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Entering your bathroom to see an unorganized array of toiletries and other bathroom essentials can be a major turn-off. You should organize your products in one place to maintain a spacious toilet. Having the right product can help you achieve that goal. If you’re frustrated with the current state of your bathroom, it may be time to make some changes by investing in a high-quality bathroom shelf. To get things started, we have reviewed the finest bathroom shelves to help you learn about the finest products available on the market.

The right bathroom shelf accommodates all your toiletries without causing much hassle. When choosing a product, always focus on the quality and your intention for use to make a worthwhile purchase.

Buying Guide: Bathroom Shelving

What Should You Keep in Mind When Buying the Best Bathroom Shelves?

To make a worthwhile purchase, keeping a few critical aspects in mind is important.

The size of your bathroom

The shelf you choose should coordinate with the size of your bathroom. A clunky shelf may look unwanted in your bathroom, making it look seemingly oppressive. Wall-mounted and floating shelves are best for an all-in-one bathroom but if you have a sectioned toilet, go for a floor-mounted shelf.


The material you pick plays a pivotal role in determining the life of your bathroom shelf. Being in a bathroom means you are going to get in contact with water and cleaning chemicals, so it is a good idea to choose a shelf that can bear the weight of your products while maintaining water-resistant properties. Steel and engineered wood are the best materials for the job as they promote durability and longevity.

Weight management

Putting too many things on your bathroom shelves can cause them to fall, which is never a good thing. Always distribute the weight evenly and buy a shelf that can bear the weight of all your products.

Moisture resistance

Moisture build-up can destroy the quality of your product in a short period. Opting for moisture and rust-resistant products in combined bathrooms helps you maintain your shelves for a longer time.

How Are Bathroom Shelves Beneficial?

There are multiple reasons behind the emphasis on installing bathroom shelves. Here are the most prominent ones.

Organize items

A small investment in bathroom shelves can go a long way in helping you keep everything organized and in one place. It can also help you to keep track of all your belongings and ensure everything is present.

Maintain quality of products

Maintaining the quality of products in a bathroom is challenging as they can absorb moisture, and rust, and simply deteriorate over time. However, by putting things behind closed doors, you are eliminating the concern of rusting.

Increase space

A cluttered bathroom can look messy despite being clean. Once everything is stored properly on the shelves, your bathroom will look spacious and clean.

What Materials Are Bathroom Shelves Made Of?

Different materials are popular for bathroom shelves. Each of them has different properties, and users can choose according to their requirements.


Wooden shelves are the most durable of the lot because of their weight tolerance and ability to manage heavier items. However, high-quality wood is not cheap, and you must have a good budget in mind when buying a shelf of this kind. Another problem with natural wood is that it doesn’t resist water, so you may opt for engineered wood, which is affordable and highly water-resistant.


Heavy-duty metal shelves consist of a sturdy build that can last for a very long time. Apart from being a reasonable choice, they are also tolerant of a sufficient amount of weight. Despite these qualities, a metal shelf requires regular maintenance as it tends to react against hard water.


A combination of wood and metal is common in floating shelves. This combo takes durability and resilience to another level with both their properties combined.

What Are the Types of Bathroom Shelves?

Here is a list of the best bathroom shelves that are top choices among users:

Floating shelf

A floating shelf adds a sense of elegance to your bathroom without taking a lot of space, but it may require a professional assembly.

Door shelves

These shelves add some sense of privacy, especially if you are sharing a bathroom. However, most door shelves are not as sturdy as their floating or floor-mounted counterparts.

Corner shelves

Corner shelves can save a lot of space, but they are not as weight tolerant as floating shelves.


Bathroom shelves are an essential part of any bathroom as they help you organize and store things. There are many types of shelves present in the market, but you need to consider their size, weight tolerance, material, and the size of your bathroom to make a worthwhile decision. With the help of our buying guide, you can buy the best bathroom shelves.

Comparing the Top Bathroom Shelving

ZGO Bathroom Shelf

– Best Overall


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There is something charming about floating shelves in the bathroom. Known to organize toiletries with elegance and grace, the ZGO Bathroom Shelves are made from a sturdy metal frame with a three-sided guardrail to protect your things from falling. Its durable and rust-resistant structure can bear up to 20 lbs of weight per shelf when distributed equally. Measuring 15.7 x 5.7 inches, they can make your bathroom look more spacious without taking up a lot of room.

This bathroom shelf is delivered with a complete set including 2 pine boards, 2 metal frames, 1 towel rack, 4 expansion screws, 4 long screws, and 8 short screws for convenient installation. Additionally, this multipurpose product is available in 6 different colors.


  • Adds an elegant touch to the bathroom
  • Durable and rust-resistant metal
  • Load bearing product


  • The assembly is a bit complicated

Honey-Can-Do Bathroom Shelf

– Runner Up


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A contemporary yet highly accommodating design by Honey-Can-Do, this floor-mount bathroom cabinet is perfect for storing dry items like towels and bedsheets. Crafted from heavy-duty Alloy Steel, it has a brilliant paint finish to resemble premium-quality marble work that complements modern bathrooms. The shelf measures 12.6“ L x 11“ W x 59.8“ H, making it spacious enough for all kinds of toiletries and bathroom decor. Moreover, it is a 6-tier bathroom tower shelf with a soft feet finish that doesn’t scratch or scuff your floor tiling.


  • Made from heavy-duty material
  • Perfect for toiletries
  • Easy on the bathroom floor


  • Difficult to assemble

OMYSA Bathroom Shelf

– Honorable Mention


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A well-decorated space is known to leave a long-lasting impact on the overall vibe of your bathroom. OMYSA wall hanging shelves are wall-mount floaters made from premium-quality pine wood that help you decorate your bathroom conveniently. They are fully assembled and ready to use with 3 colored rings, screws, and wall anchors for simple, hassle-free installation. Measuring 17.5 x 5.5 x 0.75 inches, they add elegance to your bathroom. The sturdy wooden body ensures longevity, while the A-shape design adds a trendy touch to this shelf. They can also be used to decorate any part of the house, including the outdoors.


  • Sturdy build because of premium-quality materials
  • Trendy shape
  • Simple assembly


  • It may not be very efficient in managing toiletries

Peter’s Goods Bathroom Shelf

– Contender


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Classics are always elegant, and anything with a rustic finish is more in-demand in modern households. Peter’s Goods Bathroom Shelves are a perfect combination of beautifully torched Paulownia wood and alloy steel, ensuring heavy-duty use with utmost durability. The entire stand features protective metal guards that prevent your stuff from falling.

By using the failsafe 3-step installation process, you can efficiently install it in your room. Moreover, this perfect combination of modern and rustic shelves is available in 6 fabulous designs. You can buy them in medium size, which is 16.75 inches, or in a sizable 25-inch frame.


  • Made from durable and heavy-duty material
  • Prevents items from falling down
  • Available in 6 different designs and sizes


  • Wood is not water-resistant

ASLINY Bathroom Shelf

– Also Consider


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Hung by a jute rope, this wall shelf by ASLINY is made from a high-quality pine board and coated protection for durability and resistance against moisture. Measuring only 7.5 x 5.9 x 33 inches, each shelf can hold up to 15 lbs of evenly distributed weight, making it an optimal choice for any bathroom.

These aesthetic wall shelves are a unique addition to your bathroom. Easy to store and hang, you can put small decorative items, light towels, or toilet paper on them without any issue. The ASLINY Bathroom Shelves are available in 10 different colors to meet all your requirements.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Can hold up to 15 lbs per shelf
  • Available in 10 different colors


  • Not suitable for heavier items

People Also Asked

Q: Where should a bathroom shelf be placed?

A: You can conveniently place a floor-mount bathroom shelf near the mirror in the dry section of the bathroom. On the other hand, wall mount shelves should be placed near the shower as they can accommodate your shower essentials.

Q: Can I convert my floor-mounted bathroom shelf into a vanity?

A: It is possible to convert your floor mount bathroom shelf to a vanity, but you should pick something that matches the overall bathroom look.

Q: Can you decorate your bathroom shelf?

A: Bathroom shelves can be decorated with small pots and plants.

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