Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | September 19, 2020

Best New Product

Sawing wood outside with a chainsaw
Handling a chainsaw just got a little easier thanks to a throwback tip from Danny’s shop teacher. (DepositPhotos)

If only homes came with directions, right? Well, that’s not going to happen anytime soon because there are so many things that can go wrong with them! And there are so many needs you can’t immediately anticipate.

For instance, what if you need to saw some limbs or logs, and you’ve never handled a chainsaw? And what’s the solution for dirty caulk — how do you clean it?

What can you do when lint from your clothes dryer blows onto your grass? Or when your dog leaves a mess on your bedroom carpet, and the odors stick around?

Every homeowner has asked themselves most of these questions at one point or another — or they will encounter these issues in the future; just give it time!

And we’ve got advice for each one of them on this episode of the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

  • [8:52] What to do when dryer lint blows onto the grass
  • [15:26] The best adhesive to glue PVC trim boards to metal
  • [20:43] Thoughts on painting vintage Marlite
  • [28:23] Best New Product: Rust-Oleum Outdoor Fabric Spray Paint
  • [30:21] Danny and Joe discuss uses for the Best New Product and Danny talks about his community project for the University of South Alabama
  • [31:49] Help for an ongoing sinkhole
  • [39:24] A stronger solution for sealing exterior cracks and gaps
  • [49:22] Simple Solution: How to convert a 5-gallon bucket into a cutting tool
  • [51:05] An old tip about how to handle a saw from Danny’s eighth-grade shop teacher, King David Wilson
  • [55:44] How to clean a popcorn ceiling around AC vents
  • [57:50] Garden statues have broken — how to put them back together again
  • [58:51] The best way to repair holes from a sagging towel rod
  • [1:01:30] How to fill cracks in plaster walls
  • [1:10:42] How to remove a marble sink’s sealer and reseal it with a high-gloss finish
  • [1:15:12] Tips for cleaning old caulk
  • [1:22:44] Tips for configuring an electric Wi-Fi thermostat
  • [1:33:27] How to eliminate dog smells from bedroom carpet
  • [1:36:55] Building a storage barn? Here’s our recommendation for the foundation
  • [1:43:35] Simple Solution: An easy way to get a down comforter into a duvet cover

Best New Product

Applying outdoor fabric spray paint to cushionCan you spray-paint fabric? Yes! Rust-Oleum’s Fabric Spray Paint makes your outdoor furniture look vibrant and feel soft again. Learn more>>


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