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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini present “Today’s Homeowner” radio each week nationwide.

Simple Solutions

How to “Foil” Tarnished Silver – Try this trick to renew and brighten dull, tarnished silver.

Line a baking tray with aluminum foil, then pour in enough boiling water to completely submerge the silver item.

Sprinkle into the boiling water some salt, then gently mix to dissolve it.

Set the tarnished silver piece into the hot water and wait five or 10 minutes.

A chemical reaction between the salt, foil and silver will remove the tarnish.

Easy Picture-Hanging Trick – When hanging a framed picture on a wall, it’s often frustratingly difficult to slip the wire onto the nail, especially if the wire is pulled tight across the back of the frame.

However, you can hang any picture easily with nothing more than a common dinner fork. Slide the tines of the fork over the nail, so that the handle angles away from the wall.

Now slip the wire over the fork and slide it down behind the tines, where it’ll automatically be guided onto the nail.

Then pull out the fork and you’re done.

Best New Product

Have you ever tripped on a toy or someone’s shoe on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night?

If so, you know night lights are not just for children who are afraid of the dark. But they often get in the way, not to mention they use up valuable outlet space.

So here’s the solution – the Night Angel Lighted Duplex Receptacle Cover. It’s a nightlight that looks like an outlet cover…. except it has 3 built-in LED bulbs hidden flush in the faceplate.

It simply snaps into any ordinary outlet and it powers itself so installation is literally as easy as changing an outlet cover.

The light sensor automatically turns lights on and off and it remains cool to the touch.

And since it should last over 100,000-hours, you won’t have to change it anytime soon.

You can purchase this product at The Home Depot.

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