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The 17th century under the Rococo reign of Louis XV saw the rise in prominence of the chaise lounge. This lounge increased in popularity during the modern era even as homes began using an architecture with open floor plans which increased space for furnishing. Chaise lounges are a blend of a lounge chair and a daybed with subtle lines and asymmetrical design. The chaise lounge is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand pieces in-home designs. Keep reading this buyer’s guide and product reviews to find out all you need to buy the best chaise furniture in the market.

Best Chaises Reviewed in Detail

YOLENY Electric Massage Chaise

– Best Overall


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This unique armchair comes with a 5-mode vibrating system as well as eight vibrating massage nodes, all aimed at helping to soothe your back, shoulders, legs, and buttocks. With this chaise lounge, you will find it easy to choose the location and intensity levels to ease your back, shoulders, legs, and buttocks. Also, you can select the location and intensity of massage that suits you and enjoy the ergonomic design, which gives you total body relaxation.

Another outstanding feature of this furniture is that the materials used in making it are top quality and environmentally friendly.

Also, the chaise is easy to assemble as all the needed accessories are contained in the package, and you can finish the assembly in a few minutes. Additionally, the heavy-duty wood frame legs give this furniture much-needed stability.


  • Sturdy and heavy-duty
  • Heating function
  • Ergonomic function


  • It is a bit difficult to assemble

DHP Chaise

– Runner Up


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If you search for a chaise lounge for your study, living room, or office, this wonderfully designed furniture from DHP Emily is a perfect choice. This lounger is made using linen upholstery or tufted faux leather, as well as cute chrome legs. You can be sure of getting a chair with a blend of contemporary and modern design perfect for use in any room decoration. Also, the multi-position back has a click-clack technology, making it easy to convert the chaise to a sleeper from a lounger. Also, the lounger is spacious enough to lounge comfortably alone or when paired with the Emily convertible futon, which will give you a sectional sofa.


  • Adjustable split-back for sitting, lounging, and sleeping
  • Very spacious
  • Modern and contemporary looks


  • The chaise is firm and not precisely comfortable

Christopher Knight Chaise

– Honorable Mention


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Enjoy a touch of royalty in your home with this comfortable and outstanding lounge. This lounge comes with hand-tufted elements and a pillow. Also, the soft-to-touch velvet material is sure enough to get you more interested in getting this lounge. The lounge requires minimal assembly, which means you get to use it almost as soon as you buy it. It is made using strategically sourced materials that allow you to stretch out and enjoy the experience. You don’t have to worry about lounge breaking as it is made using functional and durable materials.


  • Well-appointed and well made
  • Made with an eye for detail
  • Very comfortable on the back


  • The chaise is short

GDFStudio Chaise

– Also Consider


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This chaise lounge is an embodiment of elegantly turned legs and beautiful colors, which seamlessly pair with straight, clean lines to give it a fantastic look. Enjoy a sleek touch to any décor with this chair, as it comes with minimalistic structure and precise angles. Also, the tufted button stitching in the chaise gives you an extra touch of sophistication which boosts its design. Its diamond stitch pattern gives a unique texture without affecting its comfort.

The velvet material it is made of is a hundred percent polyester which means you enjoy premium comfort with its soft texture.


  • Minimal assembly required
  • Functional yet elegant style


  • It has a small seated level


– Also Great Option


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Infuse some character and style into your home with this unique HOMCOM lounge chair. This chair effortlessly blends with any decors with polished wood legs, elegantly tufted cushions as well as a low-slung seat. Also, it features breathable plush-touch fabric, which covers the padded cushion to give you style, comfort, and aesthetic charm.

Furthermore, this chair has a 3-level adjustable backrest, making it easy to alter the chair’s height based on your personal preference. You can use this cozy chair as a flat temporary bed or chaise lounge. It also comes with a thick padded seat cushion and a soft backrest, making it possible to relax. The natural wood leg of the sofa means it is more stable and can carry weights of up to 165lbs.


  • Strong wooden legs
  • Well-padded and comes with armrest, cushion, and extra pillow
  • Perfect for waiting room, living room, and reception


  • The chaise is not the most comfortable for long hours of use

Buying Guide for the Best Chaises

If you are still struggling to choose among the products we reviewed in this piece, this buyer’s guide will tow you on the right path.

Size of the furniture

One thing about chaise lounges is that they take up some space which means you need to consider if your room isn’t ample. Added to the actual space of the chaise lounge, you will need to think of some added space around it. If you want to use it for more than one person, you should think of getting a wider one. Typically, a chaise lounge measures up to 80 inches long, and they are up to 30 inches wide.

Support and adjustability

Some of the chaise lounges are designed to be adjustable, which means you will find it easier to raise or lower the back the way you deem it fit. This function boosts comfort while modifying the furniture for different activities such as napping and reading. Also, if you have neck, head, or back pains, you need to search for a chaise lounge that considers these situations.

Outdoor vs. indoor

Some chaises are made for use inside, while some are made to be used outside. The ones designed for indoor use are not able to handle the effects of rain or sun. Outdoor chaises, however, are built to withstand the elements, which makes them a bit misfit for use indoors.


The function of the piece is another essential factor you need to consider closely. You need to ask yourself what you want to use the lounge for. If you’re going to buy a chaise lounge for relaxation, you should go for one with an armrest and back support. But if you want to buy it for multiple purposes, think of getting one with fantastic upholstery and varying reclining positions.

Chaise style

Chaise lounges are made in different decoration styles, which means if your house is built with contemporary decor, you should go for one with no arms, a chrome base, and a low seat height. Also, if your house comes with a traditional style, you should get a chaise lounge with full or tufted upholstery, a high-seat level, and a wooden frame.


If you consider the chaise lounge style you want to get for your home, you need to know where you will keep the furniture. Chaise lounge chairs are usually found in bedrooms or rooms for relaxing and extra seating. It would be ideal to select a durable material such as canvas, microfiber, or leather in such a situation.

If you would rather have them kept outdoors, there are several options for you to choose from, such as stainless steel and hardwood. Ensure to opt for fabric cushions that are weather-resistant.

Reviews and warranty

Before you buy any piece of furniture, you should have some insight into how previous users of such products view it. The easiest way to ascertain what others are saying about the products you are considering is to check out reviews from past buyers. Be in search of good and bad feedback as this will give you good insight. Also, you don’t want to buy from a manufacturer that doesn’t have good customer service. Confirm how long it takes for the product to be delivered to you as well.

Additionally, make sure you look out for products that have a good warranty. Any good brand will not be scared to sell its products with a warranty.

Tips for Assembling Your Chaise

If you have gotten your chaise lounge, the next thing will be to assemble it. Usually, chaise lounges differ regarding their assembly, and some come fully assembled while others do not. Here are a few valuable tips that should help you if you want to assemble the chaise lounge correctly.

  • Upon choosing where to place your chaise lounge, you must unbox it and put the content on a flat floor.
  • The next step involves exploring the user manual to ensure that the lounge components are correctly laid out on an even surface with no missing items.
  • When you are sure about the presence of the chaise lounge components, go through the manual and study the instructions.
  • You can now bring out the pieces in the package and begin piecing them together one after the other. Note that missing one step of the assembly process could prove disastrous.

More often than not, you may need to have the chaise adequately put together by an expert.

Maintenance and Care of Your Chaise

Maintaining your chaise shouldn’t be too tricky if you buy suitable materials or fabrics. The fabrics and materials used in making them differ based on their strength. For furniture designated for indoor use, it is only wise that you keep them far away from the weather elements such as rain and sunshine. Also, you should clean them of dust and check their legs periodically to be sure they are in order. Ultimately, the durability of the products will depend on the quality of the manufacturer.

If you are concerned about stains and spills on the chaise lounge, vinyl and microfiber are two unique upholstery materials that are pretty easy to clean.

How To Use the Chaise Lounge

It is only normal to wonder what you will be using the chaise for before you buy it. Usually, this furniture is used outdoors and indoors, so outdoor chaise lounges and indoor chaise lounges.

The indoor lounges are made to be used in offices, home, and indoor environments. These lounges are made using fabrics and materials which can boost the aesthetics of your room or office.

On the other hand, outdoor chaise lounges are constructed and designed to be used outdoors, such as in decks, patios, or pool environments. This type of chaise lounge is made to have more excellent durability than indoor chaise lounges.

Cost of the Best Chaise

The prices of the best chaise vary depending on your budget. You will find a decent one that costs less than $200, although they have thin cushioning and a small size. Also, there is the mid-range option which ranges between $200 and $300. This type of chaise is more significant and refined and can be used for outdoor and indoor purposes.

The final option is the premium quality chaise lounges which cost at least $300. These offer greater comfort and can be used indoors or outdoors. They offer you a blend of comfort, function, and style.

People Also Asked

Q: Do I need to assemble my chaise lounge?

A: Usually, you will require some assembly level, which ranges from hours of assembling to a quick connection of the legs. Before you buy, you should consider if the furniture has all the hardware needed.

Q: How do I get the perfect size for me?

A: Ideally, you should begin your search with products measuring at least 40 inches tall and 80 inches long.

Q: What are microfibers?

A: This is usually used for upholstery furniture, and the microfiber is a synthetic material that is comfortable and soft enough. However, it is strong enough to block dirt, dust, and liquid spills, which helps it resist unwanted stains.

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