Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Sept. 1, 2018

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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini present “Today’s Homeowner” radio each week nationwide.

Simple Solutions

Recycled Glue Bottle – If you buy condiments, like catsup and relish, in bottles that are designed to be stored upside down, save them once they’re empty and re-use them in the shop as glue dispensers. Thoroughly clean the bottle then fill with glue. Store upside down, with the cap on the bottom, and the glue will always be right at the spout ready for dispensing. And with the glue at the bottom, it seals out air, so the glue stays fresh longer. (These bottles are also great for dispensing pancake batter.)

Refinish, Refurbish Old Hinges – Rather than buying all new door hinges when switching from brass to brushed nickel, try this money-saving trick: Use a wire wheel on a bench grinder to buff off the brass finish from the hinges, revealing bare steel. Spray on a coat of clear acrylic to prevent rusting and you’ve got “new” hinges that very closely resemble brushed nickel.

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