Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | February 6, 2021

Bare feet, seen close up, walking on wood plank flooring installed over radiant heating system
Do you have creaky floors? Learn about a DIY-friendly way to repair them, along with many more tips, on the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show. (©TheCreativeBrigade, Adobe Stock Photos)

If only homes came with instructions, but they don’t. So, we’re here to help with any questions you might have regarding home improvement.

For example, the paint on your walls might be cracking, and you aren’t sure how to fix it. Or, you might be wondering if there’s anything you can do about creaky floors without having to call in a professional.

You could have a stubborn stain on your vinyl floors that you can’t remove. Or, you just aren’t sure which baseboards you should use for your next project.

We’re here to help with these problems and many more. Listen to this week’s radio show for advice.

  • [6:03] Danny tells a pegboard horror story
  • [8:18] Tips on window replacement
  • [15:17] How to prevent paint from cracking
  • [21:26] DIY-friendly way to repair creaky floors in a second-floor apartment
  • [28:16] Best New Product: Behr Ultra Scuff Defense Paint
  • [29:53] How to get efflorescence off a concrete retaining wall
  • [39:40] Tips for removing stains from vinyl flooring
  • [42:38] Danny talks about the floor of his vintage camper
  • [49:15] Simple Solution: How to make a shelf that attaches to pegboard
  • [54:17] Danny and Joe talk about projects they are pursuing around their homes
  • [56:18] Bears in Joe’s yard and on the trail
  • [58:49] Choosing the right brand of toilet tank fill valve
  • [1:00:08] Can laminated veneer lumber be used as stringers for exterior stairs?
  • [1:10:34] What to do about noises coming from your home
  • [1:22:09] Tips for choosing the right baseboard
  • [1:26:43] Discussion on window replacement
  • [1:33:08] Why your gutters might not be functioning correctly
  • [1:35:32] Tips for eliminating indoor odors
  • [1:37:09] How to get rid of toilet stains
  • [1:43:05] Simple Solution: How to untie a knot using a nail-set
  • [1:45:40] Danny’s rant about litter

Best New Product

Behr Scuff Defense Paint and PrimerHave you painted a room only to find the new flat finish scuffed up a day later? Fortunately, Behr has the solution. Learn more>>

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