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If you’ve ever been in a nice hotel and slept on their sheets, then you know what it feels like to have a great night’s sleep. While most people think that the mattress is the most important part of a bed, it’s actually the bed sheets that make all the difference. Not only do they provide a soft surface to sleep on, but they also help regulate body temperature and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The right bedding can also set the overall tone for your bedroom, from a luxurious resort feel to a sophisticated minimalist aesthetic. To help you nod off comfortably, we’ve put together a list of some of the top bed sheets.

Finding Quality Bed Sheets: A Buying Guide

Bed sheets come in myriad styles and materials – from standard cotton to high-end silk, flannel, and satin. While it’s tempting to just buy whatever you can afford and be done with it (especially if you’re on a tight budget), it’s important to take the time and consider what type of sheets are right for you. Here’s what you need to know when shopping for bed sheets.

What To Look for When Purchasing Bed Sheets

Fiber content

If you’re looking for an affordable and comfortable option, consider purchasing pure cotton bed sheets. Extra-Long Staple (ELS) cotton is a high-end option that’s even more comfortable, softer, and can last you years of use. But, the downside of ELS cotton bed sheets is that they are usually on the expensive side.

You can choose cotton or polyester blends if you’re on a budget and looking for inexpensive options. Sheets made from these materials are wrinkle-resistant and durable, but do have a synthetic feel.

Thread count

Did you know that some manufacturers are scamming their customers by using modern technology to make high thread count bed sheets without improving the overall quality of the sheets? So, you shouldn’t consider thread count as the only deciding factor.

That said, keep in mind that a thread count of 300 to 500 is ideal to offer you the perfect blend of softness and strength. Even though you can find durable bed sheets with a 200 thread count, these options aren’t as comfy and soft as you may want.


No one wants to spend the whole night tossing around on a not-so-soft bed sheet and wake up in the morning with a red face. The softness of bed sheets comes from their fiber content, and if you’re looking for the softest sheets, rayon fibers are the ideal choice. You can also opt for polyester microfibers because they are buttery soft, despite their somewhat synthetic feel.

Unfortunately, you can’t determine a cotton sheet’s softness just by looking at the fiber content because it also depends on the construction. Special techniques, like brushing and combing, make cotton sheets softer and manufacturers generally highlight such features on the packaging.

Weave type

You can find bed sheets in different weave types, but you should stick to either sateen weave or percale if you want to enjoy the perfect night’s sleep. Percale is a grid-like weaving pattern that feels light; sateen, on the other hand, feels more silky and smooth. If you don’t want to compromise on comfort and softness, you should go for a sateen weave.

Wrinkle resistance

Who doesn’t want their bed sheets to look smoother with minimal creases? While creases aren’t a major concern when it comes to purchasing bed sheets for adults, you’d want a cotton sateen sheet for your kids’ bed because it wrinkles less than percale.

Cotton sateen bed sheets often also come with a wrinkle-resistant finish to keep them smooth, even when your kids are jumping on the bed. While linen sheets are the easiest to crease, most people prefer using them for a more casual look.

Temperature-regulating features

Look for bed sheets that efficiently regulate your body temperature to help you keep comfy all night. During hot seasons, look for bed sheets with moisture-wicking features to keep sweat at bay and prevent overheating. Fibers like linen and lyocell also make a great choice for hot weather because they have inherent cooling aspects.

Different Materials Used for Bed Sheets

Bedding is meant to cover a variety of needs for a wide range of people. As such, bed sheets are made of different materials in order to suit people’s specific needs. Below, we’ve broken down some of the most common.


The most commonly used material for bed sheets is cotton and cotton blends because it’s extremely soft against the skin and offers years of use. Cotton bed sheets also feel very natural against the skin and won’t cause any allergic reactions or irritation for people with skin sensitivities. Staple cotton varieties like Egyptian cotton and Pima are also great choices because they are smoother and last longer.


Polyester bed sheets are ideal if you’re looking for high-quality bedding on a budget. These sheets are shrink-resistant and won’t fray or rip off easily, ensuring they’ll last you years of use.

Additionally, polyester sheets are super smooth and a bit silky, so they aren’t as luxurious as their cotton alternatives. You can also opt for cotton-polyester blend bed sheets if you aren’t a fan of the synthetic feel that most polyester sheets offer.


Linen bed sheets are an amazing choice for hotter months because of their breathability. These sheets are airy and have a unique weave texture that gives them a casual and relaxed look. You can also find eco-friendly options that feel just like linen sheets – hemp bed sheets, for example, have quite a similar look and feel to linen sheets.


Typically soft and smooth, silk bed sheets are known for their luxurious feel. Clara Sutton, the human resources manager at Healthier Trajectory, said, “Silk is a natural fiber that is known for its softness, durability, and breathability. It is a popular choice for sheets in the summertime because it helps to keep the user cool.“

Silk sheets are more expensive than other types of materials, but can easily rip after repeated washing. If you want to enjoy the feel of silk sheets without spending a fortune, you can try using silk pillowcases with your regular bed sheets for a similar feel.

Reviewing Our Favorite Bed Sheets in Detail

LuxClub Bed Sheet Set

– Best Overall


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Treat yourself to ultimate softness with the LuxClub Bed Sheet Set. These sheets are made from a rayon blend, so they’re soft, breathable, and all-around perfect for hot sleepers. Featuring a high thread count, these bed sheets have an all-around elastic so they don’t slip or bunch up when you’re sleeping. Some options also have extra deep pockets to accommodate up to a 21-inch deep mattress.

With anti-pilling and fade-resistant properties, these sheets are sure to last you for years of happy restful nights. These bed sheets are available in a range of colors as well, from classic white to bolder hues. So, whether you’re looking for something classic or want to add some color to your bedding, this set will help you create your dream bedroom!


  • Made using a soft, smooth fabric
  • Machine washable and shrink-resistant
  • Elastic hem for easy fitting
  • Available in over 40 colors


  • May pill after some time

Miracle Made Bed Sheets

– Best Design


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The Miracle Made Bed Sheets offer optimal comfort and luxury to achieve the perfect night’s sleep. These premium sheets are made of Supima cotton, which is incredibly breathable and lovely to touch. It also provides maximum durability with its resistance to fading, pilling, and wrinkling.

Aside from their luxurious and breathable texture, Miracle Made sheets protect your skin from dirt and bacteria thanks to their odor-blocking technology. The silver ions possess a positive charge that neutralizes and eliminates any odor-causing elements, which keeps the sheets fresh and provides a layer of safety between you and the dirt. This means that you can wash your bedsheets three times less than you would normally have to. As a result, it saves time and money on the purchase of additional bedsheet sets.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • High-quality and well-manufactured
  • Fabric is cooling and breathable
  • Sheets stay cleaner and don’t need to be changed as often as regular cotton sheets


  • The silver-infused fabric may not be suitable for sensitive skin

Miracle Made Bed Sheet

– Unique Design


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The Miracle Made Bed Sheet is a unique and attractive product designed to provide consumers with enhanced comfort and protection every night. Their 500-thread count Supima cotton fabric, combined with silver ion technology, creates an ultra-breathable and luxurious material. The innovative silver infusion helps to keep the bed sheets clean for longer periods of time, allowing them to be washed three times less than traditional bed sheets. This is effective in preventing odors from forming and protecting your skin from unwanted dirt or bacteria.

The silver ions form a positive charge, neutralizing any odor-causing elements before they can reproduce. On top of being odor and dirt protective, these bed sheets are also designed for longevity, resistant to wrinkling, pilling, and even fading, ensuring you a peaceful night of sleep every night. They are ultra-breathable; keeping you cool in the summer months. If you’re in need of a bed sheet set that will leave you feeling refreshed and comfortable each morning, the Miracle Made Bed Sheets are a great option.


  • Stay “fresh“ for longer than other sheets
  • Very comfortable
  • Repels dog hair
  • Easy to wash and dry


  • Expensive compared to other bed sheets

DOZ by SIJO Bamboo Bed Sheet Set

– High-Quality Material


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Crafted of high-quality materials, the DOZ by SIJO Bamboo Bed Sheet Set is designed to ensure you get the best sleep night after night. The sheets and pillowcases have a luxurious sateen weave that will drape closely to the skin, providing an exceptionally soft, buttery feel. They’re made from 100% organic bamboo with a GSM of 145, making them some of the most durable sheets available while providing superb softness and a lightweight feel.

This bed sheet set will keep you cool and dry during hot nights. This is because the fabric is highly breathable, boasting moisture-wicking properties that help remove sweat from your body overnight. The sheets are Oeko-TEX certified, too, so you can rest assured that no harmful substances were used to make them. As someone who really values a good night’s sleep, I’ve picked these bed sheets as the best overall choice because of the comfort, breathability, and quality they offer.


  • Available in seven colors
  • Soft, high-quality, and durable
  • Breathable on hot nights
  • Designed with moisture-wicking properties


  • Doesn’t include a top sheet

Amazon Basics Bed Sheet Set

– Great Value


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The Amazon Basics Bed Sheet Set is the perfect addition to your bedroom decor. Made from polyester microfibers, these bed sheets are incredibly soft, comfortable, and durable. This bed sheet set includes two standard pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet. The fitted sheet features all-around elastic to accommodate 16-inch deep mattresses and ensure a secure fit on your bed, although the extra deep size can even handle up to 21 inches.

Unlike other bed sheets, these are wrinkle and fade-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them shrinking or losing their color after multiple washes. Even better, this set is made in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory, so you can be sure that it’s safe for you and your family. And, from solid colors to a subtle flower print, these bed sheets are available in multiple options to suit anyone’s aesthetic.


  • Lightweight, breathable material
  • Fits your mattress snugly
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in a range of sizes


  • Could be softer

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

– Amazing Size Variety


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Want to experience ultimate luxury? Look no further than Mellanni’s Bed Sheet Set. Made from double-brushed microfibers, these bed sheets feel smooth and silky against your skin. They’re also quite breathable, so you’ll stay cool and comfortable in different weather conditions. Plus, because these bed sheets are fade, shrink, and wrinkle-resistant, you can rest assured they’ll stay in tip-top shape for years to come.

From burgundy to sage, these bed sheets are available in a range of beautiful hues, so you can easily pick one according to your room decor. Even better, they have deep pockets that perfectly fit a mattress up to 16 inches thick, with the extra deep option being capable of accommodating even more. You also get two pillowcases with envelope closures to amp up your bedroom’s look without breaking the bank.


  • Ultra-soft material for a comfortable feel
  • Fade and shrink-resistant
  • Fits mattresses up to 16 inches deep
  • Also available in an extra-deep design


  • Stitching frays easily

CGK Unlimited Bed Sheet Set

– Most Comfortable


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The CGK Unlimited Bed Sheets offer the perfect blend of style and comfort. Made from double-brushed microfiber yarn, these bed sheets are silky, soft, and durable, so you’ll never have to worry about them wearing out. They are also very lightweight and breathable, which will keep you cool during the hot summer months.

Unlike other bed sheets, these are pill and shrink-resistant, meaning they will stay looking new for years to come. The fitted sheet comes with elastic corners to guarantee a snug fit on your mattress, while the flat sheet has an extra-deep pocket to accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches deep. And, because this set is available in both printed designs and solid colors, finding something you’ll like will be a piece of cake.


  • Available in a range of designs
  • Premium microfiber construction
  • Soft and comfortable against your skin
  • Easy to clean and machine-washable


  • Poor stitching quality

Utopia Bedding Bed Sheet Set

– Best Design


Buy on Amazon

Utopia Bedding’s Bed Sheet Set is a dream come true for anyone who loves to sleep in style. Made up of brushed microfiber polyester fabric, these bed sheets are smooth and comfortable to sleep on. This bed sheet set also features elastic around all four sides of the fitted sheet to keep it securely in place, no matter how much tossing and turning you do at night.

Available in a range of sizes, these bed sheets come in eye-catching colored designs that’ll enhance your bedroom decor beautifully. And, because these sheets are both shrink and fade-resistant, you can wash them over and over again without worrying about ruining your favorite sheets. So, if you’re like me and need bed sheets that are both stylish and high-quality, this set is your best bet.


  • Made of durable, long-lasting polyester fabric
  • Double stitched hem to prevent fraying
  • Pillowcases with envelope closure
  • Available in six sizes


  • Fabric is a bit thin

People Also Ask

Q: How often should I wash my bed sheets?

A: It depends on the material, composition, and weave type of the bed sheets you are using, but you should always follow the care instructions to keep them in tip-top shape. Each wash cycle contributes to the wear and tear of the sheets, which will ultimately shorten their lifespan. If your bed sheets are made using delicate materials, like linen and silk, they will deteriorate quickly with frequent washing and cleaning. Also, be careful about special care instructions like the tumble dry settings and water temperature. Most people prefer washing their bed sheets every two weeks to keep them clean and hygienic, while others wash them weekly. Regularly washing your bed sheets also reduces the buildup of dead skin and body moisture, keeping them smelling clean and fresh.

Q: Are Egyptian cotton sheets worth the investment?

A: If you want to splurge for a material that’s more durable and luxurious, Egyptian cotton sheets are absolutely worth their premium price. This material has an excellent reputation when it comes to bed sheets, and its trustworthy track record makes it the ideal choice to bring a hotel-like feel to your bedroom. Thankfully, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to get high-quality Egyptian cotton bed sheets that are soft and comfy. There are some low-cost alternatives as well that’ll help you wake up fresh and well-rested every morning

Q: I’m looking for the most sustainably produced bed sheets. Which should I purchase?

A: Sheets made using natural and organic materials like linen and cotton are the most sustainable options. If you don’t like the feel of linen or cotton sheets, however, you can also go for semi-synthetic materials like bamboo rayon and Tencel. Also, consider buying a bed sheet set with third-party certifications that validate that it was produced with organic, chemical-free materials and meets other standards to protect the environment.

Q: How long will my bed sheets last?

A: If you follow the care instructions and wash them at the suggested temperature, your bed sheets can last anywhere between two to five years. There are some heavier-duty and higher-quality sheets that can last even longer, while some poorly made sheets made using low-end materials can rip off after a few uses. Your bed sheets’ lifespan will also depend on your usage and if you have pets or kids around – these factors can make sheets prone to fraying rather quickly. To extend the lifespan of your bed sheets, try using two different sets and rotating between them. Additionally, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for laundering sheets to avoid premature damage. It’s also better to keep drinks and food items out of your bedroom to prevent spills and stubborn stains.

Q: How do I choose bed sheets that fit well?

A: Before you start shopping for luxury bed sheets, you should know the exact size that will fit your bed. Just knowing if you have a full, queen, or king mattress isn’t enough; a lot of other factors also go into choosing the right bed sheet size, like the thickness of your mattress. You should measure the length and depth of your mattress for the best-fitting sheets, and if you’re using a mattress topper, take that into consideration because it will add up to 2 to 3 inches to your bed sheets’ size. While most regular bed sheets will fit almost any standard-size mattress, you’ll need a larger bed sheet to accommodate beds with a separate memory foam topper or extra thick pillow top mattresses. You may also need bed sheets that are specially made for specific types of mattresses, like ones with deep pockets.

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