Here are some of the highlights from the November 7, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Julie Day Jones dropped by this week to talk about How to Preserve Fall Leaves and Branches with Glycerin.

Mary in AR
Larry, Darrell and his other brother Darrell installed my countertop (their first top). Where they cut it to fit, it left a good size seam. How can I make this less noticeable? Also, what is the best stain (oil) remover for granite?

Daniel in FL
When I turn my hot water heater breaker on, the overflow pipe connected to the pressure valve keeps on running. When I shut the breaker off the water flow stops. I have to be taking cold showers. I have drained the tank several times (didn’t work)…I have tried turning the pressure valve on an off to reseat it (didn’t work)… Please help.

Cheryl in MO
Redoing a bath, we put in an oval drop in tub. We need to build a surround that can be tiled. What material should we use that can bend to conform to the oval areas, and how do we tile that? I think we’ll have to cut the tiles smaller on the curved areas.

John in FL
I want to close in my back porch so I can use it without the bugs biting. Do you have anything online that would give me any ideas or starting point?

Raymond in MN
Last year we lost power during a typical Minnesota winter storm. This year I want to be prepared but wanted to get your opinion on the effectiveness of portable generators for winter storm prep.

Rudy in WA
Is there a limit to the size hole you can drill through a stud? I’m running a cable through a floor structure and have drilled a 1 ¼” hole through the top two sill plates. Is that too large?

Sherry in FL
1. The paint on the bases for vinyl-clad support columns in the front of my house is coming off. I can repaint them but how should I prep them and what kind of paint should I use?
2. My kitchen cabinets were originally stained a very dark color. Previous owners repainted the exterior of the cabinets (a terrible gloppy job!), without priming. They painted hinges and handles. The interiors were not painted but they are dark and ugly. These are very cheap cabinets but I can’t afford new ones. The doors are ¾” plywood with grooves on the front. Questions:
a. Would it be best to have new doors made, or try to strip them and repaint after priming?
b. What primer is best on the dark stain on the interior?
c. What kind of paint should I use so that dishes and other items don’t stick to the paint and pull it up when lifted out? I’ve had that problem with other painted surfaces. To avoid that problem, I thought of painting all the interior but the main surface and just put shelf paper or contact paper there.

It’s always great to have experts to go to for questions like these. Have a great day!

Valerie in RI
How do I deal with walls that display the cracked look? The wall is not really peeling but very raised and cracked. It appears to be the paint. Would heavy sanding do the trick and then a coat of paint?

Denise in CA
Can I lay an engineered floating wood floor on top of a laminate floating floor that also has a moisture barrier underneath and is only 14 months old?

Chris in ONT
My house is 100 years old. The joists are real 2 x 12 spaced at around 20 inches centered. The span is 16 feet from the centre beam. The problem is the noise when walking on the floor. I’m thinking blocking will reduce the movement. What is the best way to reduce the noise/deflection. There are heating ducts and a couple of plumbing lines so 2 x 12 blocking cannot be continuous. What is the best solution?

Kathy in TN
When should foundation vents be open/closed? Thank you. Love your show.

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