Simple Solutions

Storing Yard Tools – Store long-handled lawn and garden tools by suspending them from a ceiling joist in a shed, carport, basement or garage. Start by drilling pilot holes into the underside of the ceiling joist, then twist in screw hooks. Next, drill pilot holes in the ends of the tool handles and insert screw eyes. Now, hang the tools from the hooks where they’ll be out of the way, but readily accessible when you need them.

Under-Sink Storage Shelf – To make the most out of the limited storage space beneath bathroom and kitchen sinks, build a simple shelf from 1×8 or 1×10 pine. Cut one long horizontal shelf and screw it to two vertical legs. Slide the shelf into the cabinet, then mark the shelf where it butts up against the trap and/or drainpipe. Use a jigsaw to notch the shelf so it fits around the pipe. With the shelf in place, you now have two-tier storage. And depending on how the sink is plumbed, you might be able to slide the shelf under the trap without notching it.

Checking in with Chelsea

Chelsea joined us in the studio to talk about her latest Checking in with Chelsea episode on building a kid-sized picnic table. Check it out!

Around the Yard

Julie Day Jones has all the advice you need to keep your lawn and garden looking their best. She joins us in hour 2 with all the details. For more, be sure to visit the lawn and garden section of our website.

Hour 1

Sharon in IN
We had a new gas fireplace put in in July. We hear a howling/whistling noise behind the glass almost constantly. The installer came back and added a wind guard at the cap but it hasn’t helped. The new piping went up 12′; over 10′; and up 10′ to cap. All elbows are 45 degrees. What’s the cause and how we can eliminate the noise?

Wes in MS
My question is about the amount of dust in our house. Backstory; our house flooded in Katrina so we built a new home in north Gautier. The house was completed in 2007. Since day one the house has been extremely dusty. I have replaced weather stripping, checked window caulk, use ultra-high efficiency pleated HVAC filters and still no relief. A local HVAC company has checked the unit (in the attic) and found no leaks. We are at wit’s end with this. Any ideas what could be causing it?

Tomas in MA
We have a one-piece fiberglass tub surround enclosure that isn’t smooth anymore. How does one refinish this? Or do we need to tear out the enclosure and install a new one?

Joseph in MS
We have wood butcherblock counters in our kitchen, which have several water stains. Can you please me how to get rid of the stains?

Hour 2

Carole in IL
I hate the grout used for my newly tiled shower. Can grout be stained to a very light grey from a dark grey? How would I go about doing this?

Ken in AL
What’s a cost-effective way to repair a water stain on my popcorn ceiling? I have several, due to a leaking skylight. I’m working with a limited budget.

Ruthann in MO
We have a large tree in the front yard, and last year its roots clogged our sewer line. So, I had the old cast-iron line replaced from the house out to the sidewalk with a new PVC pipe. Now the pipe is backing up again through the basement floor drains. Our plumber thinks roots are probably clogging the pipe under the basement floor. Before I spend any more money, is it even possible to dig a trench through the concrete floor to remove the old pipe? Plus, won’t the roots eventually get in the PVC pipe, too?

Melissa in TX
Our house was built in 1963, and there are stress cracks in the ceiling between our den and living room. The foundation was inspected and there no problems were found. Could the cracks be from the house settling? How can I fix the cracks so they won’t come back?

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