Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | June 27, 2020

Large anthill
What can you do if ants take over your lawn? We’ve got the answer! (DepositPhotos)

Our homes — if only they came with instructions, right? It’s a fact: If you own a home, you’ll run into problems at some point.

Maybe your concrete patio is sinking and you’re not sure what to do about that; a water-damaged floor is rotting; you spill glue on a rug; or ants have taken over your lawn.

Whatever it is, we’re here to help, and we’ve got answers to those specific questions on this week’s episode of the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

  • [3:47] All about designing, building, refinishing and maintaining decks
  • [16:26] ‘I need to re-stain and seal cedar siding, but have run into a problem’
  • [28:16] Best New Product: Bessey GearKlamp
  • [30:21] A brick wall on a garage has come loose — can it be repaired?
  • [41:48] ‘Help! My concrete slab patio is sinking!’
  • [49:22] Simple Solution: 5 tips for helping your lawn survive a drought
  • [55:54] How to get spilled glue off a rug
  • [57:07] ‘What’s the best way to repair a rotted area of a water-damaged floor?’
  • [58:18] ‘My lawn is over-run by ants…how can I get rid of them?’
  • [1:02:49] ‘Paint spilled on my bricks — here’s what removed it!’
  • [1:10:42] How to prepare and paint old, varnished pine cabinets
  • [1:25:35] How to remove a large stump without using a stump grinder
  • [1:33:10] ‘Want to replace old oak floors — what’s a hard, scratch and dent resistant wood?’
  • [1:35:05] How to add more seating into the structure of a large deck
  • [1:37:20] ‘What type of paint is appropriate for a bathroom?’
  • [1:43:06] Simple Solution: How to replace small, hard-to-reach LEDs in a range hood

Best New Product

Bessey GearKlampBessey’s GearKlamp provides a unique clamping solution for woodworkers. Learn more>>

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