Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | October 17, 2020

Pocket doors partially closed
Pocket doors are great space-savers, but can you hang pictures on the walls after installing them? Listen to this episode of the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show to find out! (©Dave, Adobe Stock Photos)

Tell me how many times this has happened: a home improvement doesn’t turn out quite the way you expected. Or, more problems or questions pop up after the project’s completion.

For instance, you install pocket doors to save space, but then realize you want to hang pictures on the walls, and you’re not sure whether your screws are small enough to avoid hitting the internal door.

Or the tile installers stain the grout an unflattering color, and you wonder if you can go over their work with something different.

Or you want to install outdoor tiles, but realize you’ll need an uncoupling membrane, and that’s a term you’ve never even heard before!

We’ll talk about all these issues, and more, on this episode of the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

  • [15:59] What to do when a toilet won’t clear waste
  • [20:50] Can you stain existing tile grout a different color?
  • [28:23] Best New Product: DeWalt Trimmer / Blower Combo Kit
  • [30:08] Tips for installing lights without ceiling access
  • [39:25] How to reduce noise from an AC unit
  • [49:19] Simple Solution: How using a plane before you sand lessens the time spent sanding
  • [54:49] What to do when your ceiling fan has a ‘ghost’ in it
  • [56:59] Tips for cleaning granite tombstone that has mold or mildew
  • [59:59] Tips for ventilating a small, old house with limited insulation
  • [1:02:18] What exactly is the purpose of an uncoupling membrane and is it worth the extra cost?
  • [1:09:41] Tips for installing a kitchen sink cabinet topped with a butcher block counter
  • [1:22:27] How to clean cherry wood cabinets and make them beautiful once again
  • [1:34:17] Is there a small fastener for drywall without hitting pocket doors?
  • [1:37:25] Will attic fans solve a mold problem?
  • [1:43:30] Simple Solution: How to easily saw a sole plate for a door opening when framing a wall

Best New Product

DeWalt Leaf Blower / String Trimmer Combo Kit from The Home DepotYard work seems to be a constant for most homeowners. So, anything that simplifies the process is a win, right? The DeWalt Trimmer/Blower Combo Kit does that. Learn more>>

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