Here are some of the highlights from the October 31, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Candy – SC
How do you remove /repair/cover a burned spot on cultured marble. The burn is from a candle left unattended & it burned a round circled on the marble.

Bill – VA
I am getting a water mark in the ceiling around the bathroom exhaust fan. This is happening in two bathrooms we seldom use, both vent to the same point in the attic with separate hoses. We have a whole house humidifier. I “think” the cool winter air comes down the exhaust fan hoses and condenses the warm air leaving the house at the exhaust fan manifold. I believe a damper on the end of the hoses or just above the fan unit might solve this problem. What are your thoughts??

Anna – NJ
I had a mold problem in my attic that has been taken care of (the area was tested and came back low mold). However, there is a black stain where the mold was and I’m trying to sell my house and I’m worried potential buyers will think its mold. Can I paint over it? Also, how can I be sure the mold won’t come back? I think it was from a humidifier on our heating system. It has since been replaced and we added a de-moisturizing fan but I’m still worried.

Paul – IL
I have a garage door and area to store a boat in my basement (like a walk out) in the winter months. I live in MN. The floor above this space gets cold in the winter. Although there is heat in the basement, this area can reach 45 degrees in really cold months, due to the fact that there is a garage door. I was thinking of insulating this area and using insulation without paper because of pipes and electrical work in the cavities. Does this make sense? Also, can I use plastic to cover this insulation or use something else?

Darrell – CA
I am installing a patio with a small retaining wall for the garden. I am curious to know which should be installed first. Do I lay the patio, then build the retaining wall around it, or do I do the retaining wall first?

Barry – MA
The house I bought had a 3 season porch added on years after it was built. I’ve since enclosed it to make it into a playroom. I need to add a ridge vent and some soffit ventilation, throw up some roof baffles from the soffit to the ridge vent and insulate. However, there is a portion of the addition that is built over the exiting roof. I plan to block that off.
So my question is, how do I ventilate that portion of the roof?
I’ll extend the ridge vent on the roof addition to within a foot of the existing roof. But somehow I don’t think that’ll be enough ventilation. Perhaps some sort of vent on either side of the roof?

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