Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | November 21, 2020

Closeup of a home with a gable vent and soffit vents
Need tips to install soffit vents? Listen to this week’s episode of the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show. (©Pam, Adobe Stock Photos)

Picture this: You have a number of home improvements you want to tackle, and you’ve made up the list. But you’re not sure about some of the finer points that will bring these projects to fruition.

It’s easy to imagine, because that’s the reality for countless homeowners every single day.

Maybe you know you want to install soffit vents, but you’re not sure about the size. (It varies from room to room and home to home.)

Perhaps you want to install storm windows, but you want to make absolutely sure they won’t leak before you make that commitment. On that note, maybe you also want to waterproof your windows.

Or you want to install a walk-in shower (they’re a trendy choice right now) and need tips, or you just want to know what you need to know when installing vinyl plank floors.

We’ll help you with these home improvements, and many more, on this week’s episode of the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

  • [15:48] How to determine what size soffit vents you need
  • [28:21] Best New Product: Ryobi Cordless Water Power Cleaner
  • [29:59] How to install storm windows that won’t leak
  • [39:34] Should you waterproof your windows?
  • [49:15] Simple Solution: An easy, non-messy way to pour paint from a can using painter’s tape
  • [54:44] Danny and Joe talk about how to prepare your home for Thanksgiving
  • [1:01:17] How to install a walk-in shower
  • [1:10:37] What to know when installing vinyl plank floors
  • [1:22:32] Easy options for restoring painted floors
  • [1:34:30] How to encapsulate mastic and tiles without having to call in a specialist
  • [1:37:30] What to consider when choosing a window replacement company
  • [1:43:27] Simple Solution: How to plunge a kitchen sink that is hooked up to a dishwasher

Best New Product

Ryobi's Cordless Power Cleaner is displayed on a table outside.Looking for an easy alternative to pressure washing, but something stronger than a garden hose? Ryobi’s latest offering can help. Learn more>>

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