Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for December 20, 2014

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Here are some of the highlights from the December 20, 2014, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Eva in RI
There is an excessive amount of dust, lint or something in my house every day and the house is well-maintained. It’s a gray looking type of material. What could be causing this?

Joe in KY
I have always wanted to make my concrete driveway look new again but don’t know what to do. Should I do a resurface or use the newer products like Rustoleum? My driveway is in decent shape, no major cracks, but it is over 20 years old. I have had pressure washing done but it hasn’t given me the results I was hoping for. My question is that I don’t want to do something that will make my driveway look worse. I’m a mailman and I see many driveways that look bad after a stain job. Oh, I forgot to mention that I’m not very handy either but I do watch your show every week and wish that I could be!

Tommy in NC
I have a vapor barrier on the dirt in the crawlspace, but now I’m getting a white powdery substance all over the block pillars. Is this a moisture problem that is getting through the vapor barrier? Do I need to add another layer?

Anton in WI
I’ve heard you mention using something called stone wool insulation before. Can you tell me a little more about it and what makes it so good?

Dave in IL
I’m trying to find a way to hang pictures, shelves, mirrors, etc. on the thin plywood panel walls in my daughter’s mobile home, preferably without leaving large holes. Everything I find is designed for a thicker wall. Any suggestions?

Olga in NY
The openings for my pipes to fit my new vanity in a very small bathroom don’t match up. Is there an easy fix for this problem?

Anita in OH
I have noticed the rug in my entryway is getting moisture from somewhere. The bottom is wet. What could be causing this?

Sherry in AL
My 44 yr. old countertops have a metal strip along the top edge of the back. Also the corners are not quite even. Would this new paint that gives the impression of granite be an option?

Gary in NJ
I want to add insulation under my attic floor. Do I need to include a vapor barrier?

Sandy in MO
I live in a home built in the 80’s. Is there a way to add insulation in the ceilings and walls?

John in NY
Can I install backer board using thinset only? Grout lines have cracked. I have pulled up the tile and smoothed out the old thinset. I have a heated floor and cannot use screws. Is there anything that will adhere backer board to the old thinset? Or is my only option to take up everything down to the subfloor and start from scratch?

Sheila in MS
I need to prime my walls which are plastic or vinyl covered drywall. Which primer should I use for best results?

Martha in WA
I would like to install an exhaust fan in a basement storage room to vent excess dust from cat litter boxes through the upper wall of the room to the outside. Can this be done?

Susan in AL
I have an unusual problem. I have a kitchen floor that the main portion has plywood subfloor and another section that is concrete. I also have a section where a wall was removed and there is a deep gap there. What do I need to do to prepare all the areas for tiling?

Don in MS
I’m having problems with squirrels getting under the hood of my vehicles tearing out the insulation and leaving acorns everywhere. How can I stop this?


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