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Danny and all-star musician Corey Smith are seen backstage before a recent concert.
Danny and all-star musician Corey Smith are seen backstage before a recent concert.

Danny and Allen get lots of calls during the radio show, from folks all over the country who need a bit of advice, with lots of odd jobs waiting on them.

But this weekend, when Dennis picked up the ringing line, the caller was someone with thousands of fans waiting on him to take the stage.

Corey Smith, the veteran musician touring in support of his 10th album of rock-infused country, has been a friend of Today’s Homeowner for several years. His music has long been a Lipford family favorite, and he and Danny actually met over a football weekend at Auburn University.

Danny first connected to the music during a family ski trip, listening to Corey sing about Panama City, Florida, not far from where he grew up.

“It sounded like the kind of song I would write, if I could write a song,” Danny said. The connection to Corey’s music was strong enough that Danny has seen him live four times, including a stop on this most recent tour.

Corey and the boys talked about the new album, While the Gettin’ Is Good, on this week’s show, as well as his new house, where he fishes with his two sons.

“I’ve got a long list of things to do,” he said of his home. “Do y’all have any advice about leaky toilets?”

Danny laughed, “We’ll just bring a crew up there and spend the weekend!”

Danny and Allen talk to musician Corey Smith during the Oct. 10, 2015, installment of the Today's Homeowner radio show.
Danny and Allen talk to musician Corey Smith during the Oct. 10, 2015, installment of the Today’s Homeowner radio show.

Allen was surprised to hear that of the 10 albums Corey has released over the last dozen years, While the Gettin’ Is Good is the first one he hasn’t produced himself — something he gives his fans full credit for.

Their loyalty and support allowed him “the kind of budget I always dreamed of,” Corey said. Which led to collaborating with a world-class producer and even taking a giant step forward in terms of his new videos.

For Corey, that means paying someone to produce those too because, he said, “I learned a long time ago that my ideas for videos stink.”

What he does well, however, is make music. And he said he’s learned over the years how to strike a balance between a “perfectly timed touring schedule,” and family time.

“I love my job, but I also love being at home,” Corey said. “I’ve got the best of both worlds.”

Here are more highlights from the October 10, 2015, radio show.

Renee in IN
Help! My kitchen has painted wallpaper it coming off in very small pieces. What’s the best way to take this off?

Jennifer in CA
I heard you say once that you didn’t think over-the-range microwaves were a good idea. Why is that?

Sarah in GA
Any time it rains my backyard becomes a river. The yard is small and the water from the neighbor’s yard flows through my backyard taking any landscaping I try to install downstream. Is there anything I can do to resolve this problem?

Debbie in OK
I bought an old screen door to repurpose and assuming it has lead paint would painting over it completely keep the lead contained? I have no children that would be exposed. I want to make a hallway coat hanger.

David in NC
I’ve just finished pressure washing my deck and it’s been but we’ve had two weeks of constant rain. How long must the deck wait to dry out before staining?

Janet in GA
What is the best material to use for a raised garden bed that doesn’t contain chemical residue? If wood, what kind – certainly not wood that has been pre-treated, correct. I would like to have a raised garden, organic – but I’m concerned about chemicals.

Wayne in WA
If solid flooring expands and contracts depending on moisture content, why has my cupped floor (edges up) not laid down flat after many days of no rain and many days of high outside temps?


  1. I listened to the answer on the radio show. The laundry room has no door to the kitchen and the duct was just put in the laundry room when the new heat pump was put in last year. The opening to the kitchen is 36 inches wide and door to outside is off the laundry room and is a insulated door with a storm door also. I have even gotten a heat temp gun to check walls and doors for leaks. I did not have a duct in there before that and there is also a half bath off the laundry room that has a heating duct and the door is always open. The crawl space floor has 2 layers of 10 mil plastic down on it. I even put up the foam core board on the crawl space wall on that side of the house. The house is on half a basement and half a crawl space. The new heat pump is a 16 seer lennox system with the matching indoor unit. I was thinking of having the walls in the crawl space spray foamed. I am at a loss, I was still hoping you had an idea. The attic has 5 feet of insulation in it. The house is 2440 square feet. I even put in a new vent to the dryer with a metal door on the outside that closes to keep drafts from coming back in. Do you think that spray foaming the walls will work or just a waste of money and time?


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