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Charcuterie boards are a great way to enjoy snacks and appetizers without putting in too much effort. With it, you can compose a variety of delicious cheeses, meats, fruits, and other morsels all on one board. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family, hosting a party, or simply need to whip up a quick snack, charcuterie boards are the way to go.

The good news is that searching for the perfect charcuterie board has gotten easier with so many options now available. However, picking out the best one from the bunch is also challenging. So, if you’re looking for the perfect one for your next get-together, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll review some of the top-rated charcuterie boards.

Charcuterie Boards: Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the right charcuterie board, there are a lot of factors to consider. The following guide will help you navigate the various product features to have a board set that meets all your needs and desires.

What to Consider When Buying a Charcuterie Board Set

Size and shape of board

Size and shape are vital factors to consider when selecting a charcuterie board. Consider the type of food you plan to serve and how much space you have available. Do you need a small board for just a few items, or do you need something larger? Do you want a round board or something more rectangular? Do you prefer a flat board or one with handles?


Charcuterie boards come in various materials, such as wood, marble, slate, and ceramic. Wood boards are great options for a more rustic look, while marble is luxurious, and slate gives an earthy feel. Ceramic charcuterie boards are ideal if you want something easy to clean and maintain. Whichever material you choose, ensure it is durable and built to last.

Design elements

The aesthetic of the board is also something to keep in mind when purchasing a charcuterie board. Are you looking for something rustic and natural or more modern and sleek? Take into account the overall design of the board before making your decision. The design elements of the board should complement the rest of the kitchen décor. Look for boards with grooves, handles, edges, and other design elements that add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the board.


Durability is essential when selecting a charcuterie board, as you want it to last for years. Look for boards made from solid hardwoods that are heavy enough to withstand regular use without warping or cracking over time.


Most charcuterie boards require some level of maintenance to retain their quality and longevity. Consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the board before purchasing it. Look for dishwasher-safe boards that require minimal cleaning and maintenance effort.

Price point

As with any purchase, price is important when selecting a charcuterie board. Consider your budget and research boards within your price range. Some may offer better features than others at varying price points.

Brand name

Research the brand name associated with the charcuterie board before purchasing it. This can indicate quality, customer service, warranties, guarantees, and more.


Look for boards that provide multiple purposes like cutting, slicing, serving, and displaying food items rather than just one purpose, so it will come in handy during different occasions like holiday dinners, summer BBQs, or brunch parties with friends! This way, you get value for money since it can serve multiple purposes rather than just one!

Non-toxic finish

Look for charcuterie boards with non-toxic finishes or sealants such as beeswax or mineral oil to protect the wood from bacteria. This will ensure that food won’t come into contact with toxic chemicals while handling the board.

Edge style

Check if the board has a lip or sloped edges to catch any drips or crumbs when serving or displaying food items. This feature can help keep your tray neat and tidy when transferring items from the kitchen to the dining table.

Specialty items

Look for boards with dividers or compartments that can help separate smaller items like fruits, nuts, olives, etc, from larger items like cheeses, meats, and crackers for an organized presentation of food items during parties and gatherings. This also makes cleanup easier since different items can be efficiently separated with little effort after use.

Comparing the Leading Charcuterie Boards

Allsum Charcuterie Board

– Best Overall


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The Allsum Charcuterie Board with 3 built-in compartments is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It is made of 100% natural organic bamboo, carbonized in a beautiful color, and has been seasoned with vegetable oil. The three compartments are ideal for serving sauces and dips that require extra space. It is an ideal choice for entertaining guests due to its functional design, giving them enough space to spread their food.

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, the board can be easily washed under running water and air-dried for storage. With proper care and upkeep, this cutting board will last you for years. That is why we chose it as the best charcuterie board overall.


  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Robust bamboo construction is easy to maintain
  • Engraving on the board can be customized
  • Three wells along one side for condiments


  • Limited size options

House Ur Home Charcuterie Board

– Most Versatile


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The House Ur Home Charcuterie Board is a perfect choice for those who love entertaining and enjoy fine cheese. This elegant charcuterie board and cutlery set are eco-friendly and made from sustainably grown bamboo, which is 100% natural. It comes with four stainless-steel knives and has easy-to-grip bamboo handles. It also includes two ceramic bowls for nuts or olives, three slat labels with two markers, a wine opener, and two server forks.

This set stands out because of its seamless hidden drawers that open magnetically to store serving utensils and spreaders. The unique design of this cheese board is bordered by grooves that hold crackers and two removable ceramic bowls.


  • Holds plenty of food
  • Compact storage design with drawers
  • Sturdy but not too heavy
  • Multiple serving configuration options


  • The board is not water-resistant

Easoger Charcuterie Board

– Best for Gatherings


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With its ample size, the Easoger Large Charcuterie Board is perfect for hosting family and friends. The board features two drawers, two ceramic bowls for dips and snacks, and a knife set for easy cutting of fruits, veggies, and meats.

The board is made from natural Moso Bamboo, which is odor-free and non-absorbent to prevent bacteria and mold growth. It also features natural black slate for easy cutting of meat or cheese without leaving knife marks. Additionally, a food oil on the surface of the board prevents fruit coloring from staining it. It also features non-slip feet to ensure stability while in use. The top-quality materials make it an excellent long-term investment that comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Excellent quality and comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Functional design with an attractive appearance
  • Easy to use and clean up
  • Compact storage size


  • Cheese knives could be sharper

KARRYOUNG Charcuterie Board

– Minimalist Design


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The KARRYOUNG Charcuterie Board is an elegant and functional choice. It is constructed of resilient acacia wood and features a beautiful natural polish and sweet smell. Its thickness ensures it can withstand large amounts of weight, and the comfortable handle allows you to maneuver it with ease. The multipurpose board is perfect for chopping bread, cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruits, and pizzas. You can easily clean it with just some soap and water.


  • Antique finish gives it an attractive appearance
  • Coated layer makes it water resistant
  • Perfect size for hot dishes or pans
  • Small lip prevents items from sliding off


  • Not suitable for cutting

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Charcuterie Board

– Best for Gifting


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ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Charcuterie Board is an excellent choice for those looking for an elegant way to present cheese and other foods at their next gathering. The board is beautifully and thoughtfully designed with a unique, expandable design that can accommodate a variety of cheeses. It also comes with side ceramic bowls and knives, making it the ideal present for cheese lovers. The bamboo also helps preserve the freshness and flavor of each cheese for longer periods.

It is a great gift idea for any occasion and makes an attractive addition to any kitchen or dining room. With all the necessary accessories included, it is an ideal choice for anyone who loves serving delicious snacks at their events.


  • High quality with a beautiful finish
  • Nice size to serve a group of friends
  • Hidden cutlery compartment for convenience
  • Can be displayed on a counter or buffet


  • The cutlery compartment is not very large

People Also Asked

Q: What is a charcuterie board?

A: A charcuterie board is a type of appetizer plate that typically includes a selection of cured and cooked meats, cheeses, and other accompaniments such as fruits, nuts, and crackers.

Q: What types of food are usually included on a charcuterie board?

A: Typical items included in a charcuterie board are cured meats such as prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, capicola, and air-dried sausages; aged cheeses such as cheddar, Gouda, and Parmesan; dips such as hummus or tapenade; fruits like grapes and figs; crackers, olives, pickles, and nuts such as almonds or walnuts.

Q: What types of plates, platters, and utensils do I need for a charcuterie board?

A: It’s best to use a large wooden or marble board or a large cutting board for your charcuterie board. You’ll also need small plates for each person to eat off of, small knives for spreading the cheeses, small spoons for scooping the accompaniments, and baskets or bowls to organize the different items.

Q: How many people will a typical charcuterie board serve?

A: A typical charcuterie board can efficiently serve 4-8 people, depending on your board size.

Q: How do I create an appetizing charcuterie board?

A: The key to creating an appetizing charcuterie board is to arrange all the items with a variety of colors and textures for interest. Try to group similar items together for easy access, like all the meats on one side and all the fruit on another side. This will create a visually appealing plate that looks inviting!

Q: Is a charcuterie board suitable for entertaining guests?

A: Yes, charcuterie boards are great for entertaining guests! They can be served as an appetizer before dinner or as the main event. The variety of foods on the board ensures that everyone can find something they like, making it ideal for large groups. Plus, they look great on the table and make a stunning presentation!

Q: What kind of cheese works best on a charcuterie board?

A: Cheeses with intense flavors work well on a charcuterie board because they add bold flavor to balance the other items. Good choices include sharp cheddar, Gouda, blue cheese, or brie. Soft cheeses like Camembert or goat cheese also work well because they pair nicely with other items like nuts or fruits.

Q: Do all the items on a charcuterie board need to be cooked or cured?

A: Not all items need to be cooked or cured for a charcuterie board. You could have raw vegetables like bell peppers or carrots, dip spreads, pickles, olives, or fresh herbs. You can add roasted nuts or honey-roasted sunflower seeds to add some extra flavor.

Q: How do I arrange my charcuterie board?

A: When arranging your charcuterie board, you want to make sure that all items have their own space so that there isn’t too much crowding of one item over another. It will help keep flavors distinct. Try grouping similar items together (meats in one corner and cheeses in another) and arranging them in alternating colors and textures for visual interest.

Q: How do I store and refrigerate leftover items from the charcuterie board?

A: Leftover items should be stored in airtight containers in the refrigerator and used within 2-3 days.

Q: How long should I let people graze from the charcuterie board before clearing it away?

A: The typical grazing period depends on how many people enjoy it. As a general rule of thumb, let people browse the board for around 20 minutes before clearing it away.

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