Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | October 9, 2021

Storm door and storm window on a brick home
Storm windows and doors help protect and insulate your home during severe weather. (©Brad –

If you haven’t considered replacing the screens in front of your windows with storm windows, think of the benefits.

Storm windows can help reduce air seeping in and out of your home, improve comfort and lower your energy bill.

Learn all about them during this episode of the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Also: Are your oak floors squeaking, and even starting to give way when you walk on them?

And: If your floors are sun-faded, we have the perfect method to fix them!

Listen to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show to learn more about these topics, and much more, including:

  • Whether to lay vinyl flooring over mosaic tiles
  • What to use when painting a fiberglass shower
  • Tips for renewing a deck
  • The best way to remove asphalt shingles
  • Front porch design ideas
  • Suggestions for removing vines growing on the front of your home
  • How to let air into your attic without soffit vents
  • Cleaning a limestone mantel piece
  • To use or not to use landscape fabric
  • How to fix the water level in your toilet bowl

In the Aisles of The Home Depot

With cooler weather approaching, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and grill out with family and friends as well as practice fire safety.

We caught up with our friend Danny Watson from The Home Depot to let our viewers know about their great lineup of grills to use this fall!

Whether it’s a charcoal, gas or pellet grill, Home Depot has it.

Most people have heard of charcoal or gas grills, but what about that third option?

Pellet grills use wooden pellets and a combination of fans to heat food to a specific temperature. They’re almost like a convection oven, and this one does all the hard work for you!

It’s Fire Safety Month, so here’s a quick tip: position your grill at least 10 feet away from your home in case embers go flying. And keep a fire extinguisher near a grill in case there is ever a situation where you need it.

You can find all of these great products at The Home Depot, in-store or online!

Best New Product

Varathane Super Glaze Stain Best New ProductVarathane Super Glaze Finish can be used on most interior surfaces. Learn More >>

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