Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for January 2, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the January 2, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Tim in NH
I’ve discovered some signs of mold in the attic and just wanted to ask how to determine if I have enough ventilation up there.

Gary in IL
My tile needs to be replaced. The wall has 2 half-inch pieces of drywall which makes the wall 1 in thick plus a skim coat of cement of some type, so as you can imagine, the walls are solid. What type of power tool would you use to get behind each 4×4 tile? Would you cut through tile joint just enough trying not to damage the drywall?

Gail in WI
The sill is gone on our 2 story farm house built 1900. The hardwood floors curved on 1st floor. How can we install support beams?

Beth in OH
We have a new home, and when they built the bar, it’s too high. We even had them lowered some but due to electric socket, it’s still too high, sockets are sideways, any idea to lower it more? Right now it’s 45.5” from the floor to the top of counter.

No Name in MN
I want to add some shrubs in front of the house, but don’t want them too close. Can I use moss in the bed between the shrubs and the house, or will this cause the moss to grow onto the house?

Glenn in TN
We have a consistent leak around the chimney. I had roofers look at this and they can’t seem to find the leak. We have sealed the brick and this seems to help for some time. However this is a problem we have had for many years. Any ideas?

Ricky in AL
Can you tell me what the purpose is of the felt paper underlayment on my floors? I want to put down laminate and there is felt on the subfloor of the second story level.

Alma in IN
What causes excessive moisture in my house?

David in UT
We have a window that leaks water when it rains and the wind is blowing hard. The water seems to be coming from above, behind the siding, and has ruined the drywall inside on the ceiling and wall. We’ve asked our builder and window specialist. Nothing we’ve done has worked. HELP!

Howard in AL
We just replaced all the old windows in our home this past summer. The day we turned on the heat (it’s a heat pump), we’re still getting moisture and condensation around the windows! What could the problem be?

Angela in MS
Every time it rain it seems that 3 doors in my house are getting warped, i.e. they don’t pull all the way up to close completely and the lock can’t catch. I have been living here for 1 year and the home was built around the 1950’s. Is this a foundation issue or what could be the problem and solution?

Tina in FL
The previous owners of my house applied wallpaper in various rooms to drywall- no primer was used. How can I remove the wallpaper without too much damage so I can prime and paint the walls?

W.T. in PA
I just purchased new knotty pine wood to build a piece of furniture. I planned to shellac and clear coat it but now the wife wants it painted with no knots showing through. Is this possible?

Jacob in AZ
Can I put thinset and wonder board on top of existing vinyl tile to create to foundation and will regular thinset adhere to the existing vinyl tile?

Mike in TX
A homeowner of mine wants me to lay his porcelain tile in the morning at 8 and he wants to be able to use it that evening around 10pm. Is this possible? Do I need a special thinset?

No Name in AL
I would like to attach store-bought wall mirrors to a sheet of 4 x 8 plywood. The plastic channels break. Do they make metal channels and where do I find them?


  1. WABG Radio in Greenwood, Mississippi would like to carry the show on Saturday mornings. Any chance we can get the shows sent to us via CDs? We’re located in the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta and have limited access to downloading programs on the station computers. We listened to the show and loved it. It would be a perfect fit for us.


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