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Rugs are woven materials used to cover floors, whether for practical or aesthetic purposes. They help keep rooms warm and comfortable, and you can also use them to decorate. Fortunately, there is a broad list of the best rugs to choose from.

Rugs are usually made of woven materials with an upper and bottom layer attached to a common backing. The backings should be made from strong material so that it holds both layers firmly. You may also want to add a floor pad underneath your rug for extra cushion. These may or may not come with the purchase of your rug. When purchasing a rug for any room, you should ensure that it fits your room’s dimensions. Consider buying a rug in a different shape to accommodate awkward spaces. Let’s look at the best rugs in the market that you can consider.

Comparing the Best Rugs

Ompaa Rug

– Best Overall


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First, we have this fluffy and soft rug that has a sponge interlayer. This interlayer is slightly raised, which makes the carpet thicker. Thus, it is quite long lasting and cold will not penetrate to get to your feet.

Nevertheless, its fibers are expertly woven which prevents them from shedding. On its bottom part, it has a unique design that sticks to the surface. Therefore, it is not slippery.


  • The stylish solid color will give your room an eye-appealing appearance
  • As a result of its non-slip design, your children can play on it safely
  • Its polyester material is stain and dirt resisting and very easy to clean


  • Its color fades away too soon

Unique Loom Rug

– Runner Up

If you want to renovate your room and give it a modern look, this might be the carpet you are looking for. It is a dark gray mat with beautiful modern-day patterns and solid non-fading colors.

Also, it has a cotton backing with fantastic fluffy layers making it quite thick, which keeps cold away from your feet. Similarly, this cotton material prevents it from frequent creases.


  • It is pretty thick and warm making it comfortable for a living room
  • It is quite simple to vacuum and clean
  • The cotton weaving and polypropylene backing makes it long-lasting


  • It requires a non-slip pad to prevent it from slipping

Amdrebio Rug

– Honorable Mention

Next, we have this excellent-looking rug from the Amdrebio brand. It has a circular shape and a rubber backing. This type of backing significantly prevents the shedding of the fibers.

It also comes with a rubber backing and 1.7³ plush fibers that will give your body a soft feeling while stepping on it. Moreover, these fibers are pretty good for keeping you warm and have vivid colors which are loved by most children.


  • It is pretty fluffy and warm
  • The rubber backing makes it quite durable
  • Its upper part is resistant to dirt, making it easy to clean


  • You cannot wash it with a machine


– Most Convenient

The fluffy design of rugs is likely to be slippery, especially on tiled floors. To prevent that, the Lochas mat has beads on its lower part for safety reasons. Moreover, it is pretty thick to prevent cold from getting to your feet.

This rectangular rug has a sponge interlayer which gives your feet a luxurious feeling, while its upper part is made of cotton. Consequently, it meets durability demands and regains its fluffiness a few hours after cleaning.


  • Its surfaces are resistant to stain and dirt
  • It takes a short time to regain its fluffiness
  • Non-slippery bottom layer for safety


  • It is highly prone to creases

Andecor Rug

– Most Reliable

If you hate the hassles of cleaning a rug or vacuuming it, this carpet might be a perfect match for you. Its surface does not stain easily, and also you only need a detergent to clean it.

It is a 4ft x 5ft rug with a sponge interlayer and very soft surfaces to soothe your tired feet. Additionally, its bottom has non-slip dots to prevent it from slipping for safety.


  • It is effortless to clean
  • Not only warm but also gives a soothing luxurious feeling
  • It is safe from slipping


  • You shouldn’t expose it to sunlight. Hence, it may take a longer time to dry, especially on cold days

Rostyle Rug

– Also Consider

Lastly, we have this 4ft X 5.9ft velvet mat. It has velvet and sponge constructions that prevent shedding, making it quite durable.

Most people love its ease to clean, which is a result of its lightweight design. Also, it is pretty thick and has a very feathery upper layer. Thus, it will prevent the floor cold from getting to your feet and caress your worn-out legs while resting.


  • It promises safety because of its non-slip nature
  • Its solid color and elegant design makes it eye-appealing
  • You can clean it with a machine


  • It has a powerful chemical smell that will last for only a few days

Buying Guide for the Best Rugs

Rugs come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Therefore, it’s possible you’re struggling to pick the right rug for your space. Most people look for a rug that gives your feet a luxurious feeling and warmth. But don’t forget to think about durability and thickness.

Of course, these requirements change depending on where you’re putting the mat. For instance, the requirements for a living room rug might be different from the requirements of a bedroom rug. Hence, it is vital to go through this buying guide to learn more.

What Are the Factors To Consider While Purchasing a Rug?


Rugs can be made of natural fibers such as cotton or synthetic fibers such as viscose.

Cotton material is the most common material in rugs due to its lightweight nature and softness, and it is also straightforward to clean. However, such carpets are likely to be more expensive and of higher quality.

On the other hand, we have more affordable viscose rugs. These maintain a luxurious feeling and are often very soft. However, viscose mats are not as durable as cotton mats.


Rugs come in different sizes. Thus, you need to know your room’s dimensions first and then look for the mat.

Some people love mats that will cover an entire floor area, and others love it when some parts are left uncovered. However, dining and living rooms look the best if the mat can cover at least a quarter of the visible area.

Cleaning and maintenance

If you are not vigilant, you might purchase a hard-to-clean rug or, worse, a rug that firmly sticks the stains.

Ideally, the best carpet to pay for should be lightweight and soft such that it is easy to clean. Also, it would be better if its material of construction is resistant to dirt and stains.

Besides, some of the rugs are likely to lose their fluffiness and get creases after some time. Therefore, your ideal rung should be very easy to vacuum to retain its wooliness and remove the creases.


Rugs have different shapes, as is the case with their sizes. The most common shape designs are circular and rectangular. Circular shapes compliment smaller furniture, while rectangular shapes are nearly universal. Let’s not forget irregular-shaped rugs, such as cowhides or children’s decor.


Rugs are likely to be quite slippery on a tiled surface. That’s why we recommend you purchase a rug that has a non-slip pad layer.

However, if the rug that impresses you doesn’t have a pad, you can still purchase it separately. Similarly, some rugs have beads or tiny knots on the bottom part to prevent slipperiness.

How To Choose the Correct Rug for a Room?

Rugs can be placed in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen hallways, among many other places. Therefore, it’s a bit tricky to distinguish the best rug for the various rooms. So let’s deal with that.

Rugs for living rooms

Living rooms are places you entertain visitors and also unwind your long tiresome day. Therefore, you should have a rug that is comfortable and also good-looking.

To determine its color, you can first check your other décor and find a brightly colored mat that blends with the decor. Also, mats for a living room should be pretty cottony and give your feet a luxurious feel

Rugs for dining rooms

The first thing to look for in a dining room mat is the size. Some people like it if it can cover the entire dining place and others a partially covering mat.

The key thing is that the dining mat carpet should have a stain-resistant surface due to the possible food stains. Moreover, it should be cottony and very soft for comfort.

Rugs for bedrooms

A rug for a bedroom should be 18 inches bigger than the size of your bed to provide a place to step during the chilly morning weather.

However, if you are not looking for an area rug, you can look for a small-sized rug that you will place strategically on your bed. This mat should be big enough to fit in your feet and leave a small allowance

Rugs for kitchen

You should avoid thick and extremely fluffy mats for kitchen use. That is because a thick rug will take forever to dry in case of possible spillage in the kitchen. Likewise, an extremely fluffy carpet might tangle in your fingers and prevent the fast movements needed in the kitchen.

Rugs for hallways

If you have a bare left hallway, you can purchase a rug for it too. Their ideal type of rugs should closely blend with the walls for the house to look good. Also, it would be best if the carpet covers the hallway.

How To Choose the Right Rug Size?

Are you wondering what size you should pick for your room? Let us help you. It depends if you want to entirely or partially cover your floor. If you are purchasing a wholly covering mat, it should be less thick to prevent the room from feeling too small.

On the other side, a partially covering carpet should be 18 inches smaller than the room. Therefore, you should measure the length and width of your room, and then from each of them, subtract 18 inches.

In conclusion, there are several things to look for in a mat before paying for it. First, it should have a luxurious feeling to relax your feet and not be prone to shedding.

Also, if you dislike cleaning big-sized items, you should have a lightweight mat or machine washable rugs. Another thing that troubles most people is choosing the right size carpet. Fortunately, we have discussed that and all the other information you need to get the best rug for your house.


Q: Can a rug be too big?

A: Rugs can be bigger than the room size, but they might not look good. At least it should be of the same size as the room or smaller.

Q: Does a rug make a room look smaller?

A: A partly fitting rug doesn’t make a room look smaller. However, if your rug is too large, it can make the room feel small.

Q: Should all the rugs in the room match?

A: It is not a must for all the rugs in the room to match. However, they should have closely blending colors for the room to look good.

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