Everyone can use a little more storage space, just like one of this week’s callers. Connie is in Kentucky and wants to know if building a shed where one of the walls is actually an existing wall of your house is a good idea or not. Here’s where she plans to attach it. What are YOUR thoughts?


Some of you missed Joe Truini’s non-chemical weed killer formula. It really does work, too. I’ve used it myself with fantastic results. Just be sure to apply it when no rain is in the immediate forecast for a couple of days. See also how to Kill Weeds Naturally in a Gravel Walk or Driveway.


This month’s Checking in with Chelsea is all about painting your garage floor to look like a rug! Be sure to check out the latest episode online.

If you have a leaky outdoor faucet, here’s a great video for what you can do to stop that pesky leak.


And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Connie in KY
In the spring I am going to build a shed off the side of my house in the backyard. I have built many stand alone sheds over the years, but I was thinking about building this one right off the house, and use the house for the back wall. What are your thoughts on this?

Tony in NC
We need to replace the defective cooktop in our kitchen. This is not a simple “buy and replace”. The current unit has a cutout in the countertop that is larger than the new units currently available today. I have searched for trim rings, etc. Our countertop is Corian. Can a new section of Corian be installed where the cutout is located, and made to look like it was original. Any advise, please?

Sharon in MD
We had a freezer that inadvertently got unplugged during renovations and all the food spoiled and now we have these small flying insects. They are gnat-like and very small in size.

Ron in IA
I heard a recipe for killing weeds without chemicals. It included some quantity of Epsom salt, 1 quart of vinegar and 4 big squirts of dawn soap. Can you clarify the recipe for me?

Diana in AL
I want to whitewash my fireplace. I know I need to clean and prep it, but what do I do? Is there a special solution I need to use before painting?

Rebecca in NC
Is it okay to paint the trim around an exterior door a different color than the rest of the trim on the house?

Casey in TX
I watched your video online about a leaky outdoor faucet, and turning the nut didn’t fix the problem. I tried to remove the whole handle to check the washer but I can’t get it off no matter what I do. The house is old and I’m guessing the faucet is original and really weathered. Is there a way to separate these pieces of metal?

Bob in AL
My house was built in 1979, using wolmanized siding and common nails. It was first painted in 1997. We have a problem with the nail heads rusting. We have set the nails, filled with caulk, and repainted, but continue to have the problem. Do you have a solution?

Sara in AL
We have two bay windows and the trim around the windows is constantly having to be replaced due to rotting. Someone suggested we use fiber cement board. Looking on internet, I found 98% of the reviews to be negative. Do you have a suggestion?

Margaret in LA
My son’s house was flooded and we need to replace the old gypsum that was in his walls. What do we replace it with and what’s the best way?

Sandra in TN
One of the rooms in my house is very cold. It’s above a crawlspace and I’d like to insulate it to help with this problem. What do I use?

Donna in CA
I’m not at my cabin in snow season and cannot remove the snow off the eaves. Apparently the ice of eve edges are causing problems with water leakage, causing wood rot underside of eve. What is best repair of this composite roof at the eaves?

Delores in GA
Okay, I used MINWAX stain about 3 days ago around the trimming and panels on my bathroom door. I used Jacobean. My late Mom taught me the best thing and way to put on stain is with rubber gloves, and an old rag dipped in the stain, rather than using a brush. I have NEVER had an issue with tackiness before or being sticky until this time around. Will it EVER get DRY?

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