In this week’s radio show, some good news on the home improvement horizon, plus some tips for painting and how to fix a bowed stud.

Home Improvement News

Lumber prices are falling after months of price increases. (elenaleonova, Getty Images Signature)

Good news on the home improvement front! Lumber prices are starting to fall.

At the start of the year, the price of lumber was $1,112 per thousand board feet, and as of June 23, the price has fallen to $617 per thousand board feet, according to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

So, if you’ve been thinking about replacing a fence or building a deck, there’s some hope in sight.

But, there’s also more to keep in mind. If you’re planning a project, you’ll need to order things well in advance. The lead times on some common materials may take a lot longer than you think. 

The average delivery time for materials increased in May to 85 days, according to the Institute for Supply Management’s latest manufacturing report.

Joe is installing a bay window, and he ordered it a few weeks ago and it’s supposed to come in at the end of July. (They didn’t tell him the year so we’re assuming it’s next month!)

So, if you want to complete a new project this year or buy a new appliance, don’t put it off! 

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The Secret to Vanishing Brushstrokes

It’s possible to get the look of airbrushed painted cabinets while using a paintbrush. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Here’s a painting tip from this Today’s Homeowner TV episode on how to make brush marks disappear. 

Add an additive like Flood Floetrol Latex Paint Additive to your paint. Add a little bit to the paint and it does an amazing job of evening out the brushstrokes. 

Also, don’t skimp on a cheap foam brush. Buy a good-quality brush that will last a long time. 

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How to Straighten a Bowed Stud

If you find a bowed stud after removing drywall, you can fix it without removing the whole board. (Pancaketom)

Gordon Lipinski in Akron, Ohio is in the middle of a major bath renovation. He ripped out an old bathtub to replace it with a large shower.

However, when he went to install the cement backer board to the 2-by-4 wall frame, he found that one stud is bowed out slightly, making it impossible to set the backer board flat against the wall.

“There’s no easy way to remove the bowed stud now, so should I shim out the other four studs or is there some way to straighten out the bowed stud?” he asks.

To fix this so the backer board is level against the stud, use a cordless saw to vertically cut the stud along the bowed area.

Before you cut, pop a line from top to bottom. This will get it back in line with the wall.

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Around the Yard

Closeup of a pressure washer shooting out water on a deck during a cleaning.
Make deck dirt and buildup disappear with the swipe of a pressure washer wand. (DepositPhotos)

If you love creating or improving outdoor spaces like I do, you know how frustrating it can be when they start to get dingy and dirty. 

It’s inevitable, that pergola, deck or paver patio you built will eventually start to gather dirt and mildew until it looks old and tired — stealing the joy you used to feel every time you looked at your creation. 

With the swipe of a pressure washer wand, your deck or patio can go from cruddy to clean in minutes. 

So here are some tips to make the job faster and more efficient. 

  • First, choose the right cleaning solution. If you’re using the pressure wand to apply it, be sure the formula is “pressure washer safe.” Anything containing bleach can damage the pump in your machine. However, if you need bleach, apply it separately with a pump-up sprayer. 
  • Next, choose the right tip. Most pressure washers come with a variety of tips ranging from a narrow point to a broad fan pattern. The finer the pattern the greater the chance of doing damage to softer surfaces like wood. User a wider tip for a fence or deck than you would for a patio or driveway. 
  • Finally, get some good accessories. One of my favorites is the cleaning disc that snaps onto the wand in place of the pressure tip. Inside the disc there are two fine tips that spin in a circle to clean large, flat areas fast. Plus, there’s less chance of leaving streaks behind when you’re done. 

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