Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | March 19, 2022

This week, we’re providing solutions to problems caused by moisture.

In this week’s radio show, we’re offering solutions to some common home problems.

If dark spots are popping up in your basement, moisture is the culprit. (Photos courtesy of Jason Schulte)

Why Are Dark Spots Appearing in my Basement?

Jason Schulte from Jefferson, Mo., has noticed dark spots on the bathroom exhaust fan and window sill in his basement. 

Moisture is causing mold to grow in these areas, but to be sure, buy a mold test kit.

Condensation from the exhaust fan unit is creating a wet environment perfect for mold to grow around the fan grill and ceiling around it. You can minimize the temperature differences by adding insulation around the exhaust fan housing unit.

If you can’t access that area, caulk the edge of the housing unit on the ceiling. Then, spray diluted oxygen bleach to remove the ceiling stain and also use it to clean the inside of the unit. After that, spray the area with an antimicrobial solution to combat mold growth. 

Moisture could be migrating from behind the window sill molding and causing mold to grow under the paint. You can kill these spots with bleach, but it won’t solve the problem. Make sure the window is sealed from the outside. Caulk around the window frame and repair the mortar between bricks with sealant. These mold spores will return if the moisture is not completely gone.

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How Can I Beat the Heat With No A/C?

There are ways to drop the temperature in your home without installing an A/C. (Photo courtesy of Mary Jane West Delgado)

The 1967 mobile home Mary Jane West Delgado lives in gets extremely hot during the summer months in Santa Barbara, Calif. She has no air conditioning and is wondering if sun-reflecting paint will help her beat the heat.

Because the home is already white, sun-reflecting paint will only cool the inside by about a degree or two. This will not be a noticeable difference when you’re talking about a living space that might be 10-15 degrees warmer than you want.

Instead, consider a cool roof coating. Typically, there are two types: aluminized asphalt coating and elastomeric coating.

Aluminized asphalt coating is the most common. It reflects about 60 percent of the sun’s rays, but that is reduced if the roof is covered in dust or dirt.

The elastomeric coating is a bright white latex product that reflects 85 percent of the sun’s rays. A two-coat application should last for 10 years. 

Another way to reduce heat is to apply heat-reflecting film to your mobile home’s glass windows. Adding awnings or shutters to windows will also help.

Another popular solution is a split air conditioning system. It’s a ductless system and costs significantly less than a conventional HVAC unit.

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How Can I Fix My Jammed Jalousie Window?

Old window crank handle white
The levers on jalousie windows can corrode and get stuck over time.

Hope in Maui has a jalousie window that’s jammed. The lever won’t move and now she can’t close the window.

The key to keeping jalousie windows functioning is lubrication. Use a silicone spray lubricant or penetrating oil on the lever and around the window panes.

If it’s an aluminum frame window, it will get corroded and the parts will stick.

If the lever itself is broken, call the manufacturer to replace it.  

By the way, did you ever wonder why they’re called jalousie windows? Well, Jalousie is French for “jealousy,” according to Google Translate.

The word also means a screen, according to the Oxford English and Spanish Dictionary. And, in English, has come to mean, “A blind or shutter made of a row of angled slats.”

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