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When you are getting ready for work, a party, a wedding, or any occasion, you want to look dapper from head to toe. So, it’s not very reassuring when you can’t get all of your reflection in the bedroom mirror. As a result, you would have to spend more time getting ready, which affects your mood and might even make you late.

There are countless bedroom mirrors that you can choose from, which can often be complex and confusing. Naturally, it would be best if you had a new bedroom mirror to get the exact look you are looking for. To make the work easier for you, we have rounded up the premier bedroom mirrors.

We went through hundreds of bedroom mirrors and handpicked five of the best ones from them. You can also find a comprehensive buying guide at the end of the reviews, which will help you understand how you can evaluate different bedroom mirrors. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Buying Guide for Bedroom Mirrors

Why Should You Use a Bedroom Mirror?

The choice of a bedroom mirror varies from person to person, and it generally depends on the space they have in their room and how important they consider it to be. If you ask us, having a bedroom mirror can be beneficial for you, as it would help you get ready for work or any special event that you’re planning to go to.

By installing a bedroom mirror, you will be able to see yourself from head to toe and fix something in your appearance or attire quickly before stepping out of the house. Another advantage of having a bedroom mirror is that it doesn’t let you feel alone, even if you are all by yourself in the place. Therefore, you will feel much safer and protected, and little sounds and rattles won’t bother you at all.

Moreover, bedroom mirrors are handy because they make the bedroom appear more extensive and spacious. It also reflects natural and artificial light, thus adding a different glow to your room that you would love.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bedroom Mirror

When you decide to choose a bedroom mirror, there are many different products and models that you will come across, and it will get confusing as to which one you should. To make this process easier, we have come up with some essential factors that you should keep in mind while shopping for the best bedroom mirror. Let’s have a look at them one by one.


The type of bedroom mirror you consider buying is one of the critical factors that come into play when choosing between different options. There are a few different types of mirrors, such as wall mirrors, that are meant to be mounted on the wall. Apart from this, you also have freestanding mirrors that are propped up on a stand.

The third type of bedroom mirror you can consider buying is full-length mirrors, which have a longer length and narrow width, and they can be either mounted or placed on a stand. These mirrors allow you to view yourself clearly from top to bottom, thus helping you get ready in the proper manner.

You can choose between the different types of bedroom mirrors, depending on how much space you have in your room. Generally, freestanding or floor mirrors take up more space. Even if you get a full-length mirror, you will need enough clearance space o look at yourself properly.


Another critical factor you need to consider when exploring different bedroom mirrors is their size, consisting of both the mirror’s length and width. Generally, the size of the mirror should be roughly 60% of the furniture that it is mounted or placed over. If you consider buying a rounded bedroom mirror, you can choose one with a diameter between 20“ and 32“.

Moreover, a small rectangular mirror measures roughly 20“ by 32“. In contrast, a medium-sized one goes up to 22“ by 32“, and a large-sized mirror would measure 27“ by 39“. You can also find dress mirrors with a shorter width and a longer length, and they help you look at yourself from head to toe while you are getting ready.

One important thing to do while choosing the right size of bedroom mirrors is to measure the area in which the mirror has to be installed. The measurement would help you determine the mirror size that you can easily accommodate in the space you have.


Most of the bedroom mirrors you come across will have a frame that defines their style. While the quality of glass is usually the same in all of the mirrors, the style of the frame is an important factor that you can consider. Since the bedroom mirror will be in your sight the first thing in the morning, you should opt for something you like seeing.

Commonly, mirror frames are made from wood, metal, or glass. You can also choose between different textures and finishes depending on the material. If you are a fan of woodwork, you would love a mirror with a wooden frame, which comes in different stains and colors. If you are looking for a golden or silver finish, opt for a metal frame.

More so, you can also choose a bedroom mirror with a glass frame, which would add a touch of elegance. Glass frames are usually made from tinted glass, which gives them a nice contrast.


Another factor that needs to be considered is the durability of the bedroom mirror that you choose. Either the mirror will be wall-mounted or have a freestanding design, and in both cases, you will have to be careful, so it doesn’t break. For this purpose, you should also examine the thickness of the mirror since thicker mirrors are much more durable and difficult to break.

Since bedroom mirrors can be quite costly, you would want them to last longer and prove to be useful. Therefore, evaluating the durability of the bedroom mirrors you come across is very important.

Type of glass

Nearly every bedroom mirror you come across will look the same. Still, they are made from different glass types, affecting their quality. High-quality glass provides a clear and accurate reflection, and cheap glass will distort the image. There are two types of mirrors: first surface mirrors and second surface mirrors. While the former is more expensive, bedroom mirrors are mostly made from second surface mirrors.


Last but not least, you should also consider the cost of the bedroom mirror, and for this, you will have to weigh it against your budget. If you think that a particular mirror is adequately priced and affordable, you will have no problem buying it. However, make sure that you keep other factors and features in mind so that you don’t end up overpaying for a simple mirror.

Compare Our Favorite Bedroom Mirror

Amazon Basics Bedroom Mirror

– Best Overall


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Our first pick is the Amazon Basics Rectangular Wall Mirror, which measures 24“ by 36“ and has a beautiful peaked trim that adds style to it. The rectangular design of this wall mirror allows you to see yourself from head to toe. You can adequately dress without moving back and forth, which is what most people have to experience when they don’t have a full-sized mirror.

You can mount this bedroom mirror horizontally and vertically. It also comes with metal mounting brackets and hanging hardware. It is one of the best bedroom mirrors out there and helps you get a crystal clear reflection.


  • Made from durable 54% glass
  • Can be hanged right out of the box
  • Can also be hung in the living room, corridor, or bathroom


  • Frame color is different than the images

NeuType Bedroom Mirror

– Runner Up


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Our next best pick is the NeuType Full-Length Mirror, rectangular and measures 65“ by 22“. This mirror features a high-definition shatterproof glass that is incredibly durable and doesn’t scatter even if broken into pieces. Moreover, it comes with a copper-free silver nitrate coating, which provides more protection. The bedroom mirror has a thin frame that you can choose in silver, gold, black, or white.

This bedroom mirror comes with its stand so that you can perch it up in your room, or you can make use of the traceless slots that allow you to mount it easily.


  • Size allows you to view yourself completely
  • It comes with a correctly mounting hardware
  • It consists of a durable high-definition glass


  • It can be difficult to mount on the wall

Hans & Alice Bedroom Mirror

– Honorable Mention


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Suppose you are looking for a bedroom mirror that gives you a wide-angled look. In that case, you should consider the H&A Full Length Mirror, which measures 65“ by 24“ and allows you to check yourself out from every angle for any event. It comes with freestanding and wall mount options, so you can easily install it anywhere inside your bedroom or bathroom. It features a durable and clear silver mirror with a 5mm silver lens, which increases its lifespan.

This bedroom mirror also has a thin and attractive frame available in black, white, gold, and natural wood color tones. It blends in well with your bedroom decor.


  • Freestanding and wall-mount design
  • The durable and shatter-proof glass


  • It can’t be mounted to a door

Umbra Bedroom Mirror

– Contender


Buy on Amazon

The Umbra Hub Oval Wall Mirror is a stylish and functional bedroom mirror that looks amazing and provides you with a clear surface that shows you your appearance in high definition. The oval-shaped mirror measures 36“ x 24“ and is encased with a thick rubber border, which can be selected in black, white, and grey colors. These colors also add to the protection of the bedroom mirror. The glass of this mirror reflects natural and artificial light quite well, thus helping you to dress yourself up quickly.

You can easily mount this bedroom mirror to the wall, and it also adds more depth to your room, thus making it look bigger. It will add a touch of style to your bedroom and complement your decor nicely.


  • Covered with a protective rubber frame
  • It reflects all types of light pretty well
  • It can be mounted horizontally or vertically


  • It doesn’t offer full-length reflection

Ruomeng Bedroom Mirror

– Another Option


Buy on Amazon

Last but not least, we have the Ruomeng Full Length Mirror Tiles, which consist of 4 pieces of glass mirrors that can be arranged in different formations in your bedroom. These tiles measure 12“ x 12“ each, and you can also choose from 14“ x 14“ and 16“ x 16“ options. These bedroom mirror tiles have a frameless design, making it easy for you to arrange them in any way possible without worrying about the order. Each tile consists of high-quality and high-definition float glass with frosted edges to keep your hands safe.

With this bedroom mirror, you also get access to a robust double-sided foam tape that sticks well onto different kinds of walls and allows you to mount it wherever needed.


  • It can be arranged in any formation
  • Made from high-quality glass
  • Available in three different sizes


  • It can’t be mounted on uneven or rough surfaces

People Also Asked

Q: How is a full-length bedroom mirror installed on the wall?

A: Once you have determined the spot to hang the mirror, screw the anchors and place the mirror at eye level. Once you have drilled the hole, align the hooks or wires with the anchors and make sure the bedroom mirror isn’t tilted.

Q: How to keep the bedroom mirror clean?

A: Your bedroom mirror can easily get caked with dust and dirt over time, which is why you should clean it with a damp cloth now and then.

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