This week we’re talking about gaps between laminate floor planks and termite protection in houses with spray foam insulation. (

In this week’s show, we’re talking about problems homeowners frequently encounter and ways to fix them for good.

Gaps in laminate flooring can be fixed using a simple trick. (

Bridging Gaps in Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an inexpensive alternative to hardwood floors, but sometimes gaps can pop up between planks. 

This happens when the planks shrink after adjusting to the air conditioning (or heat) and humidity in your home. 

There is a way to fix the gaps without removing the baseboard or rows of planks. Put on a pair of tennis shoes and scoot the boards together. 

If you find the soles of your shoes aren’t enough to get them to budge, take a 12-inch-long 2-by-4 board and place a piece of sticky double-sided tape on the end. Stick it to the board, and tap on it with a hammer.

If you can, move the board toward the middle of the room, so the leftover space is closest to the baseboard, where it won’t be easily noticeable.

Once you correct it, it’s not likely to happen again since the material has become acclimated to the house.

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You don’t need to call a plumber to fix a toilet that won’t stop running.

Fixing the Flush

A toilet that doesn’t flush completely and constantly runs water is more than annoying — it’s costly. Your water bill could skyrocket after multiple flushes and constant water flow.  

Usually, a toilet won’t stop running for two reasons: a warped or damaged tank flapper or a low water level. Click here to learn how to fix both problems. 

If you need to replace more than one part, Fluidmaster sells repair kits with all the components you need.

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Scott needs storage advice for his double-car garage that now is only doing half its job.

Organizing an Overused Garage

Scott’s double-door garage is functioning more like a storage unit than a parking space.

“The garage is a mish-mosh… It’s become our storage/car parking/workout area and it’s a jumbled mess,” he said.

First things first: Throw away as much as you can. 

Next, install shelving near the ceiling so you can get as much as you can off the floor. You can take a half-inch sheet of plywood and regular 2×4 boards to create 16-inch shelving.

A standard sheet of plywood will typically give you about three cuts. Install the first shelf above the door trim to make sure the shelves won’t be interrupted as they wrap around the garage.

Underneath the shelves, add hooks so you can hang items like ladders or bicycles. Store your least-used items in areas that are harder to get to.

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Some termite warranty companies won’t cover your house if you have spray foam insulation. (

Spray Foam Insulation and Termite Bonds

Spray foam is a fast and easy way to insulate your home, but it might negatively impact your termite warranty coverage.

When you put spray foam over structural timbers, termite inspectors can’t see the wood to detect termites. The foam insulation is locked in, unlike fiberglass or mineral wool insulation that inspectors can simply pull back to examine the wood. 

Another problem with foam insulation is termites can tunnel through it and create a bridge over treated areas from the soil to the structure, according to the National Pest Management Association.

Some southern states have modified building codes to include a termite inspection strip along the foundation of the house. It exposes the sill plate and rim joist for visual inspection.

Ultimately, it’s at the discretion of the termite bond company on whether it will cover a home with spray foam insulation.

If you are considering using spray foam insulation in your home, call your termite company to be sure your warranty protection won’t be impacted.

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