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Metals are easily affected by the presence of moisture and air, which results in discolorations. Also, if you are using a metallic utensil or pipe with hard water, the metal is likely to react with the calcium in the water to form rough substances known as scales. Worse, scales form a blockage in pipes which prevents the water from flowing. Unfortunately, you cannot use standard cleaners to remove these substances and discolorations. That’s why we recommend you get one of the highest-rated metal polishes to help you restore their appearances.

Metal polishes are chemical-based products that are highly reactive to dissolve the corrosions and scales to restore the shiny appearance of metals. Some of these products can clean all metals while others cannot. Besides, they come in different types, which you should be aware of before paying for these metal polishes. Here is our comprehensive buying guide on the top metal polishes. Let’s dive in¦

What is the Best Metal Polish?

Chemical Guys Metal Polish

– Best Overall


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Aluminum trims and steel exhaust tips are among the many items which rust very fast. Fortunately, this highlighted metal polish has all it takes to remove imperfections and contaminations to restore the shiny appearance. It is made of high-quality polymers that are highly reactive. Thus, it takes only a few minutes to remove the dull finish.

Despite its harsh reactions to the metal, this polish is relatively user-friendly. Just pour some on a pad and hold it on your hands while smearing on the metallic surfaces and leave it to do its work. Besides, this cleaner is quite versatile and can be used on several metals such as gold, aluminum, steel, diamond, to name only a few.


  • It takes only a few seconds to remove the dull finish
  • It gives a sealing to the metal to prevent oxidations
  • It is a user-friendly polish. Hence, it is safe for your hands


  • It comes in small quantities. Thus, you may need several purchases if you are working in a large area

Blue Magic Metal Polish

– Runner Up

Most people love cream-based products because you only need to smear a small amount for a large surface. Thus, they are quite economical. The blue magic polish is not only cream-based but also outshines other cleaners. It is a powerful remover that dissolves all the tarnishes and corrosions. But the best thing is that it leaves a coating on the metal, which prevents more corrosion.

Additionally, this remover has natural ingredients, making it work on several surfaces such as aluminum, silver, and copper. However, most reviews indicate that it works extremely fast and exceptionally on gold and brass metals. This cleaner is also non-abrasive. Hence, it does not leave scratches.


  • It coats the surfaces to prevent future corrosions
  • It is non-abrasive. Hence, safe for your hands and the metal
  • It is a fast cleaner. Hence, it takes only a few seconds to remove the tarnishes


  • It is pretty troublesome to use on an item with a complicated design and hard-to-reach parts

Brasso Metal Polish

– Honorable Mention

The Brasso metal polish prides itself in not only high-performance but also its user-friendly design. It is made of eco-friendly products which are not harsh to the hands of the cleaner. Besides, it takes only a few minutes to remove the discolorations and does not require water. Simply this cleaner is straightforward to use.

Additionally, this polish does not react with the environment. Thus, you can reuse it even after many months. It also leaves a protective coating to prevent further discolorations. Moreover, most garage owners love this product because of its versatile applications. Consequently, it is helpful on several metal types such as bronze, chrome, steel, and copper, to mention a few.


  • It is straightforward to use and does not need any rising
  • It not only cleans out contaminations but also prevents them
  • This polish can be stored for reuse


  • It is not suitable for brass materials

George Basch Metal Polish

– Most Convenient

If you are looking for a cleaner to use on kitchen items, you can consider this metal polish. It is made of non-poisonous ingredients that make it safe to clean food handling items. Besides, this cleaner is non-abrasive. Thus, it will not scratch the utensils and is safe even for allergic people.

Additionally, it dissolves rust, tar, scales, and every other contamination to thoroughly clean the metal. It also adds to the finish of the material to make it shine more and coats it to prevent further contamination. Yet, this cleaner does not contain added fragrances, making it different from other cleaners in the market.


  • It is a natural metal polish. Hence, it is safe for home use
  • It dissolves all types of contaminations
  • It is non-abrasive, making it safe for delicate surfaces


  • It is not suitable for brass metals

Simichrome Metal Polish

– Also Consider

Lastly, we have this metal polish which is preferred by most homeowners, motorcyclists, and antique users. Why is it so? First, this cleaner does not contain poisonous products, and it is non-abrasive. Consequently, it is very safe for the users and also does not leave scratches on delicate surfaces. Besides, it is an all-metal cleaner, meaning it can be used on most metallic surfaces, if not all.

Additionally, this cleaner removes and prevents contamination. That’s because it is highly reactive to dissolve tarnishes, corrosions and coats the metal to prevent oxidations and reactions. Moreover, this product is pocket-friendly, and you can store it for reuse.


  • It restores the glowing appearance of metals
  • A natural polish that does not contain poisonous ingredients
  • It does not leave scratches on delicate surfaces


  • It will take some time to remove the corrosions

Buying Guide for the Best Metal Polishes

Keeping the look of your car, metallic household items or any other metallic objects good should be on your maintenance list. The metallic materials are highly reactive in moisture or air, making them lose their glossy, shiny appearance. Thus, you will need metal polishes to maintain them.

There are different types of metal polishes. Besides, with the countless fake items in the market, you should be careful when purchasing them. But don’t worry, this section will help you know how to choose a high-quality polish to use on your metallic surfaces.

What Are the Benefits of Using Metal Polishes?

Cleans the surface

Metal polishes are everyday products that come in handy while cleaning tarnishes, corrosions, and scales. In other words, they dissolve the corrosions and remove the ugly appearance on the metallic surfaces to restore their beautiful natural appearance.

Increases durability

Any form of dirt on the surface is likely to reduce its longevity. For instance, rust makes the metallic surfaces break sooner. Worse, in electronic equipment, this form of contamination increases resistance which leads to loss of power. However, you can use metal polishes to remove the contamination and increase the longevity of these materials. Additionally, some of these polishes leave a coating on the surface which prevents further contamination.

Beautifies the surface

Additionally, you can use metal polishes to make the surfaces look glossy and more transparent. These products remove all types of discolorations to restore the good looks of the metal. Also, some of them have additives, which give a new finish to the surface, making them shine brighter.

What Are the Different Types of Metal Polishes?


Non-abrasive polishes are the best for cleaning delicate metals found in most homes. They do not corrode delicate surfaces. Hence, they will not leave scratches on the home items. Also, you may not require gloves while using them, as is the case with abrasive cleaners.


These types of polishes are highly reactive and may corrode delicate surfaces. However, they are the best for polishing strong metals such as gold and diamond. Also, they remove all types of corrosions, which may be why they are more expensive.


Restorative metal polishes can remove the corrosions and also restore the glossy look of the surfaces. Also, some of these removers may have added finishes, making the metals shine brighter than usual.


On the other hand, we have these products which can only polish the surface and not restore the damaged parts. These polishes are cheaper, but they may not be good if you want to prevent further corrosion.

What Are the Factors To Consider While Purchasing Metal Polishes?


It is vital to specify the type of metallic surface you need to polish first. That is because some of the cleaners can work on specific types of surfaces. However, if you are purchasing metal polish for a garage or hardware shop with several types of metals, you can look for all-metal cleaners. This type of polishing product can work on most if not all metallic surfaces.

Creamy or liquid form?

Metal polishes come in liquid or cream form. The liquid cleaners are the best if you have any hard-to-reach or delicate parts, such as electric objects. On the other hand, cream-based cleaners are ideal for cleaning home items. Also, they are more economical than liquid polishes.


Additionally, some of the cleaners not only remove the corrosions but also gives the surfaces a new coating to prevent corrosion. Therefore, if you regularly use hard water or the environment is too humid, you need to get this type of polish.


Some of these removers can only remove tarnishes and not corrosions, while others are meant to improve the appearance of the metal and not to correct the damaged parts. In other words, you need to define the use of the metal polish and ensure that it has the exact functionality. For instance, if you want a polish that will restore the appearance, then it should dissolve and remove the tarnishes to regain the natural look.


You should consider the ingredients of the metal polish before purchasing it. Basically, the ingredients should be non-toxic, especially if you are using them at your home. Similarly, they should not emit gases to the air while dissolving the contaminants on the metal.

Packaging size

The packaging size determines the amount of polish you will be paying for. In a few words, if you have a wide area to clean, then you should consider a polish with a bigger packaging size. Similarly, if it is a small space you want to clean, a relatively smaller packaging size may suit you.

How Much Should a Metal Polish Cost?

The prices of metal polish range between $7 to over $20. Most of the products ranging below $10 are of a mild type and can only be used to maintain the appearance and not correct it. On the other hand, metal polishes costing $10 to $20 can get a lot of things done, including correcting the damaged parts of the metal. Lastly, removers that cost above $20 restore and correct the damaged parts and prevent the damages.

Metal Polish FAQ

Q: How can I restore the natural appearance of a metallic material?

A: All you need to restore the appearance of the surface is metal polish. These items have ingredients that remove contaminants to restore the appearance of the metal.

Q: Can metal polishes remove corrosions?

A: Some of the metal polishes are strong enough to dissolve the corrosions while others cannot. Thus, you should check on that before paying for the item.

Q: How do you apply metal polish?

A: Metal polishes can be liquid or creamy. The liquid products might have a nozzle that you press to apply the remover. Also, you can apply the creamy polish or pour it on a pad which you will rub on the surface while cleaning.

Q: Do metal polishes prevent discolorations?

A: Yes. Some of the metal polishes leave a coating on the metal, preventing further discolorations.

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