-rated towel racks.

The Best Towel Rack You Can Buy

KES Towel Rack

– Top Pick


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As soon as you wash your hands, it would be best to wipe them nicely if you had a hand towel. It is best to have a hand towel rack right beside your basin to provide ease of use. The hand towel by KES is of a very convenient size of 12 inches with two methods for installation. The package comes with glue that you can use to stick the bar on the wall or use screws and drills to mount it properly. However, we found the installation method disappointing as the glue is not very adhesive.

The rack can carry 11 lbs weight once it is properly mounted. As it is for hand towels, you can also use them in the kitchen to wipe your hands after washing dishes. The premium-grade stainless steel ensures that the rack does not catch rust and does not damage corrosion.


  • It is rustproof
  • You can use it in the kitchen as well


  • Installation is complicated

Command Towel Rack

– Runner Up


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Another hand towel bar includes one towel rack and four strips of adhesive for easy installation. The more organized your bathroom is the better your hygiene. You don’t have to clutter your counter space anymore because you can place this convenient hand towel bar right beside your basin. You can also attach it inside a cabinet or shower area as per convenience.

As mentioned above as well, the towel rack is made of satin nickel with a rust-resistant finish. The rack is water-resistant and will not stay away from rust and corrosion. Furthermore, the rack is easy to clean so that your towel always hangs in a clean and tidy place. The company has tried to provide an easy installation facility to users by providing adhesive strips to attach the rack. However, the strips are not very effective, and mostly the rack falls off its place.


  • It is rustproof
  • It is easy to clean


  • The adhesive is not strong

Amazon Basics Towel Rack

– Honorable Mention


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If you are looking for a towel rack with a warranty, you can opt for the Amazon basics towel bar with a one-year warranty. Some of the prominent features of the towel rack include its durability because it is made of zinc alloy with a satin nickel finish. It also implies that the bar is rustproof and free from corrosion so that you can use it in your bathroom or kitchen without any tension.

The bar can hold 22 lbs of weight and has a fixture length of 20.5 inches. The package comes with mounting brackets, drywall anchors, and mounting screws. You will need screwdrivers of 3.17 mm for the installation as they are not included in the package. The only flaw in the towel bar is its design; the design is not very appealing and graceful.


  • One year warranty
  • It is rustproof


  • The design of the rack is inferior

mDesign Towel Rack

– Also Consider


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If you are looking for style, efficiency, and usability in one, then you can choose this small towel rack. As the name mentions, it is a rack for small towels, so don’t expect to fit your bath size towels in it. The unique and appealing design of this towel rack is sorted into six layers. It is made of solid steel wire that ensures its durability and rust resistance. You can also clean it quickly with a damp cloth.

It may look like the rack will occupy a lot of space, but that is not the case. You can make the most of your unused walls in the bathroom by mounting the rack on it. The package includes the necessary accessories for installation, and an instruction book is also included. However, you will need patience and time to assemble and mount the rack.


  • It is rust-resistant
  • You can easily clean it


  • Installation needs time

iDesign Towel Rack


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Here is another design to hang and organize your towels. The rack is convenient as it has three double hooks that can be mounted on the door or wall easily. Not only for bathroom towels, but you can also use them in the bedroom, closet, or kitchen. The rack comes with complete accessories, so you can easily install it. You can install it on doors with up to 1.75-inch thickness. The best thing is that you don’t need additional hardware for mounting the rack.

The hook storage rack is made of steel and finished with chrome polishing, but it lacks durability. The hooks easily bend and tend to break if pressure is applied.


  • It has a convenient size
  • You can easily install it


  • It is not durable

Buying Guide for the Best Towel Racks

If you are buying a towel rack for the first time, this buying guide will help you buy the best towel rack.

Why Do You Need a Towel Rack?

A bathroom is incomplete without a towel rack; take a look at some of its advantages.


As you would have read above, towel rails are of different types; hooks, bars, and shelves. You can easily organize your bathroom accessories. The towel shelves are best for organizing toiletries in layers, while hooks and bars can assist you in arranging your towels, clothes, and bathrobes by hanging.

All in all, your bathroom can stay clean and tidy by installing a simple rack.

Additional storage

You are misled by those who think that towel holders take additional space in the bathroom or kitchen. A towel rack is designed to increase storage by providing six to eight hooks, shelves, or racks. By cluttering your clothes and towels all over the place, you consume a lot of space. However, you can save space by hanging them on hooks or folding them on shelves.

Maintaining hygiene

A wet towel is an open invitation for bacteria and germs that eradicate the concept of hygiene. We cannot omit the use of towels, but we can reduce the accumulation of bacteria. A towel dries better if it is spread out on a towel rack that prevents the building of germs and reduces the chances of diseases.

What Are the Different Types of Towel Racks?

We have roughly discussed above the various types of towel racks but, let’s take a deep look at it below:

Towel bars

The most commonly used towel rack is in the form of a bar. Sometimes you need to fold your towel in half or third to hang it neatly on the bar. The best thing about this type is that it increases the surface area of the towel and allows it to dry quickly.

Towel hooks

Towel racks with hooks can help you hang more than just your towel. You can also use it for hanging your clothes and bathrobes. It is the best towel rack to increase storage as it is small in size but has six to eight hooks on it.

Towel shelves

Towel shelves are multi-purpose as they can be used for towels and to store accessories and toiletries. It comes with racks, hooks, and bars as well. The size of towel valets varies, but they can accommodate from standard towel size to oversize as well.

Towel valets

This type of towel rack is primarily used in clubs, hotels, and resorts. It is placed on the floor like a usual storage cabinet and has different shelves to store bathing items like bathrobes and towels.

Towel rings

A towel ring is suitable for only a single towel, and most people use it for face towels. However, just like other towel racks, it comes in various sizes, and you can buy a larger size ring for bath towels. It is available in circular and rectangular shapes.

Important Features of a Towel Rack

A towel rack is not very difficult to buy but, you need to look for a few features before buying.


The size of a towel rack depends on the space in your bathroom, but generally, an 18-inch rack is considered suitable for a small area. You can hang a standard-sized towel, but you will have to fold it in half. If you want to place an oversized towel, then you should go with a 24-inch rack. However, again, you will have to fold the towel in half.

A 30-inch towel rail is the best to accommodate all your needs, and you will not need to fold your towels before hanging. Thus, if you have sufficient space in your bathroom, you might want to consider buying a 30-inch towel rack.


It is imperative to choose a towel rack made of rust-free material because you will be using a towel rack in a humid place. A stainless steel rack is best when it comes to durability and easy installation. To further provide strength to your rack, you can choose the one with nickel-chrome plating. Nickel chrome plating is the best against moisture and water. Furthermore, it provides a neat and stylish finish to the rack.

Number of hooks and bars

If you want to use your storage space wisely, it is important to choose the best number of hooks and bars. Towel racks come in various numbers of hooks ranging from one to eight or even more. Similarly, towel shelves sometimes come with extra hooks that You can use for additional storage. You can use the top of the shelving rack smartly to store accessories and toiletries.

Easy to clean

Make sure that the towel rack that you buy is easy to clean. It is best if you can clean your towel rack with a soft cotton cloth. The more you keep your rack clean, the longer its durability.

Towel Rack FAQ

Q: At what height should you mount your towel rack?

A: Mostly towel racks are mounted at the height of 42 to 48 inches from the floor. However, it would be best if you mounted it at the height most convenient for you. The best range for installing your towel rack is from 30 to 52 inches.

Q: How many towel bars do you need in your bathroom?

A: It is best to go for one towel rack for your bathroom as you don’t want to clutter the space. It is brilliant if you buy one rack with the perfect size to accommodate most of your needs. If you need to hang more than one towel, you can choose a towel rack with hooks or shelves.

Q: Towels dry better on a rack with bars or hooks?

A: Towels dry better on barracks because they have more space to spread out. Towels tend to get bunched up on a hook, so it takes a longer time to dry.

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