Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | May 2, 2020

Solar panels on green home
Electricity is basically free when you have solar panels and have paid off the equipment’s cost. (DepositPhotos)

We recently celebrated Earth Day, and one of the kindest choices you can make for your home is selecting a metal roof.

A metal roof is sustainable because it’s designed to last 50-plus years, it’s made from recycled materials and it’s energy-efficient.

Adding solar panels to your roof is another great, environmentally green option, especially since your electricity is essentially free after you pay off the equipment cost.

And there’s no better roof to install those solar panels than a metal roof because you have much less roof maintenance compared to other types.

Listen to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show to learn more about front- and backyard exterior upgrades!  

  • [01:54] Why Danny hopped over his 8-foot-tall fence
  • [04:09] Joe’s current home improvement projects
  • [06:20] How moth balls can drive out pests
  • [16:18] Tips to retain heat in an unheated garage
  • [22:12] Best New Product: Ecobee’s SmartThermostat with Voice Control
  • [28:31] Tips for removing carpet from stairs
  • [33:42] Why you should consider a metal roof
  • [39:43] Tips for preventing wood fences from warping
  • [50:36] Simple Solution: How to Build a Barbecue Shelf
  • [54:37] Tips for painting over peeling cabinets
  • [56:18] How to fill cracks on concrete blocks
  • [57:48] Tips for staining a concrete patio
  • [01:10:22] Tips for painting outdoors
  • [01:14:01] Caulk is bubbling off — what now?
  • [01:24:11] How to fill up a blank yard
  • [01:34:21] How to clean tile grout lines
  • [01:37:40] Tips for using polymer sand
  • [01:43:23] Simple Solution: How to cut plywood on a sawhorse

Best New Product

Ecobee SmartThermostat on display in the Mobile, Alabama Home DepotEcobee’s smart thermostat with voice control makes programming a thermostat easier than ever. Learn more>>


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