Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Feb. 17, 2018

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Simple Solutions

Double Stick Hardware – Use double-sided carpet tape to hold hardware in place while you drill pilot holes or drive screws. Especially good for small pieces of hardware that are difficult to hold (“L” brackets, mending clips, etc.)

Tub-Stain Remover – Mix equal amounts of cream of tartar and baking soda with enough lemon juice to make a paste. Rub the mixture into the stain with your fingers or a soft cloth. Let sit for a half hour, then rinse with water. Great for removing stains from tubs, sinks and toilets.

Straight from the Pro

Want to design a room with your pets in mind? Wondering what materials are best and how you can make it cozy for your furry family member? Tune in to hour 2 when we go Straight to the Pro: Christopher Grubb, interior designer and founder and president of Arch-Interiors design group Inc. in Beverly Hills, CA.

Hour 1

Terrie in VA
I just watched your beach condo renovation episodes and am interested in your thinking about leaving the popcorn ceilings intact. It seems that you left them be, and they are also left alone on some of the designer makeover shows. I am doing some work on a condo that I bought years ago and have move into full-time. I understand that the ceilings are extremely dated, so am wondering if I should bite the bullet and get them removed. Many thanks for your insight!

Debbie in VA
How do you know it’s time to replace hvac? Mine is 19 years old. Virginia House is 1250 sq ft. I have a service contract for 2 check ups/year. For years they have been telling me that I probably should replace old system. I have a conditioned crawl space. I don’t have the best insulation (but adequate) , windows, doors. A few things have required fixing-blower mower, capacitor, The contactor has been noted as pitted/burnt and dual capacitor getting weak in valve. Two years ago I got estimate for trane xr14 at $6000 (least expensive). Winter Dominion bills about $200-250. Any advice how to pick most cost efficient unit appreciated.

Elizabeth in TX
Is there any easy way to lay vinyl plank flooring over tile floors without busting up the tile?

Jackie in KY
Do you think it would be possible (w/o breaking too many tiles and therefore any savings) for me to buy a glass cutter and cut my own antiqued mirrored tiles for a back splash from a large sheet. Estimates for these tiles have run as high as $55 a sq foot.

Ali in IA
How can I stop my water pipes from freezing? They have frozen three times already this winter. We have both copper and plastic piping. Are certain types of pipe insulation better than others?

Hour 2

Ken in MI
My brick basement walls have the white sand brick on the inside and the non prominent wall in the rear. The brick is deteriorating to a point where some are 3/8 inch recessed. Is there a sealer that can prevent this and a filler that can be applied to build the bricks up flush and not be different looking. I have no problem painting the brick after to make it look uniform again if needed.

Carole in NY
My question is 2 part: 1. how do I get the correct mixture to repair exterior brickwork in a 100+ year old home? 2. where should I start on the repointing work? I have called several brick repair companies, made appointments for estimates, and been stood up each time. I figure with some guidance I could do the work. I’ve been watching Danny On Today’s Homeowner for years and would appreciate some starting pointers.

Alejandro in TX
I have a corner of my house that is overgrown with weeds and out of control to the point that about a 10×10 area feels like a mattress of them! I don’t know how to tackle this. Some tell me Roundup, but others tell me to stay away from it due to risks in using that product. Any recommendations on what other product I may be able to use to eliminate the weeds in that area?

Randy in IL
In our master bathroom, the same pipe supplies hot water to both the sink and the shower. The problem is that the water at the sink gets much hotter than in the shower. Even with the shower value turned all the way up, the water doesn’t get very hot. What could be the problem?


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