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The bed is perhaps the largest piece of furniture you will find in your bedroom, and it says a lot about who you are. It can determine the tone and style of your room without making any real effort. The headboard ranks as the most visible component of your bed because and it can be subtle, bold, or sophisticated depending on your choice. But how do you select the right headboard for your room?

Selecting a headboard begins with the way you use your bed and your sense of style and design. Are you someone who loves to read at night? Maybe you want a quilted or padded headboard that you can prop against? You may also want one that comes with tables and integrated features built in it? We will explore all you need to know about headboards in this piece while also showing you some of the best in the market.

The Top Bed Frames Available

Yaheetech Bed Frame

– Best Overall


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The Yaheetech Bed Frame is the perfect combination of style and comfort for your sleeping space. It features a high headboard and footboard that will provide the perfect backdrop for propping up soft pillows. Its vintage industrial sensibility means that it has an adorned silhouette, dramatic high headboard, and thick tube framework, all with unique petal cast-work to give your bed a romantic flair.

This is not just for looks either; the Yaheetech Bed Frame is incredibly durable thanks to its powder-coated steel framework, solid slats, and multiple sturdy legs. It is designed to hold up to 450 pounds and provides reliable stability while eliminating any pesky or squeaky noises. The package includes all of the necessary hardware and tools needed for assembly, as well as a straightforward instruction manual and a more direct assembly video. With this best overall bed frame, you can be sure that you’ll always have a good night’s sleep.

LUCID Bed Frame

– Most Durable


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If you combine function, aesthetics, and durability into one headboard, the LUCID headboard is a perfect choice. This unique headboard has unique features such as adjustable height from 34 to 46 inches and is made using polyester and comes upholstered using linen-inspired fabric. You can get it in different color options ranging from cobalt to stone and pearl.

Each frame is made using Solid Siberian Larch wood, which gives it the sturdy and reliable construct it’s known for. Also, the headboard is built to fit most bed bases or frames and has pre-drilled legs, optional wall mounts, and modification plates. The headboard height adjusts in 2-inches increments, ranging between 34 inches and 45.5 inches, which helps it accommodate most bed bases and frames.

Yaheetech Bed Frame

– Best Design


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If you love classic farmhouse-style beds, then you will love this option. Made from a top-quality iron, the Yaheetech Bed Frame is unquestionably one of the most durable models available. It features 12 metal slats that provide strong and steady support for a better sleeping experience. All of the elements have a quality color filling and a nice powder coating. Available in three different sizes and four intriguing colors, you will be able to find the adequate option in absolutely no time. And, what’s more interestingly, the bed frame is incredibly simple to set up. It comes with all the essential elements. So, all you honestly need to do is follow the illustrated installation manual.

Zinus Bed Frame

– Simplest Headboard


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Zinus did come up with something special when creating this headboard because it represents everything to comfort and style. The headboard comes with a classic style which helps it blend with any décor. Also, it has a foam-padded grey upholstery which gives it the cushioning feeling needed to rest your head while watching TV or working on your PC on your bed.

This headboard comes in twin format, which is the king and queen, and has a five-year limited warranty. It makes a perfect choice for couples looking to add some color to their adventure.

Atlantic Furniture Bed Frame

– Honorable Mention


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Are you looking for a sturdy headboard that can easily fit into your bed? You have found just the right one! The Atlantic furniture headboard gives a contemporary feel to your bed using any of their vast array of headboards. Each of these headboards is made to be ruffed and will not disappoint in the aesthetics department either. You can choose from the eight available styles and five finished, which should give your bedroom the sweet finishing it deserves.

Some outstanding features of this headboard include its classic traditional style, compatibility with metal frame, durability, and environmentally friendly origin.

Flash Furniture Bed Frame


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The perfect headboard can give your room the fitting complement and style. This unique headboard from Bedford is designed to make your room feel and look more spacious. Also, the convenience of the headboard means you will have enough floor space, which makes it easy for you to arrange your bed. The headboard comes with box stitching and a small tufted design, all of which give your bedroom a fresh look.

The size of the headboard makes it convenient to move around and fit into any part of your home. Also, the contemporary style of the frame gives your home something different. The fabric upholstery and box stitch design also add a unique flavor to the headboard.

Prepac Bed Frame


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Add a touch of class and boost your space using this unique bookcase headboard. This headboard affords you three vital components for storage and still manages to keep it all simple and elegant enough to blend into any space. You can modify the middle shelf in a manner that suits your style and needs. Also, there is a place where you can display and store your alarm clock, books, and picture frames.

Other outstanding features include its freestanding design, which makes it suited for both queen-sized and full-sized beds. The finishing is in drifted gray, which gives it a fantastic appeal, and it is made using non-toxic laminated composite wood, which means you don’t have to be scared of degrading the environment.


Amazon Basics Bed Frame


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Amazon basics headboard is not the regular headboard. This headboard creates an aura of style and comfort along with any queen-size bed with a guarantee of strength and reliability. It is made using a hundred percent soft polyester faux-linen upholstery, and its tufted design creates an impression of orderly squares, giving it a unique modern look.

Other unique features include its adjustable height and ease of cleaning using just a damp cloth. Weighing just 22 pounds, it is lightweight, but that doesn’t make it any less intense.


Christopher Knight Home


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The Christopher Knight Home brand was created with a mandate to create the extraordinary from the minds of the best in the industry. This headboard is a master craft that combines class, elegance, function and durability to create one of the best products out there.

The leg of the material is made using iron, giving it the assured posture needed when working on your PC on the bed. The material is fabric which makes it comfortable and cozy for work and relaxation.

Buying Guide to the Highest-Rated Bed Frames

Knowing what to go for when scouting for headboards will help limit room for errors when out there. In this guide, we will explore all you need to know before you buy your next headboard.

What Are the Types of Headboards?

A bed is not the same as a mattress, beds are independent furniture, and they come with an integrated footboard and headboard. The headboard is different because it is connected to an already existing bed frame which often is a steel rack on wheels or legs. Some headboards come permanently fixed on the wall, and the bed is simply pushed under it. Some headboards are known to sit on legs while others sit on the floor, and the bed gets either fixed against it or pressed.

Strutted headboards

These headboards are standard, and they are equipped using struts which lets you fix the headboard on the back of the bed. You only need to line the holes in the struts up using the pre-drilled holes located at the top end of the bed. You may also alter the position of the headboard in an upward or downward direction depending on your needs.

Floor standing

Such headboards are created to stand on the floor, and they can be attached to the bed. They often have a slot in the body of the headboard, and the bolts pass through it. Because they come with a fixed height, you need to exercise caution when choosing them.

Tips for Choosing Headboards

These days, headboards are more about beauty than function, which is why you need to be careful when selecting. There has to be a flow in the room. Usually, the first that catches the eye when one enters a room is the bed, so you need to invest in this department. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing a headboard.

Size of the headboard

The first thing you should consider before getting the headboard is the size of your room. If your room is small, it could limit your options. You have to measure the room and factor in the space. Any window and doors on the wall could influence your choice of headboards.

Ideally, you should add 5 inches on both sides of the board to be sure that it will perfectly fit your space. Doing this will give you the luxury of going large if you want.

Function or aesthetics?

You need to consider which is more important between aesthetics and use. If you want a headboard that will allow you to sit up to read or watch TV, comfort may be your primary focus. However, if you are thinking long-term, a wooden headboard may be the ideal choice due to its durability.

But if you want your bed to be the main attraction in your room, the design should be your primary focus.


If you spend a lot of his time sitting up in bed, you should consider a taller board. But if you are a person who climbs his bed straight to sleep, you should consider a shorter bed. However, note that beauty-wise, a high footboard will be perfect for you if you have a high headboard, especially if your room is large.


It is easier to connect a headboard to your bed if it is a strutted one. You only need to unscrew the bolts found on the bed and line them up using the screw holes located in the struts and then connect the headboard back to the bed.

Benefits of Using a Headboard

Aside from the function performed by headboards, they also improve the aesthetic of your room. Here are some unique benefits of using headboards.

Protection of the bedroom wall

The main reason why we wash pillowcases is the sweat that comes out of our bodies. Just as we may sweat on our pillowcases, we may also do some on the walls and stain them. If you are using a headboard, the head will no longer come in direct contact with the wall and affect it.

Protects your pillows

Lack of headboards means your pillow may fall in the gap that is between the wall and the bed. Your headboard assists you in keeping everything on the bed. Headboards are essential, especially if you want to move your bed from the wall.

Back support

Using a headboard will allow you to sit more comfortably in bed if you want to watch TV or read, and the wall will give you the needed support, but the wall won’t be as comfortable as your headboard. Thus, you need a headboard that is sturdy and comfortable enough for your back.

Maintenance and Care of Your Headboard

Taking good care of your headboard will go a long way in extending the lifespan. Metal can be easily cleaned even though it will eventually tarnish, hence using protective coating periodically using the protective coating. On the other hand, Wood requires extra cleaning, which is why you need to clean it regularly using soap and wax or polish. These types of headboards are more complex to polish.

Headboards are functional and beautiful and making a perfect choice can help you enjoy both aesthetics and function. The tips and product reviews in this piece should help simplify your search for the perfect headboard!

People Also Asked

Q: How can I connect my headboard with the bed frame?

A: Connecting the headboard to the bed frame isn’t difficult. All you need to do is drill pilot holes close to the middle of the wood you want to attach to. Drive the long screws through the headboard with at least an inch into the bed frame.

Q: What is the perfect headboard height?

A: There is no ideal height; the height you choose depends on your preference and room size. If your room is more significant, a taller headboard should suffice.

Q: Where can I buy a headboard?

A: buying a headboard shouldn’t be too tricky as there are numerous ones out there for you to choose from. Ensure you check online for reviews from past users to have a good idea of what you are getting.

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