Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | May 1, 2021

Retractable Wizard Screens on Danny's patio
Wizard Screens are a durable, convenient and attractive addition to any outdoor living space.
  • [4:57] Danny talks about the TV crew’s road trip to Cut Off, LA
  • [16:02] What to do about a falling garage ceiling
  • [28:29] Home Depot Best New Product: Wyze Outdoor Surveillance Camera with Base Station
  • [31:03] Tips for fixing black spots on a bathroom mirror
  • [39:24] Durable option for retractable screens
  • [41:24] How to adjust the positioning of a door to close gaps around the frame
  • [44:43] Danny and Joe talk about settling cracks in foundations and walls
  • [50:27] Simple Solution: 4 alternative uses for paper coffee filters
  • [56:55] The Today’s Homeowner Studio vault and server room got a little too hot this week. 23+ years of video tapes were at risk, but there’s a happy ending
  • [58:48] How to remove mildew and mold from a canvas awning
  • [1:02:16] Tips for installing a circulating pump for a water heater
  • [1:09:29] Ways to prevent water from collecting in your yard
  • [1:14:37] Tips for spa tub maintenance
  • [1:22:35] What you should know when refinishing a split brick floor
  • [1:33:45] The best way to level low areas on a cement patio and how to paint it
  • [1:36:56] Why mulch is important and which types work best
  • [1:38:09] How to prevent a breaker from tripping
  • [1:43:10] Simple Solution: Using a wet-dry vac to pick up small parts that fall on the floor

Looking for durable retractable screens so you can enjoy a patio view without being bothered by bugs?

Aren’t sure how to remove mildew and mold from your canvas awning without damaging it?

Searching for advice on installing a circulating pump for a water heater? Or, pehraps you’re having a problem with water collecting in your yard.

Whatever questions you have, we’re here to help! Listen to our tips on these topics, and many more, on this episode of Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Best New Product

Wyze outdoor home security camera sitting on a benchWe have video doorbells, but what about other areas outside that also need surveillance? Wyze Cam Outdoor sends an alert directly to your smartphone anytime motion and sound are detected. Learn more>>

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