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Mason jars are incredibly versatile and one of the easiest ways to give a touch of rustic charm to your home. And as much as we love their classic look and vintage feel, mason jars are also convenient for storage. From spices to small batches of pasta sauce, mason jars are perfect for keeping your pantry or fridge neat and organized. But, when it comes to using mason jars, one of the most important things to consider is the type of lid you’ll be using. Not all mason jar lids are created equal, and finding the right one for your needs is crucial. In this post, we’ll review some of the most practical mason jar lids, so you can get the most out of your jars.

Mason Jar Lids: Buying Guide

Mason jar lids come in a variety of sizes, materials, styles, and colors. Choosing the right one for your needs and tastes can be difficult. So, to help you make a well-informed decision, here is a detailed guide to the key features you should consider when selecting mason jar lids.


Size is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a mason jar lid. It should be the right size for your mason jar so it fits securely and does not leak or spill. If you are using a standard-sized mason jar, most regular-sized lids should fit. If you have mason jars of unusual sizes or shapes, you may need to purchase extra-large or special-sized lids.


It is important to choose lids made with high-quality, strong, lightweight, and durable materials. Most commonly, mason jar lids are made of either stainless steel or plastic. If you plan to store food items, either solid or liquid, in your mason jars, make sure you get lids made with food-grade material to prevent contamination.


Mason jar lids come in various styles including screw-on lids, bail and trigger lids, and snap-top lids. You will want to select a style that best complements the look of your mason jar while also fulfilling your specific needs.

Screw-on lids are easy to use and provide a secure fit, while bail and trigger lids are often used for decorative purposes and they can be opened easily with one hand. Snap-top lids are ideal if you want easy access to the contents of your mason jar without having to unscrew it, ideal for liquids.


Choose a strong and corrosion-resistant lid so it won’t rust, corrode, or discolor with age. Ensure that the material used to make the lid is dense enough so it won’t crack or break easily when dropped.


Mason jar lids should fit securely onto their jars so they do not leak or allow air into the container. Make sure that the circumference of the lid matches up with the circumference of your mason jar so there isn’t any excess space left where air can escape or liquid can seep out.

Ease of Use

Another important factor to consider is how easy it is to use and remove the lid from the jar. Depending on how frequently you plan to open and close your mason jar, you may want to select a lid that opens and closes quickly and easily. Look for lids that have features such as adjustable tabs or easy-to-turn knobs, which makes sealing and unsealing them as effortless as possible.


Select a lid that offers a good return for money in comparison with its competitors available on the market today. Metal lids tend to be more durable than plastic, however, those are likely to have a higher price point. For storing foods or liquids for long periods, metal lids are preferred as they are more resistant to damage due to their stronger construction. Plastic equivalents, although degrade over time due to exposure to light and moisture, are great for short-term disposable use.


Lastly, consider whether different sizes, shapes, and colors are available to suit your specific needs. Some brands offer custom sizes that allow for greater flexibility when selecting lid sizes, allowing you to store larger items in smaller containers when needed. Additionally, some brands will offer color selections enabling you to customize your design further by matching its hue with other components within its design scheme. This way, you can create a truly unique setup tailored entirely to your preferences.

Comparing Top Mason Jar Lids

County Line Kitchen Mason Jar Lids

– Best Overall


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The County Line Kitchen mason jar lids are the perfect companion for your regular mouth mason jars. We chose this as our top option because it is convenient and durable, offers a reliable and airtight seal, ensures the freshness of food items for longer, and prevents leaks or spills. Made with high-quality materials, this flip cap lid is built to last, capable of withstanding everyday use and maintaining its performance over time. Its sturdy construction ensures that your food items, whether sauces, dressings, or soups, stay securely sealed and preserved.

With its user-friendly flip cap design, this lid makes accessing and pouring contents a breeze. Simply flip the cap open for easy pouring or dispensing, then flip it back to ensure an airtight closure. No more struggling with traditional metal lids or dealing with messy spills. This mason jar lid offers versatility in storage options.

With this lid, you can transform your regular mouth mason jars into multipurpose containers for pantry staples, snacks, or refreshing beverages. Its compatibility with regular mouth jars allows for effortless repurposing and organization. Available in vibrant blue color, this lid not only adds a touch of style to your mason jar collection but also serves as a visual reminder of the secure seal it provides.


  • Efficient airtight seal
  • Excellent leak-proof design
  • Highly durable construction
  • Offers great versatility


  • Not safe to microwave

Aozita Mason Jar Lids

– Most Compatible


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The Aozita mason jar lids offer a versatile storage solution for liquid and dry food items. This set includes eighteen regular mouth lids and eighteen regular mouth silicone rings in a variety of six bright colors: purple, grey, blue, green, orange, and yellow. With a 2.75-inch outer diameter mouth, these lids are designed to work with any size Ball or Kerr glass mason jars ranging in size from four ounces up to 64 ounces.

These storage caps are perfect for freezers, refrigerators, and dry and liquid storage, such as grains, candies, fruits, pickles, salad, milk, and smoothies. The silicone rings also provide leak-proof storage when storing liquids. These plastic lids are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, so you can rest assured that your stored items are safe from chemicals or pollutants.

The colorful collection of lids provides an attractive look to any kitchen pantry while adding great fun and color to families. This set of plastic storage caps is perfectly suited for anyone looking for a convenient way to safely store food items at home or on the go.


  • Removable inner rubber insert guarantees a great fit
  • Great for storing and preserving
  • Easy to use, twist-off lids
  • Clear lids make it easy to identify contents
  • Excellent for reusing store-bought glass jars


  • Only available in primary colors

Ball Mason Jar Lids

– Best for Food Storage


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The Ball mason jar lids are an excellent solution for storing jams, jellies, and dry storage items. Made of high-quality plastic, these one-piece caps are easy to screw on and off and provide the perfect seal to mason jars. The lids are also leakproof for your convenience. With its 4.72³ length, 3.03³ width, and 3.03³ height, you can easily store them away without taking up too much space in your pantry, refrigerator, or freezer.

These jar lids are the perfect solution if you’re looking for a secure way to store food or dry storage items without worrying about leakage or spilling. And because they’re made of high-quality plastic, you don’t have to worry about rusting or degradation over time. Made of high-quality plastic material, these one-piece caps are easy to screw on and off and store with ease in your pantry, refrigerator, or freezer while adding an attractive look to any room in your home.


  • Leak-proof material
  • Easy to shake without leakage
  • Easy to open
  • Wash easily without residual smells


  • Some lids may not give a tight seal

Topbooc Mason Jar Lids

– Most Budget Friendly


Buy on Amazon

The Topbooc mason jar lids are an incredibly attractive option for canning and preserving food. The product is made from premium tinplate material, which is durable and can be reused many times as it can withstand high and low temperatures. It is safe in the refrigerator, microwave oven, and dishwasher. The sealing ring inside the lids ensures excellent performance, making it airtight and leak-proof so food items remain fresh and contaminant-free.

This option includes a set of 150 regular mouth mason jar lids, each 2.76 inches in diameter. These lids are compatible with most ordinary regular mouth jars. These mason jar lids are made with high-quality materials, so they should last you a long time and provide reliable sealing performance each time they are used. They are an ideal option for those who need airtight and leak-proof food preservation.


  • Excellent sealing capability
  • Fit well on regular and wide-mouthed jars
  • Dedicated space to write canning date for easy tracking
  • Airtight and leakproof


  • Lids are slightly thinner

SOLIGT Mason Jar Lids

– Best Leakproof


Buy on Amazon

SOLIGT mason jar lids are ideal for anyone looking for convenient, durable storage. The package includes 2x yellow, 2x blue, and 2x red lids, which fit perfectly with typical regular mouth mason jars. Made with heavy-duty BPA-free plastic and a silicone sealing gasket, these lids are non-toxic and easy to clean. The mason jar lid, gasket, and tight-secured cap provide the best seal, perfect for storing vinegary dressings or dry foods, pouring or drinking cold brew coffee/tea, and more.

The innovative design of these lids features a flip cap that stays in place while pouring or drinking, a flip-up handle that allows for convenient carrying, and a faceted shape for easy screwing. In short, these lids are the perfect choice for storing items safely and securely with minimal effort.


  • Fit extremely well and leakproof
  • Easy to screw on and off
  • Nifty loop rings for excellent gripping
  • Super rugged material, also food-grade


  • May not fit all standard mason jar sizes

People Also Asked

Q: What are mason jar lids used for?

A: Mason jar lids are used to tightly seal the top of a mason jar, creating an airtight seal and preventing spoilage or contamination of the contents within the jar. The lid may also be used to decorate or customize the mason jar.

Q: Are mason jar lids dishwasher safe?

A: Yes, most mason jar lids are dishwasher-safe. It is best to place them on the top rack of the dishwasher to ensure that they are not exposed to too much heat.

Q: How do I open the lid on a mason jar?

A: Mason jar lids are typically opened by pressing down on one side and gently prying the lid up with your fingers or a pair of pliers. Some lids require a bit of force to open them.

Q: Is there a way to make an existing mason jar lid airtight?

A: Yes, mason jar lids can be made airtight by ensuring that they are securely fastened onto the jar and that all gaps and crevices between the lid and the rim are sealed with either a rubber gasket or glue. This will help create an airtight seal, preventing spoilage or contamination of the contents inside the jar.

Q: Are there different sizes of mason jar lids?

A: Yes, mason jar lids come in different sizes depending on the mason jar size. Generally, they come in sizes ranging from regular to wide-mouth jars and can be found in both standard and specialty sizes.

Q: Can mason jar lids be reused?

A: Yes, mason jar lids can be reused if intact and in good condition. It is important to ensure that any seals or rubber gaskets are still intact before reusing a lid.

Q: Can mason jar lids be painted or decorated?

A: Yes, mason jar lids can be decorated with paint, glitter, stamps, decals, stickers, etc., making them great for personalizing your jars and adding a unique touch to your containers.

Q: Are mason jar lids safe for canning?

A: Yes, mason jar lids are safe for canning, provided they are used correctly and per the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to ensure that all gaps between the lid and rim of the jar are sealed properly before processing to ensure an airtight seal during canning.

Q: Are mason jar lids food-grade safe?

A: Yes, most mason jar lids are made of food-grade materials like stainless steel or plastic. These are approved for use with food products by the FDA or other governing bodies to ensure safety and quality standards are met. However, make sure you buy lids that are food-grade if you intend to store food in the jars. Some lids are made of toxic materials which are okay for making decorative jars but not for storing food items.

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