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Most homes and offices face space problems, which reveals why there is a high demand for the highest-rated floating shelves. They are types of shelves with fasteners and a shelf board that is fixed on a wall. These items are commonly used to display art pieces, photos, and bookshelves, to mention a few of their uses.

Besides, they are usually constructed with metallic or wooden materials with varying capacities. Hence, these storage spaces are so sturdy that they can easily hold heavyweight stuff. However, they have different construction designs. Thus, you might be in a dilemma about which design to purchase. On top of that, a mere glance can not be sufficient to identify a high-quality item that guarantees durability. Fortunately, we have reviewed some top-quality floating shelves to help you choose the top one.

Compare the Best Floating Shelves

Ninefold Design Floating Shelf

– Best Overall


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The Ninefold Design Floating Shelf is a small and stylish shelf option, measuring 6 inches by 4 inches. It is designed to hold a standard 5 x 7-inch picture frame vertically. With its invisible mounting system, this shelf provides a sleek and minimalist look. It is suitable for various uses such as displaying home decor items, smart speakers, pet and baby monitors, and security systems.

Installing this floating shelf is super easy and requires minimal tools. The mounting system is thoughtfully designed to ensure worry-free installation. It is a versatile addition to any room, including bedrooms, offices, living rooms, kitchens, garages, kids’ rooms, bathrooms, bars, or can be displayed around furniture, computers, TVs, or vanities. The gray finish matches well with other furniture and color schemes, adding a modern decorative touch to any space.

One notable feature of this best overall shelf is its protective lip. The safety lip on the ledge of the shelf prevents cherished items from falling off. This makes it suitable for displaying picture frames, photo frames, or other small hanging items, ensuring their security and stability.


  • Easy to install
  • Small and stylish option
  • Great for kitchens, bathrooms


  • Cannot hold large items

Willow and Grace Designs Floating Wall Shelves

– Minimalist Design


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Spice up your apartment or home’s walls with the Willow and Grace Designs Floating Wall Shelves. These rustic wood shelves add a French country vibe to any space. There are two 24-inch shelves that can easily fit a set of books or multiple knick-knacks to add to your wall. Both of them have a super durable build as well. They can securely hold up to 40 pounds of whatever you choose to display in your living room or bedroom.

These floating shelves show no evidence of hanging, so they sit cleanly and effortlessly on your wall.


  • Clean design
  • Rustic vibes
  • Holds up to 40 pounds


  • Doesn’t work with all room themes

Imperative Decor Floating Shelf

– Best Wall Anchor Design


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Do you have plants that you want to place in your living room? This wooden-made shelf has an eye-appealing design to match the decor of your living room. Thus, it will leave your room better than before and yet help save on space. In addition, its wood structure is quite strong and has an elegant finish which prevents the growth of mold, especially if you live in an area with high humidity.

You will not have to destroy your wall drilling spaces to anchor this shelf, as with most other shelves in the market. This item has a wall anchor design that can be supported with screwdrivers. Even better, the metallic anchoring parts are coated to prevent them from rusting for longevity.


  • The wooden material is quite strong and safe from the mold
  • Its surfaces have an elegant finish to improve on the room decor
  • The installation process takes only a few minutes


  • It lacks a board recess. Hence, the brackets are visible

Sorbus Floating Shelf

– Elegant Finish


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This rectangular-shaped floating shelf has a glossy and elegant finish, making it suitable for trophy display. Also, it has a wide area to accommodate most of your items and gives an illusion that your office has a large size.

It has a smooth matte finish that improves its appearance and durability even in humid areas. Thus, if you want to place it in your bathroom or bedroom, you have a guarantee that it will last longer. You do not have to pay for an expert to install it for you because it has the most straightforward installation process.


  • It comes with all the tools you need for installation
  • The smooth matte finish makes it durable and eye-appealing
  • Its constructing material is relatively light for an easy time while installing the item


  • If its wall mounts were longer, it would be better

Greenco Floating Shelf

– Honorable Mention


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This floating shelf is made of a u-shaped material that can hold office items like a watch without the fear of them falling through the sides. Besides, most of the offices have limited area. Thus, this storage space has a relatively small width but comes in a set of three shelves to accommodate all of your items.

Additionally, this item will make your room more elegant, thanks to its beautiful white finish, which blends most decors. Its installation process is also quite easy because of its lengthy wall mounts, eliminating the need for making ugly holes on your wall. Besides being affordable, this shelf includes all the hardware you will need during the installation process. Thus, you will not incur extra costs.


  • It has a white finish that blends with most decors
  • The u-shape prevents the items from falling through the sides
  • A set of three shelves to accommodate most of your stuff


  • It is not suitable for holding relatively heavy items

BAMEOS Floating Shelf

– Also Consider


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The kitchen is an area where space is never enough. Besides, you have multiple items that you need to place at a strategic point for accessibility, such as the numerous food ingredients. For that reason, this floating shelf recommended for kitchens has a wide area to accommodate most of your items.

Since most kitchens have moist nature, the construction of this item is reinforced for durability. First, it has an elegant waterproof finish, making it resistant to the damaging effects of moisture. Similarly, it has a robust construction material to prevent breakage while placing heavy stuff. Due to this high strength, some people also consider it as a bookshelf.


  • It has a wide area to hold most of your items
  • A robust construction material that prevents it from breaking when holding a heavy item
  • It has raised edges to prevent the items from falling off
  • This shelf does not rust. Hence, it retains its beautiful appearance forever


  • Because of its extensive surface area, it is not suitable for bathrooms

InPlace Shelving Floating Shelf


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Inplace stores make multiple elegant and space-saving shelves, but certainly, this floating shelf stands out. This shelf is made of durable MDF construction that meets the CARB quality standards. Consequently, this shelf does not only look beautiful but also has an extended lifespan.

Besides its sturdiness, this item is exceptionally lightweight for a trouble-free setup and even comes with all the hardware you need in the installation process. If you care much about the decor of your house, you now have a reason to take a deep breath. This item has an espresso-like color, which matches most decors, and an elegant finish giving it an attractive, shiny look.


  • The metal brackets increase its weight capacity
  • It meets the CARB quality standards making it long-lasting
  • It looks lovely, and it is pretty easy to install


  • The anchors are quite flimsy.

Buying Guide for the Best Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are items mounted on the walls in offices, bedrooms, kitchens, or living rooms to hold things and save the space area. These items have different construction materials, some of which deliver on longevity while others don’t. Thus, you need to closely look at their designs to ensure you get an item worth your hard-earned cash. Also, different types of floating shelves have different functionalities which specify the places where you can use them. For instance, you cannot use a floating shelf designed for an office in the bathrooms. In the below section, we will discuss everything you need to purchase the best floating shelf.

What Are the Different Styles of Floating Shelves?

Flat shelves

This is the most standard type of shelf with a rectangular or square shape, a flat panel, and hidden brackets. These shelves mostly suit contemporary homes, and also they make a good nightstand.

Lipped shelves

These types of shelves are U or L shaped with elongated lips on the edges. They offer more sense of security to the items by preventing them from falling off accidentally. Thus, they are the best for storing items in the kitchen or displaying wall arts or trophies.

Box shelves

Box shelves have cube-like designs with one of their sides opened to display the pieces of art or the photos. Usually, they have more weight capacity and are commonly used as bookshelves also.

Contoured shelves

Contoured shelves were common in the past, but you can still consider them if you love a traditional taste in your house. They have a tampered and ornate design, making them quite eye-appealing.


As their name suggests, mini-shelves are smaller in size and thus can only accommodate one to two items. Therefore, they can only be used to display small-sized items such as flowers, indoor plants, or candles.

Which Is the Best Design of Brackets in Bar Carts?


Internal brackets systems have their brackets inserted in the hollow structure of the shelf, which makes them invisible. Thus, they are not exposed to the environment, making them safe from rusting. Also, their intact design dramatically increases their capacity.


These brackets are situated on the bottom or top part of the shelf, making them visible. Thus, they give a rustic feel to the house because of its exposed hardware. This design mostly suits farmhouses or industries.

What Are the Factors To Consider in a Floating Shelf?


The construction material of an item determines its durability, and it is no exception with the floating shelves. Usually, these items are made of metallic and wooden materials. If you are considering a metallic material, it should be non-rusty and scratch-resistant. Similarly, the wooden shelves should be made of hardwood and must have a water-resistant finish. You should also check the type of wood used in construction and consider hardwoods more than softwoods.


You wouldn’t like an item that compromises the decor of your house, giving an ugly-looking room. For that reason, you should check that the finish of the shelf blends in with the room’s decor. Mostly, people consider a white or black finish because they complement most of the decors.

Elongated edges

Long edges prevent the items from tumbling to the ground. This design is the best, especially when purchasing a shelf for your toiletries or fragile artwork. Similarly, raised edges for a kitchen shelf will prevent the tins or cookware from tumbling down and avert accidents.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of a shelf determines the weight of items it can hold. Thus, you need to consider the capacity of the shelf before paying for it. For example, a shelf to carry heavy items such as stacks of books must have a higher capacity. However, you should also note that the installation design of the shelf affects its weight capacity. For instance, shelves installed directly into the walls are studier than the shelves that use drywall anchors.

Dimensions and shape

Additionally, floating shelves have different dimensions, which determine the volume of the installation area that you require. Thus, you should measure the length of the installation space and get a shelf that fits in the space. Also, these items can have rectangular, square, or circular shapes. Rectangular shapes are suitable for bookshelves or nightstands, while the square-shaped shelves are commonly used in displaying photos or pieces of art.

Installation process and hardware

Floating shelves arrive disassembled. Some of them have straightforward fixing, which you can do all by yourself, while you may require an expert in some other cases. Also, some manufacturers include the hardware to be used during the installation process while others do not. Therefore, if the setup is complicated or the hardware is not included, you may incur the extra cost of hiring the expert or purchasing the tools.

How Much Does a Floating Shelf Cost?

The floating shelf cost depends on factors such as its thickness, material of construction, and the number of pieces, among many other factors. Standardly, lengthy and thicker shelves are more expensive. Also, a stand that comes as a set of three costs more than a pack with only one shelf. However, the prices of these items range from $15 to $50, while most of the high-quality floating shelves cost above $20.

Floating Shelf FAQ

Q: Can I place heavy items on a shelf?

A: Yes. You can place stacks of books or any other bulk item on your shelf. However, the rack should be sturdy and match the weight capacity of the things.

Q: Should I use floating shelves in the bathroom?

A: If you want to place a shelf in the bathroom, you might fear it rusting because of the moist environment. However, you can ensure that the rack is treated against rust and has a durable finish for longevity.

Q: How much space do you need between the floating shelves?

A: When stacking more shelves on the wall, you should have a space of 12 inches apart. However, if you need more exposure to your items, you can have a distance of up to 18 inches apart.

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