If you’ve ever wondered what a typical radio show is like here in the world-renowned headquarters of Today’s Homeowner…think 3-ring circus…only with tools. And this week, we had more information packed in than clowns in a car!


We kicked off the first hour with a common question about replacing vinyl siding. It’s really important that you find the same brand, otherwise the vertical joints may not match and interlock the way they should. Speaking of interlocking, if you’ve ever wondered the secret of UN-locking those joints, the answer is in a little $6 tool called a zip tool. If you have vinyl siding, this is a great investment. Simply hook the end underneath the row you want to remove, press down and…voila! If you happen to have some holes in your siding that need repaired, take a look at this quick How-To guide from our site.


We had a good discussion about several options for making an uninsulated garage feel less oppressive from the heat of the summer. One idea was to install some insulating material on your garage door. Danny did this very thing in our studios. Here’s a look at our door with 2″ styrofoam installed. It not only insulates against the elements, but it’s also a great sound-proofer!


Our resident lawn and garden pro, Julie Day Jones, had a few words of advice on controlling the hostile takeover of crape myrtles. What she DIDN’T do, though, is say whether the correct spelling is “CRAPE” or “CREPE.” Consulting my web editor, she tells me without a doubt it is Crape Myrtle. Thanks, Lindsay!


According to Danny, if you ever find yourself stranded on a desert island, the only things you’ll need to survive are white vinegar, baking soda, duct tape, construction adhesive and automobile body filler. It’s the last item I’ll focus on right now. If you have any type of painted wood that has non-structural damage, then Auto body filler is a true Godsend. The most popular brand name is Bondo, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used it to make cosmetic repairs, especially removing and replacing the voids from rotted wood. I should really own stock in this stuff. Here’s a video showing a simple repair to a rotted shutter.

Ever paint a door and then, after you think it has dried, it sticks so badly, you have to throw your shoulder into it every time you try to open it? Here’s a quick tip: Before you shut the door, spread a thin film of petroleum jelly onto the weatherstripping.


And, finally, for all you gullible people who joined me in purchasing one of the flexible hoses…be honest…how long did you have it before it burst? I had mine for less than a month. There are certainly methods for making repairs, but, for the love of all that’s good and pure, why would you?!


I think the flexible hose should be stacked neatly away alongside pet rocks, Cabbage Patch dolls and Carrot Top.


And, here’s a full list of the questions we tackled on this week’s show:

Hour 1

Hubert in WV
How do you replace broken/damaged vinyl siding?

Scheryl in GA
I accidentally punctured my stainless kitchen sink in the curve at the bottom when I tossed a butcher knife into the sink. Who would have guessed it would land on the point. Now water drips into the cabinet below when the water level is even with the puncture. Can this be repaired without replacement?

Bryan in NC
How do I find out if there is wood and/or drywall behind my tile on the side of my corner garden tub? I need to replace a valve.

Jim in TX
The builder didn’t have any insulation over my garage and it stays sweltering hot all day. I added about 6 inches but it’s still hot. Would it help move the hot air out of the attic if I added a power vent or a turbine?

Marjorie in IL
I want to remove shower doors and put up shower curtain. How do I filling the holes from screws in side rails.

Grayling in AL
I’m putting in a wooden fence. Should I use rocks to fill the post holes or concrete? I sure would appreciate any advice. By the way, I am a retired law enforcement officer and I was on the battle field 22 and one half years.

Margot in LA
I’m having some trouble with a crape myrtle tree. It’s spreading out along the roots and trying to take over the flower bed area. How do I control it?

Donna in FL
My HOA told me I am allowed to lay tile, but they have noise restrictions. I have a unit under me. My subfloor is 3/4 plywood. What are my steps to install tile without having to worry I will have a noise issue with complaints?

Stacy in OR
Our home has three sets of original French doors. They have been painted shut for many, many years and we want so badly to enjoy them as they were meant to be used. We have begun to restore one of them and found that the bottom corner is rotten. We can’t figure out how to fix it without compromising the door glass. There is only about three inches from the bottom of the door to the first glass pane.

Joyce in TN
I have a covered patio that has a large crack running down the middle. How do I repair this?

Hour 2

David in AL
Please help us Danny! All I did was paint the front metal door at our beach condo and ever since (it’s been about a month), the door sticks so bad you have to use your shoulder to open it. It’s mainly sticking to the weather stripping, but I let the paint dry for 24 hrs. after painting and it continues to stick each time it’s closed. Any suggestions?

Sabina in CA
Which type of snake is best to use on a shower drain or would a drain cleaner be best? If so, which kind do you recommend?

Danny in UT
I want to add a 2×4 stud wall against the existing room’s drywall, add insulation and install more drywall. Do you see any “red flags” in doing this?

Reggie in NE
I’ve heard you talk about using some sort of contact mat for setting tile and being able to grout right away. I want to do the same thing for my shower. The walls have a concrete backer board on them, though. Can I still use that method and what is the product called?

Tom in IA
Can I paint particle board cabinets?

Sylvia in WI
Our cellar has a lot of mold and we had one person tell us it has affected the furniture in the house. I don’t want to have to burn the furniture. What can I do?

Anita in IN
How can I repair a flexible water hose? Do I use the same technique as with a regular garden hose?

Bill in AL
I have a peculiar question. I have an engineered flooring product that is a glue-down floor. Is there any way I can install this as a floating floor instead? It is a tongue and groove flooring.

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Danny Lipford


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