Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for April 28, 2018

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Simple Solutions

Leveling Wood Patio Furniture – This tip addresses two common problems with wood patio furniture: the tendency to rot from sitting on wet concrete, and it wobbles from an uneven slab.

Start by boring a 3/8-inch diameter hole into the bottom of each table or bench leg.
Then, use a hammer to tap a T-nut into each hole.
Thread a hex-head machine bolt into each T-nut.
The bolts lift the bench off the patio to prevent rot, and they are adjustable to ensure the bench is level.

Hanging Colander Planter – Make a unique hanging planter out of a metal colander. Start by drilling three holes evenly spaced around the rim of the colander. Spray painted the colander to match the house trim, and then hang it with three 16-inch chains and S-hooks. Line the colander with landscaping fabric or coffee filters before adding soil and plants.

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Marisol in NJ
We have a 100-year-old beach cottage (not insulated) which has a musty smell all year round. There is no mold in the house, but it does sit on footings that are no more than 1 1/2 feet off a dirt crawl space (fully ventilated). Is it the moisture from under the house that makes the house smell? Or is it just because the house is old? Also, the musty smell is stronger in smell in certain parts of the house…HELP!!! The smell is terrible!

Rob in FL
Can concrete permabase backer board be used as a sound deadening material beneath a ceramic tile floor on a second-floor condominium with a plywood subfloor?

Keith in NC
Is there an issue when using a power roof vent in a garage attic if there is a ridge vent? Is there a minimum distance from the ridge the fan should be placed?

Terry in AL
I bought a half-finished house (not sheet rocked) and the plumbing is all pex which I’m not that familiar with. It would be drastic to go back and change things out, but I’m thinking now would be the time to do it with everything opened up. What’s your opinion on pex plumbing? Should I stick with it?

Nancy in VA
Our cute little puppy chewed up the molding by our front door. I remember seeing an episode of your show where you fixed a doorframe with auto-body putty. Can you please explain the process?

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JD in NE
I just built a new home and need an excellent concrete sealer and also a caulk for the expansion cuts. It’s a 3-car driveway and 3 car garage. Any suggestions or tips on technique?

Rich in KY
I am installing a pocket door but am not placing it within a wall. I am placing it against a wall the has an opening at the end of it, then has a wall that runs perpendicular to the first wall. So the door will basically block the opening between the 2 drywall walls. What would be the best way to secure the end of the rail of the pocket door installation kit for the first wall? The rail will connect with the perpendicular wall, but the other end will run parallel to the wall.

Shelley in NH
I bought a very heavy sign. Probably over a hundred pounds for my husband. It is 5 feet long and three inches wide, made from ash. I would love to hang it between the two windows on the front of my ranch style house. Is this possible?

Pat in ME
We are preparing to sell our house in the next four years by doing many repairs. The biggest job is to remove years and years of old wallpaper on the first and second floors. It goes all the way up the stairwell. What is the easiest way to remove wallpaper that’s been up for almost 30 years? Someone recommended a product called DIF but we have so much to remove it’s going to take forever. Do you have any suggestions?

Helen in GA
Now that it’s spring, I need help cleaning my outdoor seat cushions. What’s the best way to remove mildew, pollen and dirt from the cushions?


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