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Do you ever step into someone’s house and just from their entrance, you feel like you’re not welcomed? Well, tell them that doormats are a thing! Doormats are a fail-safe way to wow anyone who enters your house. They have been used to decorate an entrance for a long time, and that’s why this article exists. We’re here to review some of the finest doormats that you can find.

A doormat has its potential benefits, and we want you to know them. Doormats can instantly make your house look better. The difference between a presentable house and an unpresentable one could very well be an attractive doormat. Since there are many types and varieties out there, you are better off knowing all that you can beforehand.

Comparing the Best Doormat

Gorilla Grip Doormat

– Top Pick


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Visitors and family members bring in a lot of dirt with them, and you can expect this doormat to take all of that without saying a word. With a rubber beveled border, the doormat can trap moisture, debris, and unwanted mud from going beyond your first line of defense.

But that doesn’t mean the doormat loses its softness. With a durable design, its softness knows no bounds, making it the perfect doormat for your house.


  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality doormat
  • Soft texture


  • The film has a strong rubber smell

Sierra Concepts Doormat

– Runner Up


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If you are looking for an irresistible offer, then your search just ceased. What we mean here is, with this doormat, you get another. One is black, while the other is grey – both attractive colors to beautify your house.

What makes this doormat enticing is the high-quality polyester and rubber used to make it. Therefore, it’s environmentally friendly. The rubber is recycled and the polyester is safe for the environment.


  • Versatile in use
  • Two mats for one
  • Durable, high-quality doormat


  • May begin to smell if introduced to moisture

Color&Geometry Doormat

– Honorable Mention


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We understand you’ve had terrible experiences with a doormat. Slipping on one isn’t that difficult, to be honest. But if the welcoming mat has a non-slip rubber backing then you won’t fall from walking on it. This mat has a remarkable grip to offer, with no chances of you skidding any time soon.

It’s made of high-quality fabric, with a fluffy texture that’s soft to the touch. Furthermore, the texture is ideal to trap and absorb any moisture or dirt that steps upon it. You can use this mat in any weather and the quality will stay intact.


  • High-durability
  • Made of rubber and fabric
  • Comes in an attractive color


  • Not completely skid free

Coco Coir Doormat

– Also Consider


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This welcoming mat may shed some coir upon its first visit but that doesn’t mean it is losing quality. Coco coir shedding is natural. On top of this, the welcoming mat has an attractive design to offer. The layering is thick, which prevents people from seeing through the mat.

The floorcovering is water-resistant, and it is known to dry rather quickly. If you wish to offer some support to it, a light vacuum in a few days won’t hurt. Just make sure you place it at a spot where there’s excessive foot traffic. The mat will absorb it all.


  • Lightweight welcoming mat
  • Has the ability to fully absorb water
  • Top-notch durability


  • Coco coir sheds upon unpackaging

The Original Dirty Dog Doormat


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With an absorption rate of 3000, this welcome mat takes the trophy when it comes to defending your clean house from unwanted dirt and mud. Most doormats have lower absorption rates, which puts our dirty dog doormat on top of the list.

To prevent people and your pet from tripping and falling, this floorcovering has a heavy-duty “gripper non-skid“ backing on the bottom. You can walk over it without fearing any kind of embarrassment in front of your guests.


  • It is machine washable
  • Excellent drying time
  • High-absorption rate


  • May lose quality after washing

Buying Guide for the Best Doormats

After going through the products, we’re adamant that you now have a better picture of doormats. But, in case it’s blurry and you require additional help we’re bringing you a detailed buying guide. This will assist you in the buying process, and help you decide as an informed buyer.

Size Requirement

First and foremost, think about your requirements. What size are you comfortable with? Doormats come in many shapes and sizes so it’s particularly easy for you to get confused.

We don’t want you to get confused, at all. So for instance, you’re split between a square-shaped and circle-shaped mat. What do you do, then? Well, observe your space. What would look better? This will help you decide on the perfect doormat for your house. A general rule of thumb is for your welcoming mat to cover most of the entrance. You don’t want people to walk on the floor because that just defeats the purpose of a mat in the first place.


Throughout the week people will go in and out of your house. And all the dirt will stand upon your doormat – making it look dirty. What you need, as a homeowner is a doormat that doesn’t take a long time to clean.

Ideally, all doormats you will find in the market have excellent cleaning abilities. They require little to no effort in cleaning them. But there’s also machine washable mats out there so if you want to save time then go for them.

Cleaning a welcoming mat with a vacuum doesn’t consume a lot of time. Or perhaps, shaking it a little can work as well. Make sure you check and ask from the seller, and because you don’t want to spend most of your day cleaning doormats go for one that takes the least amount of time but grants quality at the same time.

Quality of the Mat

Speaking of quality, doormats are made of different materials. From low-quality to moderate to high-quality doormats, you can find everything in the market. Which material do you go for, then? Fabric? Or perhaps polyester?

To be honest, most mats these days are made of high-quality materials and all of them promise to last long. But, you should steer clear of 100% rubber mats in all circumstances. Because even though rubber mats are less pricey, they tend to lose quality over time. The rubber begins to crack and lose potency, which means you’ll have to buy a new one soon.

Polyester and fabric are both recommended materials. They offer good texture and grant excellent quality, so that’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Coco quire is also a decent substitute since it has a remarkable absorption rate.

Absorption Rate

Let’s talk a little about the absorption rate. You need to keep this point in mind because this is perhaps one of the most important. Do you ever receive guests who enter with their dirty shoes on a muddy day?

That is probably because their shoes are made out of mud, or because your doormat has a poor absorption rate. We’re convinced that the latter is true. First, replace your current welcoming mat with one that has a decent absorption rate. Ideally, it should trap the moisture, dirt, mud, and any unwanted debris that is stuck to their footwear. Go for materials that are known to trap dirt in them instead of letting it go inside.

Outdoor Indoor Debate

This debate has been ongoing since the dawn of time. It’s time to finally settle it once and for all. Okay, that’s probably overestimating it but in all honesty, one thing that confuses buyers the most is whether their mat is indoor or outdoor.

Your primary concern should be whether you’ll use the welcoming mat inside or outside. Why does it matter? Well, if it is an outdoor mat then it needs to be weather-resistant. If it is an indoor mat then the quality can be on the lower side because it doesn’t have to survive in the rain, cold, snow, and the hot blazing sun.

An outdoor mat should be made from high-quality materials such as teak, waterproof coco quire, or seagrass that is woven in the form of a mat.

Doormat Surface

We all want soft doormats to stand on, right? There’s no question that the ideal doormat should be soft and fluffy, it should be accepting and welcoming at the same time.

But since you are probably placing the mat in an area that has high traffic, will the soft texture affect the quality? If you’re going for a scraper surface then not really. These surfaces are designed to be ideal welcoming mats for busy places.

So even if you have extra foot traffic sometimes, the mat will absorb all, or at least most of it. And that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Are Door Mats Necessary?

It’s totally fine to question the need for a doormat. People have survived for years without doormats, right? Well, technically yes but also no. We’ll explain what we mean by that confusing statement.

For starters, people are now more prone to have guests and friends. And you can’t expect every guest or friend to have clean footwear. That’s where doormats come in.

Furthermore, people travel everywhere, and they bring back all sorts of bacteria and germs in their footwear to your house. Geez, even the thought of it sounds horrible. A high-quality floor covering with a decent absorption rate will outdo these bacteria, germs, and dirt from entering your vicinity.

Doormat FAQ

Q: Which shape should I purchase?

A: To be fair the shape doesn’t matter a lot. It is about your personal preference. It is fine if you opt for a rectangle-shaped doormat or a square one. What matters is the area that it covers.

Q: What is a coir mat?

A: Coir is a better alternative when compared to inorganic materials. It is a natural fiber that is taken from coconut husks. Mats made from coco coir are known as coir mats or coco mats. They are known to be durable and high in quality.

Q: How do I clean my floor mat?

A: Well, cleaning primarily depends on the material of your mat. Most mats collect dirt, and they can be cleaned with a vacuum or a little shake. You can sweep it away with ease. Don’t throw your mat in the machine unless the product says so.

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