Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | March 6, 2021

Soil on a table next to a shovel and a pot
Getting a soil test can make preparing for the spring much easier.
  • [3:36] A listener shares his experience with removing the grout and applying caulk in the gap between his granite counter-top and backsplash
  • [5:07] Danny and his wife, Sharon, are getting ready for spring. The prep is much easier when you get the results of a soil test
  • [9:51] The cause of a leak in the office roof is found, and you’ll never guess what it is
  • [16:47] Tips for repairing cracked caulk in a bathroom
  • [21:30] What size posts should you use when putting up a fence
  • [28:17] Home Depot Best New Product: Green Gobbler Lemon Scent Bio Flow Drain Strips
  • [29:50] What to do about strange noises under the floor
  • [39:44] How to remove a broken soap holder without causing damage
  • [49:16] Simple Solution: How to make a clamping block using the corners of a sheet of plywood
  • [51:32] Danny talks about a real blessing in his life: his wife, Sharon, likes to put things together, and she’s good at it
  • [56:24] How to repair caulk around windows
  • [59:03] Tips for removing ice from gutters
  • [1:03:29] Danny reiterates the need to do a soil test on your yard or garden and discusses weed prevention
  • [1:08:34] Tips for adding a hook into a concrete lanai to make a clothesline
  • [1:20:43] Danny gives his opinion on Aeroseal, a non-toxic sealant for the inside of air ducts
  • [1:31:38] How to eliminate odors like “off-gassing” in a new home
  • [1:33:44] DIY-friendly radiant floor heat products for a bathroom floor
  • [1:35:56] Tips for preventing a yard from getting soggy after rain
  • [1:42:29] Simple Solution: How to attach a face frame to a cabinet or bookshelf without using nails

Preparing your garden for spring is much easier when you obtain a soil test. We’ll talk about that, and more home improvements on people’s minds, on this episode of The Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

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