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Without any trace of doubt, the satisfaction that comes with a clean, spotless, and clear glass surface cannot be compared to anything. Almost no one admires a dirty, dusty, and dull-looking glass surface. So, a glass cleaner is essential to help you keep your glass surfaces in the best form they can be. Luckily, we have combed through ample products and reviewed the best glass cleaners.

The truth is, online, you will find tons of glass cleaners without knowing which one is of great quality. Due to the saturation, it gets harder every day to find the best quality glass cleaner on a budget that won’t stretch your wallet. Don’t worry, in this detailed guide, we’ll make it easier, cheaper, and less tedious to find the best glass cleaner out there.

Here Is the Best Glass Cleaner

Seventh Generation Glass Cleaner

– Best Overall


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This unique glass cleaner is made of plant-based cleaning agents, with a refreshing seaside scent also gotten from plant-extracted fragrance ingredients. In addition, this glass cleaner makes your cleaning process easier and faster because it does not require you to rinse after being used on glass surfaces. Besides, it is safe for use on mirrors, glasses, stainless steel, and many other surfaces, without leaving any film or residue behind. It is also completely free of volatile organic compounds, artificial fragrances, or dyes. You can always count on it to provide a healthy and safer option for cleaning surfaces.


  • It does not require rinsing after using it on surfaces. All you need to do is to spray, wipe, and clean
  • It is biodegradable and does not leave any harmful residue on your glass surfaces
  • It is formulated to work on glass, mirror, chrome, stainless steel, and plate-glass
  • It has a sparkling scent extracted from plants


  • The spray bottle may not be very efficient

HOPE’S Glass Cleaner

– Runner Up


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This water-based cleaning solution is made of a unique no-haze formula that ensures no single residue is left behind after cleaning. Besides, it is completely free of ammonia, making sure that it cleans your tinted surfaces without causing any damage to them. It also has a versatile nature that makes it extremely suitable for cleaning mirrors, fragile surfaces, windows, light fixtures, tabletops, shower surfaces, and glass-made cooktops. The best part is that it is safe for cleaning devices and screens such as your TV, phone, and tablet screens.


  • It works faster and more effectively with less wiping required
  • It does not require shade and works effectively even under sunlight
  • It is suitable for use on delicate screens such as phones, tablets, and TV screens


  • Might leave streaks on some windows if improperly used

Windex Glass Cleaner

– Honorable Mention


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The Windex Glass Cleaner Kit contains one reusable spray bottle and three concentrated pods, allowing you to reduce plastic waste by 94% with every refill compared to a 23 fl oz Windex Sprayer Bottle. The concentrated pods are designed for easy use, drop one into the empty bottle, fill up to the shoulder with warm water, screw on the sprayer, and shake until the pod dissolves. This cleaning solution provides a sparkling, streak-free shine and refreshing Windex classic scent. Windows, mirrors, glass shower doors, and more can all be easily cleaned with this powerful cleaner.


  • Zero plastic bottles adding up
  • Identical to pre-prepared Windex
  • Gives a clean, fresh smell


  • Not able to keep the pod once opened

Better Life Glass Cleaner

– Contender


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This natural glass cleaner is made of natural surfactants derived from coconut and vegetables. Besides, it does not contain volatile organic compounds or any form of artificial surfactant. It is specially formulated for mirrored and glass surfaces. Along with that, it is featured with special streak-free ingredients, making it effective for cleaning light fixtures, Plexiglas, chrome, treated windows, acrylic, and many more.


  • It contains 100% natural and plant-based ingredients, which makes it eco-friendly
  • One spray bottle comes with two packs and can be reused
  • It is not tested on animals


  • It does not contain fragrance and scent ingredients

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

– Also Consider


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This unique glass cleaner is a multi-purpose and fresh-scenting wipe suitable for cleaning a variety of glass surfaces in your home or any other place. It conveniently removes fingerprints, dirt, and dust particles on almost any surface in your home. This wipe is featured with a variety of great formulas, making it quite effective for cleaning your windshield, windows, and mirrors. Besides, it only weighs 0.2 pounds, which makes it easy to carry around for on-the-go cleaning.


  • Free of ammonia, making it safe for cleaning your tinted windows
  • Portable and can be easily carried around
  • It effectively wipes your surfaces and gives them a scent of freshness


  • It is only suitable for one-time use

Unger Glass Cleaner

– Also Consider


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This professionally made liquid cleaner is a great choice worth considering. It is suitable and sufficient for use on window surfaces. Just 1 gallon of its concentrate will make about 100 gallons of the solution when mixed with water. This makes it the best choice to consider if you’re looking for long-term use and sustainability. Besides, it contains eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients that are biodegradable and won’t irritate your skin. It is made with a formula that ensures it leaves no film, foam, or streaks on your surfaces during and after use.


  • Made of non-toxic formulas that won’t irritate your skin during and after use
  • Effective even when mixed with water
  • Capable of removing tough dirt and stains without leaving any streak, foam, or film behind


  • It is only recommended for cleaning window surfaces

SPIC & SPAN CO Glass Cleaner

– Another Option


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This phosphate-free cleaner is perfect for you if you’re looking for a versatile, long-lasting, and, most importantly, streak-free cleaner. You wouldn’t need to worry about streaks, films, or any form of grime being left behind after cleaning because it is made with a 100% streak-free formula. It is suitable for use on various surfaces like mirrors, windows, glass tabletops, windshields, and patio doors. Besides, it is perfect for cleaning appliances, stovetops, chrome, stainless steel, fiberglass, countertops, and walls without leaving any film or streak behind. It offers you all you need in a top-quality cleaner.


  • One package contains 1.89 liters of liquid that can last over a long time
  • It is streak-free, and will not leave any film behind on your surfaces
  • It only weighs 2.018kg, making it perfect to carry along while traveling


  • Prone to leaking in the box during shipment

Buying Guide for the Best Glass Cleaners

A top-quality glass cleaner may be just what you need to maintain that sparkling and crystal clear nature of your glass, window, or mirror surfaces. To achieve this, you need to get one made with ingredients of great quality.

We understand your concern for cleanliness and desire to ensure that all surfaces in your surroundings are free of dust or dirt. For this reason, we have added this buying guide to help you in purchasing the best glass cleaner in the market, without having to break your wallet for it.

What Factors Should You Consider While Buying a Glass Cleaner?


Who doesn’t like to get a top-quality product at a reasonable price? Price can be a useful indicator of a great quality cleaner but it can also be misleading. While trying to buy a glass cleaner, you should always remember that the cheapest option isn’t always the safest option and the most expensive product isn’t always the best one.

Instead of going after costly cleaners, you should look for budget-friendly ones yet still be able to wipe your glass surfaces effectively. Based on our review, you can find a suitable glass cleaner that is versatile and very effective for whipping different surfaces within a price range of $11.81 to $23.99.


Before spending a dime on any glass cleaner, you should ensure that it is sufficient for use over a long period without readily expiring. Generally, you should opt for the liquid form of these glass cleaners as they are more likely to remain effective despite storing them for a long time. From our evaluations, you can find long-lasting liquid cleaners that can be mixed with water and used in making up to 100 gallons of solutions.

Material used

The type of material used in making your desired glass cleaner should be at the top of your priority list. The material used for production does not only determine how effective your cleaner would be but also ensures whether or not the cleaner is safe for use. Before making a purchase, you should endeavor to buy a glass cleaner made of eco-friendly and plant-based ingredients. This will ensure that your cleaner is safe for use and will not have adverse effects on you, people around you, and even your pets.

Also, you should ensure that your glass cleaner is free of ammonia, artificial surfactants, artificial fragrance, and very importantly, volatile organic compounds as well as petrol refined products. Based on the products that we have carefully reviewed, you can find top-quality cleaners that are made of eco-friendly and 100% plant-derived ingredients.

How Did We Evaluate the Best Glass Cleaners on This List?


We always make sure to go through the review section when evaluating any product online, including all the 7 glass cleaners found on this list. Though the review section is filled with a mixture of many happy buyers and a few frustrated ones, it is a great source of insight that guides us during our evaluation. After all, they are honest opinions left by people who have purchased the product, and not only that, they have also tested it.


Before making any evaluation, we always go the extra mile to double-check the brand behind that product. This helps us to get a feel of what the manufacturing process of such a product might be like. We believe that no company with a strong brand name will readily put its reputation on the line by manufacturing a wacky product. Especially when they know that their reputation can easily be affected by a few bad reviews online. Considering this factor, we find it safe to assume that companies with big brand names are more likely to offer the best glass cleaners on the market.

Quantity sold

No doubt, after a few purchases followed by a couple of bad reviews, people are more likely to stop buying such products. Based on that assumption, we rank the products we’re reviewing. With that in mind, we concluded that glass cleaners which have been sold in large quantities are likely of better quality than others. Such glass cleaners have proven that they are highly effective.

A glass cleaner is a great tool for people who desire to keep their glass surfaces clean and in the best shape possible. No doubt, a glass cleaner made of good quality ingredients will make your cleaning tasks easier and more effective, allowing you to clean with only a few wipes. Always try to choose a streak-free cleaner that will save you the stress of struggling with streaks and films left behind on your glass surfaces.

People Also Asked

Q: Is it safe to use glass cleaners in my dining area?

A: It depends on the ingredients of the product. Glass cleaners made of plant-based ingredients are safe for use in dining areas and even on glass-made cooktops while the ones containing artificial ingredients can be unsafe to use in such delicate areas.

Q: Will a glass cleaner bleach my skin?

A: Generally, glass cleaners made with plant-based and biodegradable materials cannot bleach your skin. However, you need to keep an eye out for ones containing synthetic materials such as alkylphenols, ammonia, and some other volatile organic compounds.

Q: Can I apply these glass cleaners on tinted surfaces?

A: Yes, all the glass cleaners on this list are free of harsh chemicals that can damage tinted glass surfaces during and after use.

Q: Will glass cleaners remain effective after I mix them with water?

A: It depends on its composition. Some glass cleaners on this list are concentrated and need to be mixed according to the instructions on their labels. Such cleaners will remain effective after mixing. However, some products do not require mixing and will become ineffective if they are mixed. We recommend that you consult the usage instructions before mixing your glass cleaner in water before use.

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