Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | May 16, 2020

Woodpecker boring into tree

Enjoying every inch of your home means taking care of the outside just as well as you take care of the inside.

Doing that requires a special recipe for preventing pests from taking up residence in your yard and making some exterior upgrades.

Along the way, you’ll probably have questions like the callers on this week’s Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Knowing how to keep woodpeckers away from your home will come in handy if you spend a lot of time outdoors and don’t want the extra noise.

Other common issues include removing carpet glue from outdoor stairs and screening in a porch. Then there are unexpected problems like pouring a slab that’s now oily to the touch and finding that your deck is peeling.

We’ll cover those issues, and much more.   

  • [2:17] All about filters that need regular replacement
  • [15:53] What to do about a peeling back
  • [28:24] Best New Product: Zevo Flying Insect Trap starter kit
  • [31:59] Can you use cellular PVC to screen in a porch?
  • [40:55] How to keep woodpeckers away from your home
  • [49:55] The easy way to clean your gutters
  • [56:20] Tips to open a stuck window
  • [59:15] How to remove carpet glue from outdoor stairs
  • [1:00:53] Recently poured slab is oily to the touch — now what?
  • [1:02:17] How to drill holes in plexiglass without it cracking
  • [1:10:05] How to reattach vinyl siding that’s come ‘unhooked’
  • [1:14:27] Which blades to buy for a cordless circular saw
  • [1:22:36] Tips to upgrade a fireplace
  • [1:34:29] Tips to refinish a concrete porch
  • [1:41:46] Simple Solution: How to clean and disinfect your dishwasher

Best New Product

Fly sitting on fruit in kitchen Flies can be an incredible nuisance inside your home, so the folks at Zevo developed this Flying Insect Trap starter kit to stop the pests. Learn more>>


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