Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for June 20, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the June 20, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Geoff – Nova Scotia, CAN
My attic area is approx. 1150 sq. ft. I have one 10″ turbine in the center top of the roof and two gable vents approx. 1 sq. ft each. I will be drilling 45- 3″ holes in each of the 2 soffits and covering the holes with continuous 8 ft. White Under Eave Aluminum Soffit Vents. I have fiberglass batts in the attic and will also be installing a radiant barrier under the roof. My question is – do I need baffles ( or should I just make sure there is a small gap over the soffit vents) and if so, should the baffles be positioned below or above the radiant barrier.

Francie – IA
I watch your show every Saturday morning at 4:30 AM. I saw where you showed how to repair cement cracking by using Quikrete zip it mix repair. We have a cement patio that looks like it is pulling away from the foundation of the house which leads to lots of mud spilling out when it rains. My question is: Can I use this Quikrete motor to seal this crack or is there supposed to be a crack between the foundation and the cement to allow the cement to expand and contract? Thanks so much! I really enjoy your show and have learned a lot of new techniques.

Billy – AL
I have a 12×16 slab that I want to build a shed on. Is it less expensive to frame it and use metal sheeting or OSB with vinyl?

Mari – WA
I am considering laying tile over my entire ground floor which currently has tile and oak floors. On the existing tile do I “rough up” the surface for better adhesion? On the oak plank will using a latex membrane work?

Shelly – MD
Hello….Help I stained a 16×16 new deck without the unknown wiping off after application process about 6 days ago. Deck is still a little tacky/sticky. Is there something I can do without sanding and re-staining?

Kelly – CA
I have a 6-feet tall by 6-feet wide gate, which sags, possibly due to the eight 6-foot horizontal planks. The 4×4 pressure treated post, which anchors the hinges, is mounted on a Simpson-Tie metal spike, encased in cement. Is there a way to strengthen the post to provided needed support for the gate?

Anne – CA
We want to put a paver patio under the trees in my friends backyard. There are tree roots in the way though. Do we just cut the roots out? How do we prevent others from coming up and ruining all our hard work? BTW the dirt where we live is HARD.

Mark – HI
I’m getting ready to put travertine tile on a floor over plywood. it is on a second floor. I am using a layer of sound proofing material that says you can lay tile directly on it. Do I still need to put hardy-backer over this layer of sound proofing. What is the Hardie-backer do.


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