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Mike in LA
We were told that if we put insulation in our attic, both the floor of the attic plus the rafters, that we would need a two-stage air conditioner instead of a single stage. My question is, is that correct? And does it matter about the type of insulation? What if we used that expanding foam? Or what if we used blown in type or some other type such as Roxul? Would that change the answer?

21 years ago we installed ceramic tile over a scored floor. Now the tiles are starting to pop up the cement (the grout is staying intact). Why is this happening? I’d like to do ceramic again, but not if this is going to happen down the road.

Chris in GA
The yard on one side of my house is sloped. I need some advice on a quick fix and inexpensive way to keep my land from washing away. I should have found solutions before now. I have had quotes, but I don’t have thousands of dollars for retaining walls.

We have a staircase with 13 or 14 steps in our house. They’re tongue and groove and they’re starting to separate. How do we fix them so they don’t continue to come apart?

Georgia in MS
How do I paint my ceramic tile countertops?

Georgia in NC
Do I need to strip the old paint from my concrete porch. Only a few places are peeling. How is the best way to do this?

Joleen in IA
I had a custom extra big table made. The boards dried and shrunk, so that made the epoxy finish crack and twist. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Hour 2

Maggie in IN
I’ve got a woodpecker that doesn’t seem to realize he’s supposed to like wood. Around 9-10am every day, he stops at the metal cap on my chimney and pecks away. I haven’t seen him yet, but I can hear his vibrations through the house. I’ve heard woodpeckers might be scared off if I were to put something shiny that would twinkle in the wind. What do you think?

Kay in IL
Our storm door got caught in a gust of wind and has “sprung,” as they say. It doesn’t close right and is very difficult to close. How can we fix it?

Christine in OR
Is it difficult to add outdoor plugs? I have 1 outdoor plug at rear of home. I want to have deck and Christmas lights and don’t know how to add inexpensively.

Betty in WA
The bath floor tiles in house I just bought were covered with a carpet. Plumbers took all carpet out as I could smell mustiness – all floor damage was previous to my ownership. No current leaks. I had the floor tiles tested and they contain asbestos. Wood floor decking all needs to be replaced around toilet and tub. No tiles can stay. A haz-mat crew and negative air machine are about $1600 here for this sized space. Many tiles are coming up. Is this a project, of tile removal, one that a homeowner can do while using care and mask?

Hugh in LA
We have our home’s original hot water heater in the attic (33 years old). We want to replace it. Should we consider a tankless water heater or stay with the conventional tank? What issues are involved? Also, I have heard that there is a ‘Quick Recovery’ version available with certain tank models. Would this be something to consider? Our house is just under 3000 square feet and we have one 40 gallon tank. Any issues involved in increasing the size to 60 gallons or more?

Jane in MI
A porch was added on to our home several years ago. Rain water drains towards the house. I’ve caulked. I need a solution without having a whole new porch.

James in TN
I have a rotten out corner on my house I need repair but don’t know how to go about it.

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